Sore breasts during third trimester

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Avatar f tn Like the other lady said it goes away in the second trimester and comes back in the third but not as bad, at least for me, and mine started leaking in the third trimester as well, some ppl start earlier
Avatar f tn 1st trimester is when my was sore a little then eased up with 2nd trimester, then this last trimester they have been extremely sore!!
Avatar f tn I'm having the same problem. Doc said it should go away closer to the second trimester, but it should start again when the third trimester starts because you'll be preparing for breasts feeding. Try wearing a sturdy sports bra. Helps me a lot. Good luck!
676912 tn?1332812551 Hmmm....well my breasts were not tender when I was pregnant with Kahlan, and I went from a DD to a DDD....and this time, they were sensitive for a little bit during the first trimester, but didn't get bigger until 2nd trimester when they were no longer sore...I'm now a 36/38 E and considering a reduction surgery (quite seriously, because it kills my back). sorry, ramble, anyway yes your breasts can enlarge without hurting...
7166590 tn?1408351416 So they day the first and third trimesters are horrible and the second is a nice break in between. And I am sure I'm about to agree. I hit the third trimester tomorrow (27 weeks) and am already uncomfortable and over it haha the second trimester wasn't a walk in the park for me but have to admit it did end up getting better than the first. But in the last week I have become increasingly uncomfortable, frequently urinating, lack of sleep and heart burn has been kicking my butt!
Avatar f tn I didnt have boob soreness in my first pregnancy until my third trimester. . I am only 5 weeks and they are killing me lol one is massive and the other isnt so they are horribly lopsided. . Its just funny..I figured I had a awesome first pregnancy besides birth that this one will suck..
Avatar f tn I did see one about boobs hurting and was wondering if they hurt thru the whole pregnancy or just in the third trimester. Mine hurt soooo bad in the first trimester and have gone away since. I wonder if the soreness is going to come back...
Avatar f tn Be thankful they stopped hurting. But it's normal. There will also be some discomfort for the first few weeks if you decide to breastfeed.
Avatar n tn I am 9 weeks amd 3 days and until like today my boons have been do sore i can't look at them. But today they aren't as sore...not that I just scared because my last pregnancy ended in a missed miscarriage and the baby had been gone about a month before the doc did an exam again and I had to habe a d& c but i had no other symptoms. Can someone tell me if it is normal for them to stop hurting?
Avatar f tn I had the morning sickness in the beginning but that was the only symptom no symptoms during the 2nd trimester then during 3rd I've got them all lol
Avatar m tn i am pregnant just about a month with my first and my breasts feel extremely sore. Is it normal to get maternity bras so early? will that help the pain? if not, what will?
Avatar f tn oh Yea definitely. my breasts were sore the absolute entire first 3 months of pregnancy. they stopped being super super sore after my first trimester & now I'm at the end of my 3rd & they are slightly sore sometimes but nothing like they were then.
7136384 tn?1390142888 im 3weeks away from my third trimester and I still dont feel pregnant. lol apart from the weight gain. so completely normal!!
Avatar f tn With my first child I had colustum but not until my third trimester.
Avatar f tn Yeah with my son my breasts were sore during 1st trimester, then the pain went away by 2nd trimester.
Avatar n tn So i ready had no idea i was even pregnant till i took a test.. i never had sore breasts no throwin up.. im now 38 weeks!
Avatar f tn Same with me third trimester Im always sleepy as i was in my 1st trimester.
Avatar f tn Im 30 weeks and mine hurt like hell. Enjoy your normal boobs for now.
Avatar f tn Has anyone experienced spotting/bleeding during there third trimester? Spotted a little on Sunday. Then last night it happened again but there was more blood then on Sunday. I'm really unsure? About to be 34 weeks tom.
Avatar f tn At what week does the third trimester begin? What are some of the big changes that happened during the last trimester besides the arrival of your baby?
Avatar f tn A little nervous because I have had 2 miscarriages in the past. As far as synptoms go I have sore breasts and nausea.
Avatar f tn Let me tell you that once u hit ur third trimester u will be wanting to go back lol but seriously it is very normal...
Avatar f tn Have any of you new moms or already mom felt nauseous during third trimester? Not gagging or throwing up, but just constantly nauseated..? And what may help ease it up.
Avatar f tn im in my third trimester and I feel so extremely exhausted. Yesterday, I slept all day and only woke up to eat and went back to bed. Today I slept until 2 pm then had to tell myself to get stuff done. Now all I want to do is sleep again and it is only 6:24 pm. Plus I am nauseated a lot again. It feels like I'm in my first trimester all over again but with sleep is so much worse. I am absolutely miserable. Any other ladies feel this way?
Avatar f tn I'm a first time mom. I'm 5 weeks and 2 days. My breasts are sore but not bad. I haven't had and nausea but I'm having cramps in my side at night and feeling bloated a lot. Is the cramping normal?
Avatar f tn 6 weeks left and I sweat so bad. Even in like 50 degree weather. Its 72 degrees where I live right now and Im in shorts and a short sleeve tshirt and still sweating. Im glad I wont be pregnant during actual summer.