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Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my breasts are feeling weird these days. not only sore, but my nipples also hurt.
Avatar f tn the breasts is very normal make sure you rub cocoa butter so you don't get stretch marks on them
Avatar f tn ( please tell me this wont last the whole 9 months? :( anyone any advice to relieve the pain?
689528 tn?1364135841 Does anyone still have sore breasts? Or has it slowly gone away? Please tell me it will go away!! LOL or has anyone had sore breasts through a whole pregnancy?
Avatar n tn Im almoat 8 weeks and my symptoms seem to be gone..ive had mc before and this is my second pregnancy but first baby..and my boobs are not aore at all anymore nor swollen they were swollen before! And nausea is totally gone! Is this normal?? :( I saw a heartbeat when I was 7 weeks and 1 day...
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and I have started getting sore boobs the last few weeks, I have never had this problem am not pregnant as I have done loads of tests, bu I woke up today an I have swollen boobs they are really big bu my right boob is well bigger than the other ands it's also gone higher than my left boob it's really lumpy and really sore and the nipple is sore to the touch that I have to wear a bra in bed, if anyone can help please do xxx
Avatar f tn I'm 8 week tomorrow and all of a sudden my breast are sore or tender anymore. Is this normal it has me scared a little. Had a mc in december.
Avatar n tn Isometimes get sore breasts just before my periods and as soon as they start the soreness is gone as well.This time my breasts became sore more than a week before i was due to come on.And i had my period now witch didnt last as long as normally and was lighter than normally,but now week after my period and my breast are more sore than they were before.What can it be?
Avatar n tn My boobs have been sore and hard for a week straight since i found out i was pregnant. Now today i wake up and i dont notice any soreness. Im 5 weeks. Should i be worried???
Avatar f tn Im now 9weeks+4 and for the last week had nothing my breasts are still very sore but no other symptoms is this normal? This is my second pregnancie with my first i was sick from start to about 20weeks so dont know what to think.
Avatar n tn I do get sore breasts sometimes couple of days b4 my period.This time my boobs got sore over a week b4 i was due to come on.My periods started but didnt las as long as usually(6 days normally and quite heavy) and was lighter than normally.My period has been finished over a week now and my breasts seem to be more sore than b4.Is it normal...never happened to me b4?! Any advice welcome!
Avatar n tn I'm about 6 weeks and have had very sore breasts as my main symptom my whole pregnancy. I woke up this morning and they are not sore. I lost my last baby at 6.5 weeks so very worried it's happening again. Has this happened to anyone and your baby been ok?
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks amd 3 days and until like today my boons have been do sore i can't look at them. But today they aren't as sore...not that I just scared because my last pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage and the baby had been gone about a month before the doc did an exam again and I had to habe a d& c but i had no other symptoms. Can someone tell me if it is normal for them to stop hurting?
1837090 tn?1328040121 So I'm 13+2 with my third baby I'm just wondering is it normal to have lost most my symptoms my breasts don't hurt barely at all an my morning sickness is gone. I'm still very tired and very very fatigued though is this normal?? My lay pregnancy was 3.
Avatar f tn Anybody else experiencing this? I had bad acne, gas, little mood swings, extremely fatigued, some cravings, tender sore breasts. Now I just have acne and I'm not hungry for anything. That's it. I know when 12 weeks rolls around everything starts to calm down, but iI had a miscarriage in January and I'm over worrying. The thought isn't like controlling my mind or anything but it is in the back of my head.
Avatar f tn Anyone else have sore breasts & sometimes dull ache from breast to armpit; very uncomfortable at times. What have you done to help?
Avatar f tn So, obviously, we have been bottle feeding. Now that my milk has come in my breasts are really sore and heavy.. Does anyone have any suggestions to help ease the pain? Thank you.
Avatar f tn My breasts are sore after the periods and till next period why does this happens is there any problem with my breasts ?? I am really afraid please help me..
Avatar f tn Hi this is a bit embarrassing but my breasts have been super sore and sensitive and I don't know why, I'm fifteen and I'm about two weeks away from my next period which is usually a 29 -30 day cycle so it can't be that, does anyone else maybe know what the cause could be?
Avatar f tn Hi! I just had a BFP using a HPT yesterday too and I have had two previous miscarriages so I am so nervous too! I had really sore breasts all last week and the aren't as sore anymore. Does anyone know if the breasts will be more sore some days. I am scared that the HCG levels are leaving. I don't want to be scared and I am trying to have faith that this is our time!!!
Avatar n tn This isn't really cancer. I had sore breasts for 3 weeks. I thought caffine so I completely removed it from my diet. Still hurts, thought maybe my period, but for 3 weeks I don't think it would last that long (I had a hysterectomy years ago, so I never really know when it is coming). I just need to know why they would hurt so much and so badly, it is almost constant and sometimes it is so intense it brings tears to my eyes.
Avatar n tn I ask my doc about it because i figured with my youngest being only 5mths old that they would definatly be sore but he informed me that sore breast was just a common symptom that most pregnant women feel in the begining but it was normal if my breast wasn't sore. he also told me that in some women their breast don't actually get sore until there milk comes in.
Avatar f tn My breasts have been sore the past week. Is this because I'm still developing? My doctor said I was just about done with puberty. I'm 14.
Avatar n tn Sore breasts is also a common side effect of birth control. It can also simply be caused by your cycle in general due to hormonal changes throughout. I wouldn't worry about pregnancy unless you miss a period.
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have sore breasts after a triple bypass.