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Avatar f tn I have bumps in my throat behind my uvula, my uvula seems a little red as does the palate around it. Both sides of my throat by the uvula are swollen and I don't know if my tonsils are swollen or not but it looks as if so. There is a bit of white patches on both sides of throat by uvula. Also my tongue is always dry! I don't know exactly what's wrong. Anyone have any idea?
Avatar f tn About a week I ago, I happened to look in the back of my throat and noticed several small bumps. There is one behind my uvula that is larger than the others. I have no other symptoms, such as a sore throat or difficulty swallowing. I don't smoke. So are these just cause by something like...I don't know. Post nasal drip? Or are they something more serious? I'm really scared [to the point where I'm having slight panic attacks] that it's some form of cancer.
Avatar m tn The bumps have changed a bit now and then, but have remained basically the same size, especially the largest two one at the back center of my throat, and the other higher up and to the right, behind the uvula. I (was) a smoker for about a year or so, smoked pot about once a day, sometimes more for about a year. I was checked for HIV a year ago, and have been with a consistent partner for 3 years. Since taking claritin, I have had less mucous build up.
Avatar n tn Small bumps behind the uvula sound like they're on your posterior pharynx, the back of your throat. That's a frequent place for post-nasal drip to cause swelling of lymph tissue that can look like little bumps. Doctors call it 'cobblestoning', or posterior pharyngeal lympadenopathy, since it resembles the bumpiness of an old road.
Avatar n tn I have noticed 3 lil gland like bumps in the back of my thoat behind my vulva. Is this normal? It doesn't hurt or anything. I am just worried if anyone else has them?
Avatar m tn I haven't had a fever I'm starting to get a dry cough and have had two bumps on my uvula for the past 2 weeks , I'm also starting to see bumps in the back of my throat past my tonsils . The glands in my neck are not really swollen but I can feel them ( soft) and hurt after a while to the point I have to message them . I'm getting neck pains and sometimes under the jaw but no bumps under the jaw .
125112 tn?1217277462 Recently, I developed a cranking headache (back of head and sinus like headache)and a neck ache. In looking up behind my Uvula (with a mirror), I see what I am sure are the adenoids (dead center up and behind Uvula) and what I see is white drainage, appearing to clog up the opening like structure of the adenoids and a few white tiny white patches clung onto the "wall" right next to it. Is this simply the nature of adenoids, containing this discharge?
Avatar m tn This went away after a day or two but I still had some red inflammation near the back of mouth, (Around the uvula and tonsils). 3 weeks after sex, I noticed a few white tonsil stone type things on my tonsils. They were really tiny. They weren't painful but I was a little scared they could be an STD. I rinsed my mouth with salt water, vinegar/honey, and hydrogen peroxide for the next 2 or 3 days, even applying the mixtures directly to the tonsil bumps with Q-tips.
Avatar m tn about my other symptoms, this was entirely new symptoms i couldnt fit into the first 2000 words, so i reposted and was told to post again to you and i didnt need to pay the fee again, my main concern is these little bumps on my uvula, if you want i can repost to the other doctor.
Avatar n tn On top of all else, I have had a sore throat the past couple of days and just looked in the back of my throat and see this large lump (back behind my uvula and off to the left) with a white patch on it. Could all of this be HIV??? I am really scared.
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Avatar n tn I noticed tons of tiny bumps on my soft pallate and have recently noticed various larger bumps, 1-2mm, just behind my soft pallate, near my uvula. They are out of place and I am certain, do not belong. Unknown if it's due to the stress, but I have also had 3 canker sores in the past few weeks. Starting today, I have new developed "taste" in my mouth as well. I know it sounds wierd, but I am absolutely certain. Saw my Dr., who agreed it looked irritated, but wasn't concerned.
Avatar m tn The entire thing probably lasted all of 30 seconds. Around 3 months later, I found a few white spots on my uvula (which disappeared with gargling salt water) and redness in the back of my throat. To this day, I still have a kind of white coating/raised red bumps at the back of the tongue and slight redness in the throat.
Avatar n tn The symptoms that I have started with a dizzy lightheaded feeling. Then pressure behind my eyes which comes on randomly then goes, Then a slight tickle in my ears. I read up that this is a common symptom of sinusitis so I went to the Urgent care center and the doctor barely looked at me, said my ears looked fine but my uvula in my throat was swollen and so were the lymph nodes in my neck, so he said it was probably a throat infection. He put me on 10 days of Penicillin VK.
Avatar n tn The symptoms that I have started with a dizzy lightheaded feeling. Then pressure behind my eyes which comes on randomly then goes, Then a slight tickle in my ears. I read up that this is a common symptom of sinusitis so I went to the Urgent care center and the doctor barely looked at me, said my ears looked fine but my uvula in my throat was swollen and so were the lymph nodes in my neck, so he said it was probably a throat infection. He put me on 10 days of Penicillin VK.
Avatar n tn (i am mortified to use that term, but alas dont know how else to describe it) that came down from up behind my uvula and went clear down my throat! POSSIBLY THE MOST VILE THING I'D EVER PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED. since i could not cough this up i desperately grabbed a pair of tweezers and proceeded to try to extract the damn thing as fast as possible! It proved to be a disturbing task, as the stupid thing did not want to be removed.
Avatar m tn I smoked for 6 months 5 years ago and i started again 2 months ago so i don't have a very long history of smoking but one of my grandmother had bone cancer. This week i found out that i have a big bump behind my uvula, doesn't budge when i touch it and it's hard like a bone, the bumps on my pharynx are hard as well. I'll add pictures of my pharynx and hopefully i'll receive an opinion about it. Honestly i'm very worried it can be something severe.
Avatar m tn Now, everything in my mouth on my infected side is swollen but not necessarily painful. My gums, tonsil, and arch behind the uvula on my left side are bigger than they should be. I also have a white circle discoloration on the roof of my mouth, but it's not a bump and it doesn't hurt. Is that an ulcer? Other symptoms I've noticed I have include bad breath, nausea, coughing (more so now than before), diarrhea, and some black on my gums (maybe gum disease?).
665881 tn?1248930597 Wow, thanks for all your replys guys, you all have such different symptoms, i can relate to the goose bumps in weired parts of my body, they appear in little patches, and i'm not cold when they happen. I get the hot and cold patches of skin, it sometimes feels like someone is putting warm water on my skin, or my skin feels like it is near a heater. I also get muscle twitches in almost any part of my body and i too can see then just by looking at them.
Avatar n tn You know, I wish it were that easy, I swear there are times during the day that I actually feel I've left all this anxiousness behind finally, but yet I seem to have that tiny doubt at the back of my mind about how that condom may have broke and I didn't notice it. The rational side of me dictates that I would've recognized it broken after the intercourse IF IT IN FACT WAS BROKEN.
Avatar dr m tn What’s unique about the human upper airway, however, is that due to our unique ability to talk, our voice boxes are much lower down, underneath the tongue, which forces the tongue to rotate backwards. This is fine when you’re awake, but when you’re on your back, the tongue and voice box falls back partially due to gravity.
Avatar n tn I can't tell you what you have, but I can tell you my problems. For about 10 to 11 years I have this problem of bumps showing up on my skin. They are warm to the touch, and are raised. They usually go away over night. Once in awhile half of my lip will swell 3 to 4 times norm size. My knees swell. I have even had these knots on the bottom of my foot. One of the strange ones is that my finger tip will swell. About one month ago I had surgery, and it made my body go into over drive.
Avatar f tn This is the jaw joint and inflammation of this joint can cause pain on opening the mouth and tenderness on palpating behind the ear. Check with your doctor to rule out this condition. Lymph nodes which are enlarged greater than one cm are significant. However, you can follow up to see how they are progressing. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hi, I experience the same thing. I'm a healthy 15 year old with an average (19.7) BMI. The mucous in throat is so thick I have to "hack" it up and it feels like it fills my upper throat (behind the uvula). It's often greenish yellow. My doctor said I might need a surgery to repair my nose (which he said something about having too small sides or premature growth) Anyways, I don't smoke, so possibly it could be nonallergy rhinitis? :I Tell me if you discovered anything!!
Avatar n tn I am only 14 years old and have recently discovered two bumps on the roof of my mouth, behind my top teeth. I am very scared, because my gums are bright red and I think I might have receding gums, Last night, I was leaning on my arm, mouth open, and realised I had blood in my saliva, just a small amount. I am really trying to brush everyday atleast once but it doesn't happen alot. I have started to do it everyday once a day and floss and mouthwash.
Avatar n tn I have the same thing and I knew it was my xiphpoid process, and I thought something was possibly growing behind it. It was never tender, just uncomfortable if I wasn't standing straight up. I've learned that the "tightness" that was there as well was due to stress. It got to the point that my mind convinced me that I was having heart problems, which led me experience lightheadedness because of the fear of that possibility. That, my friend, can be considered a Panic Attack.
Avatar m tn I've been taking the Protonix as directed but still all the time I feel like something is stuck in my throat. Feels like it's right behind my tongue in the tonsil area. Sometimes it's on the left and sometime's it's on the right but it's always there. I drink plenty of water and the only other thing I drink is sweet tea and that's every now and then. I've drank it my whole life with no prior problems. Also I've noticed that it seems like something slimy. Almost like mucus drainage or something.