Bumps on tongue and sore throat

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Avatar m tn i have bumps on my tongue near my throat. i cant determine if its a papilae or thrush. anyway. i had sore throat a week ago then yesterday i saw this little red bumps in my tongue.
Avatar m tn On the same day evening i got some small bumps on my tip of the tongue . On the next day i got white tongue with fever of 99degree .I went to general doctor and got treatment . I was prescribed some medicine and mouth wash for 1 week. My fever was there for 4days with same 99degree on my undergoing treatment.My tongue also didnt get better . After closely to 2 weeks my white tongue increased .I have sore throat from day 15 to till date.After three weeks i went to STD SPECIALIST .
Avatar m tn m not sure, I have never noticed these bumps before but they are very far back and on the tongue. I have to stick my tongue out all the way and hum to see them. Could it just be lingual tonsils?? They are painless.
Avatar n tn it is now 38 days since i had sex last time, i have little sore in my throat and today i noticed small bumps deep on my tongue almost near to my throat, some how it looks symmetric bumps, also i feel like there is white sticky liquid on my tongue unless i drink something , it started to bother me and i keep checking it in the mirror, i have tested HIV Antibody two times now , one after 17 days and one after 34 days and both are negative and my CRP was 3 which is in the normal range.
Avatar m tn Hi...I really appreciate all the work that you do on this forum as it's very helpful. I've now had a sore throat for 3 months post my possible exposure. I also have ongoing stomach pains in my gut (cramping) and red bumps that don't go away on my stomach. I started the sore throat about 2 weeks after exposure and it has not gone away and the stomach issues have kept coming. I've had a colonoscopy and an endoscopy and blood work, all ok...no issues.
Avatar f tn - My boyfriend told me he HAD gonorrhea, and I realized that i been had this sore throat for a week now, and it doesnt seem like its getting better. TO BE HONEST. and. Its little red bumps on the back of my tongue, and i believe going down my throat.They hurt mainly at night. I went to the docter to check out my throat and he said that my immune system is healthy and that its a regular sore throat. So i feel confused.
Avatar f tn I also saw a couple of red bumps on top of tongue (deep) today. And there's a little white dot on front tongue (left). I am already going through a HIV scare (had unprotected vaginal sex 4 weeks back)! (Have rashes, muscle pain, sore throat and now this).
Avatar f tn It may be a reaction to the mediation you took. I was on an antibiotic that burned my tongue and tongues heal very fast--but this took 3 weeks! For relief I rinsed my mouth with organic coconut oil (may or may not be wise-I have no idea) but it took the pain away for a bit.
Avatar f tn my throat has red bumps that has gotten better . i also have bumps on back of tongue with a white tongue. I can whipe the white stuff from my tounge but the white tongue comes back in the matter of minutes . wired thing about it is that ive barely felt any pain at all . im a heavy pot smoker that smoke tobaco wraps with the weed .
Avatar m tn A few hours after making out bumps on back of tongue, sore throat, and tingling lips. (She was wearing a lot of perfume, and I tasted it, could that be the cause of later symptoms as well) June 24: Achy, no appetite, sore throat, dizzy. Two red spots on neck. (Doctor later said red spots were nothing). June 25: Went to doctor. Told him symptoms. Said red spots were nothing and swollen bumps on tongue were inflamed papillae. He gave me a strep throat culture and came back negative.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply. But what about my gf's sore throat and bumps on back on her throat. Becuase I read on internet it could a sign of ARS. Also ARS happen 85 days after exposure?
Avatar m tn Hey, 3 weeks ago I gave and received oral sex with someone and about 2 days after I came down with a cold and noticed a light yellow-grey coating on my tongue. About a week and a half ago the cold had completely gone away but the coating on my tongue has stayed. And now, I've just noticed that there are bumps near the back of my tongue (and seemingly moving up towards the front) that look like they might be sores.
Avatar m tn So, the thing is, this year, i have develop white tongue and red lumps way back at my tongue together with fatigue and i am now developing anxiety and depression because of this. The white tongue and enlarged red lumps on my tongue had been around for about 3 months already but i don't already experience the symptoms i've experienced two years ago. that was my last unprotected sexual activity i ever had which was 2 years ago and not already engage in any sexual activity. please help me.
469423 tn?1207509695 I feel better already....thank you so much Stella...and your thinking I'm sure is right.. Yes I have had discomfort with my tongue. It is swollen, tingles and burns a lot and the bumps hurt like heck. The only relief I've found is ice, which really does work well. My lips feel funny as well. Dry & swollen. And yes on the dry throat and thirst. My throat is sore, my skin is very dry and I have headaches.
Avatar f tn However, over three weeks later, I still have the sore throat and can now see white-ish bumps in the back of my throat. They're difficult to see because they're located along the sides of my pharynx and the lower back part of my tongue, but they're white bumps with red borders, most often in clusters. I also have some on the back sides of my tongue, one cluster on each side, right where the tongue meets the back molars.
Avatar m tn The red bumps may or may not be related to your chest pain and sore throat. I would monitor the red bumps and see if they stay or go after your chest pain and sore throat heal. If they're still there, then i would recommend a biopsy of the area.
Avatar n tn And today i just noticed some reddish/white bumps in the far back of my throat and on the back of my tongue. Other then that i feel fine. I dont have a fever or a cold. I feel like i have a lot of mucus caught in the back of my throat whenever i swallow but thats about it. I'm very worried that this could be gonorrhea of the throat and I'm worried about seeing a doctor. I could just be paranoid but i dont know what to do. What happens if I do have gonorrhea of the throat?
Avatar m tn bumps on back of tongue are noromal. they can be more pronounced at times ( and also you can just be paying far too much attention to things too ) sore throat is more likely something non-std related. see your provider for a proper work up since it's been going on for so long.
Avatar f tn I talked to the guy about this and asked him if he was std free and he assured me he was! what could this be? the bumps behind my tongue? and the sore throat? I have no symptoms in my vagina I'm all clear but why in My throat?
Avatar f tn A little of a sore throat and lymph node on right been inflamed a little. Also towards where the bumps are is very white like thrush. I have been doing salt gargles taking vitamins etc but they are still there sure as day. I have inflammation of bowel. Any advice would be amazing.
Avatar n tn I will wake up feel nothing and by noon I begin to feel the sensation that something is in the back of my mouth and by night the left side of my throat is sore almost like a burning feeling and the back left side of my tongue feels as though I have biten it. The sensation of hair on my tongue is on both sides. I took a tongue depresser tonight and did not notice anything on my tongue but I did notice a cluster of red/light almost blister like bumps on the back of my throat.
Avatar m tn I am now at two weeks past the encounter. The whiteness on my tongue and red bumps are persisting. The swollen glands have almost gone away, but no longer have any soreness. The general "out-of-it" feeling has continued, but remains very subtle. I have been able to continue working out at the gym without any loss of energy or lifting power. I've read too much on the Internet to have a good idea of what this may be. Oral herpes? Candida?