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Avatar f tn I had this occur when I consumed a lot of soy protein. My stomach would even swell along with my breasts becoming sore. Have you made any dietary changes recently?
1152782 tn?1451105026 I know sore breasts are a common sign of pregnancy. But what exactly is "sore." Mine aren't sore like before a period. They are sharp stabbing pains. Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts. Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
Avatar f tn Hello community, Lately I have had sore breasts & an aching feeling in my stomach. I am also late on my period last month it came on the 6th & today is the 20th & still no period :/ I took a pregnancy test the night before last & it said it was negative.. I just really don't know what's going on with my body this has never happened to me before & I'm really freaking out about it .
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 42, my period is overdue by about a week or more. My breasts are sore and I actually had a blood test done last week which came out negative. It would have been 22 days after my husband and I last had sex and my cycle is anywhere from 32-38 days. My gyn has said that the blood test is accurate so I am not pregnant but I do not understand why my breasts are still sore and I have not gotten my period. Help, any advice is appreciated!
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I also wrote in 'sore breasts' and got this result. My breasts usually get sore right before I get my period and then by the end of the cycle my breasts are back to normal. I usually get my period at the end of the month, and my breats have been sore for about two weeks now, and no period yet.
494669 tn?1275366075 i have had a leak now for the past couple of months it is not mucusy or smelly and i need to wear a pad all day everyday. my breasts are very tender and very sore, i need to wear a bra constantly or they hurt worse. i am not pregnant. or trying to get pregnant. i feel fine mostly slight pain in lower stomach, and i smell certain foods and weird stuff that i dont even eat.
1869642 tn?1363291546 I'm a stomach sleeper and it's my sore breasts that keep me off my stomach before and after pregnancy. At 9 wks I'm starving to prop with an extra pillow. I was happy when I had my daughter because I thought I could sleep normal (for me) again, but nope, I was full of milk and sore once again!
Avatar f tn hello i am 11 dpo and for the past week and a half my breasts have been so sore, sore to touch or when i lay on my stomach. i did take a hpt today but was negative. too soon to test? i expect my peroid on monday.
Avatar n tn The past to menstrual cycles (regular), after my period ends, in about four or five days, my breasts start getting sore and specially heavy again. In the same proportion is my belly. I always had this symptoms around a week before my period starts (could deal with this). To add more misery into it, I gained 6 pounds and can not get rid of them. Exercise even more and try to eat very good.
Avatar f tn Hi I went to hospital a month ago for a lump in my left breast and both my breasts were sore and they gave me meds for it and a date for a mammogram but now my meds are finished and the soreness is back and I get these sharp shooting pains in both breasts and when I press on the left one there is this waterish fluid coming out my appointment is only for Feb 2014 I would really like a second opinion because I can't even lay on my stomach the way my breasts is sore especially the left one where th
4059376 tn?1349411655 I cant fit in my jeans, I found a new stretch mark on my stomach. this has been going on for about a week ago.
Avatar f tn It's been 3 days since my FET and I'm virtually doubled over with pain in my stomach. It's 1.15 am and I can't sleep because of them. I can't believe everything can possibly be okay and feel like this. My boobs are absolutely killing me,I can't even bear to have clothes touching them. I'm so desperate for this to work,it's cruel that the drugs they put us on give us the exact feelings of pregnancy!!!!!
Avatar n tn They were late, and the they were really like, and they were a strange color and composition. A week prior to this, I woke up to sore breasts, which later became hard. My nipples have been getting darker and now they're getting sore. I've been getting cramps near my uterus and on my sides for about two weeks now, and for the last week I get feverish (not bad, only a degree or so up) and sick to my stomach w/o vomiting.
4281803 tn?1352155899 and i dont even have to touch my boobs, and they hurt super bad. i cant even lay on my stomach anymore. and im not starting my period anytime soon. and my boobs have been done growing for years now. so why do they hurt so bad??
Avatar f tn With my first my breasts didn't hurt up until last month of pregnancy but with this pregnancy they have been sore from the beginning, now I am 16 weeks and still sore but somehow feels less sore compared to the beginning, try massaging them that seems to help for me or a warm bath
Avatar n tn That's the first sign I knew I was pg. I always have sore breasts with AF but never that bad. The water beating down in the shower was almost enough to make me cry! At night I would have dreams that I was being stabbed in the chest and wake up asleep on my stomach with my breasts throbbing! That's definitely a good sign your pg. Just wait until the first day of missed AF for the best pg test result. Good luck!
Avatar n tn And I'd have to be on my ovulation. Anyway. I've been having sore breasts and nipples for a few days, but I think that's from messing with them too much to see if they were sore. And my stomach feels hard, but that's because I keep pushing on it. I'm worrying wayyy to much about it and I'm thinking that the symptoms are from mostly stress because my heartbeat is unusually fast and I have a fever and etc. ..I'm so worried. And I'm a very paranoid person. I mean, I haven't even had sex.
Avatar m tn I'm not due to have my period for another week and I am not pregnant, but my breasts have been ridiculously sore for the past two weeks and I don't know what is going on. They are usually sore a few days before I start but it has never been 2 weeks early or THIS painful. I have to hold them when I walk if I don't have a bra on and if I wear a bra all day, it is excruciating to take it off at night. I don't drink a lot of caffeine or sleep on my stomach very often so i can rule those out.
Avatar n tn 19th 2006 and i haven't seen anything yet. my breasts are very sore and swollen. i don't even want my boyfriend to touch me or any one else to bump up in to me. i've had a miscarriage 6 yrs. ago. i'm scared that if i take a home test it will come out negative. i've been trying for a while and with no luck. i've been feeling very sleepy and tired lately. i've never missed a period before. except when i found out i was but never missed for this long. please can someone help or tell me what to do.
Avatar m tn Hey i am always regular with my periods and so far im 2 days late and my breasts have been sore for 2 weeks now and they have never been this sore i mean they hurt really baddddd. I took a pregnancy test this morning and it was negative but am gna take one in a few days. Also i pee more often, am always hungry and thirsty and i feel like am bloated with heartburn and my stomach has some cramps. I have never had such symptons b4 so i think i might be pregnant.
294666 tn?1253498923 After my time of the month, my breasts started getting very sore. Not the usual PMS symptoms like the week before of getting sore and resolving the week after. It's been 3 wks. now and the whole time I can't even touch my boobs without them hurting, much less them sitting there on there own. I have taken 2 preg tests and both were neg. I was also doing the ovulation kits because my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant (for 2 1/2 yrs now).
Avatar n tn BUT I was wondering if any of you who are pregnant had a sore stomach as an early symptom.. cause my stomach is just sore but its not just my lower stomach.. its my upper part to. But, i am on CD30 of a 31 day cycle.. so.. I only have 2 days to go to find out. Use this as an Open Forum too.
Avatar n tn but for the past 2 months my breasts have been sore and swollen. Im a 34 c and all my bras are getting to small.sometimes i have a tingling or burning feeling around my cycle was 4/3 and lasted till 4/6 I usually go 5 to 7 days but this is the first time it has done that do anyone have any advice to what is going on with my body?
Avatar f tn My breasts have been sore consistantly for a few weeks now. Being sore around PMS has been normal but it goes away after, as far as I'm aware I'm not pregnant but there is not a regular period to moniter because of birth control (I've been on the same Implanon for almost 2 years now), I usually sleep on my stomach so why does it bother me now? I do have a cyst that has been there for 3 years that is most likely caused from caffiene since I have worked at a coffee shop for 4 years now.
Avatar n tn That was about 2 weeks ago. Yesterday I started getting really sore breasts and had to take advil and today it got worse. I started feeling sick to my stomach and heart burn kicked in so I took another pregnancy test. Negative. What do you think could be wrong?
Avatar f tn I know that gaining weight can make your breasts bigger and therefore grow, but my breasts have been sore for a good while now. My nipples are very sore and this morning I noticed the bumps that are normal and have always been around my nipples look different. Not red or white or anything abnormal.. Just different. There's more of them and a few are more prominent. I just notice something different with the tiny bumps on the nipple. (Hard to explain). My last symptom is sleepiness.