No sore breasts early pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Sore soreee breasts, very light implantation bleeding ( literally like two dots ), also it sounds weird but I had a feeling like I was.
Avatar f tn early sore breast could very well mean pregnancy.. i grow up with never experience sore breast and once i have it for the 1st time, i was confirmed pregnant..! i experineced it as early as 8 days before my period is due. good luck to you!
Avatar n tn Thank you ladies, thank you doctor. I'm going to see my doctor this week. I hope and pray my bloodwork will come out good.
Avatar f tn Here we are once again playing the waiting and wondering I ovulated between the 5th & 6th of this month and I woke up this morning with sore breasts. I am praying it has something to do with pregnancy (I know it's way to early to tell) and not AF. I shouldn't get my period until the end of next week between the 16th &19th. What do you all think is causing my breasts to be sore already?
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks along with my first and I have had sore breasts/nipples for about a week. I've noticed that some days they aren't as sore as others, or some days it looks like my nipples are getting darker, then the next day not as much... weird? Anyone else notice your breasts are really sore one day and not as much the next? I feel nervous when I'm not in as much discomfort because I feel like as long as everything is going well, it should be getting worse!
Avatar f tn Be thankful you don't have sore breasts!!
Avatar f tn I've gotten aches and pains, sometimes very sharp, in my breasts since early pregnancy. It's not uncommon during pregnancy, but if it's constant and the pain is really bad you might put in a call to your OB. It can't hurt to double-check.
1038742 tn?1321202084 t show typical pregnancy signs until two weeks after my missed period; nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sore breasts, ect...the only problem with these signs is that they usually mimic PMS signs so you can't read too much into them. The only true sign of pregnancy is to wait until period is due or late and take a test or go to doctor for blood work.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling really tired and nauseous with sore breasts which is expected. Yesterday after I left work I had a zest of energy and went home did all the house work and felt fine. I had a slight off colour discharge. I miscarried about 14 months ago and of course Im worried that the same thing is happening as I cant understand why today I dont feel pregnant at all. No feeling sick or tired. I have butterflies in my tummy worrying - as anyone else experienced this.
Avatar f tn Starting Friday my left breast was sore and by Saturday both were sore.. Now my breasts just feel different - are these pregnancy symptoms already?!?!
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and im going on week 5 and have had no symptoms either except for sore tender breasts.
322529 tn?1224945949 We have been trying tc and started using preseed last 2 months, well since about 5 days ago...10 days past breasts started to get sore, but not like the usual tenderness at the outsides but like when you are breast feeding first and the pain inside and in the nipples. So different from the usual pain and more intense, so Im starting to wonder if it is worth doing a test now or waiting for a few days after AF is due?? Or could this new pain be the start of menopause?
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me some very early pregnancy signs they had other then a missed period?
178698 tn?1228774338 I am pregnant and have had the hcg levels check twice and have had good hcg results. I am concerned however, that seem to decreased early pregnancy symptoms. I've just had sore breasts, however, they don't seem as sore as they were last week! So of course I am worried. Today I am 3w4d past egg that's equivalent to 3w4d past ovulation or 5w4d pregant.
Avatar n tn Most early signs are sore breasts, morning sickness, bloating, and being tired all the time. But the only way to know if your pregnant for sure is to take a test or make a doctor appointment.
Avatar m tn You can have sore breasts for many reasons, or for no reason at all. If you miss your period, take a test. Good luck!
Avatar f tn This is my first pregnancy and needless to say im nervous. I'm just wondering if it's normal to have pretty minor pregnancy symptoms at around 6-7 weeks. I've only had the sore breasts, a bit of fatigue and some light cramping off and on (which I asked my doctor about and she said that's normal.) No spotting or bleeding or anything. So many women I've heard have nausea which I have absolutely zero.
Avatar f tn You could be pregnant. My #1 indicator of my pregnancy was sore breasts and nipples pretty soon after ovulation. Take care of yourself. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your comment, I'm going to enjoy no symptoms, I did wake up with very sore breasts though.....
Avatar f tn ll be 6 weeks tomorrow and I have occasional back aches, more thirsty, pulling/pinching like slight cramp on/off, and slightly more emotional but figured it was just from the anxiety and excitement of being pregnant with our first. No sore boobs or morning sickness. I go the ob/gyn for the first appointment tomorrow and am beyond excited and nervous!
Avatar n tn It varies with every pregnancy. With my first son I had sore breasts at 6 weeks and with my pregnancy now I didn't get sore breasts until 8 weeks and now they are still pretty sensitive. Consider yourself lucky if they don't get sore!
Avatar f tn Cramps and bloating for me. Never really had sore breasts until later and even then it came and went. Symptoms or lack thereof aren't indicative of impending M/C so don't waste energy reading into them!
1453325 tn?1308386996 do you get fuller breasts prior to period starting or not if you cant get fuller breasts could it be early stages of pregnancy?