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Avatar n tn Yes, implants last up to 5 years. It just the hormones affecting your body.
7928796 tn?1396351929 I totally agree this is my 1st pregnancy with implants and my nipples are extremely sore. I didn't have implants in my other pregnancies. I Read that if your experiencing sore nipples with implants that's a good sign that your nerves are working just fine.
Avatar n tn this seems to be one of my worst symptoms. My breasts are sore night and day. It hurts to put my bra on. I have implants, and didn't when I had my first. So I don't know if that makes the difference. But they kill me. Some days its not as bad though. So I hear what you are saying...
Avatar f tn Hello, Spotting when menstruation is expected can actually be suggestive of implantation bleeding which occurs when the fertilized ovum implants itself into the uterine endometrium.Missed period is an earliest sign of pregnancy. Sore breasts, nausea, increased urine frequency are few other symptoms suggestive of early pregnancy. Take up pregnancy test if you have missed your periods. If pregnancy test is negative other possible causes could be hormonal imbalances, ovulation dysfunction etc.
1089713 tn?1256767773 i have thought about that myself and i went on and looked up some suplements or lotion u can us.
20851297 tn?1536988232 Women choose this surgery for a variety of reasons including correction of a reduction in breast volume after pregnancy, enhancement of body contour for women who feel their breasts are too small, and to create symmetry between two breasts. Recovery time-breast augmentation over muscle 3-4 days, under muscle 5-7 days, breast lift 3-7 days, breast reduction 7-10 days.
427258 tn?1266445242 I had it done and it worked great. My breasts had gone terribly droopy and deflated after having my son. When I started living with my now husband we were watching a TV show about breast enhancement. He jokingly asked me if I'd consider getting them.
Avatar n tn I had 2 8 cells embies with IVF #2 and ICSI and am now 4 weeks pregnant. It's still very early. I had extremely sore breasts , cramping and twinges, extreme thirst and hunger throughout. I'm sure it's all thanks to the progesterone. I thought AF was coming throughout. With a 3 day transfer I've heard it implants 48 to 72 hours later. I have had absolutely no spotting or bleeding. I have a very sore lower back and for the last 3 days insomnia and very gassy.
1855476 tn?1356739693 // Like the first one in the second line. -> Are they going to grow up? They say you usually have your mother's breasts and my mother has normall breasts. Are they going to grow up?
Avatar f tn I had a breast lift with silicone implants and a mini tummy tuck 5 weeks ago. Approximately 2 weeks after surgery the incision area under both breasts opened quite quickly. Within a couple of days the wounds were significantly large and weeping. For the last 3 weeks I have been on oral antibiotics and treating the wounds twice a day with silver sulfadiazine. I don't see any sign of healing and my PS will determine today if I need to be seen by a specialist.
1339395 tn?1317263821 (I do have implants, but my doc said they would be fine) I dont know if this is from the implants or just normal pregnancy stuff? Im a little worried?
6918915 tn?1395932871 I have silicone gel implants that are under the muscle. They say you should be able to breast feed but that every situation is different. I am hoping ill be able to.
475180 tn?1208946399 I do have noticle lumps in both breasts, lots of pain radiating from the nipple, and pain behind it, I even feel lumps directly behind the nipples that hurt so much, as well as a few away from the nipples.. I also have breast implants which now I have had for 10 years now. I have a mammagram scheduled next week. I was wondering if an ultrasound or even an mri would be able to detect something more? I am seriously thinking of having the implants removed too.
Avatar f tn I have never had a baby but a friend of mine had similar problems although didnt have implants didnt breast feed and had very painful swollen breasts.
Avatar f tn Hello, I had implants removed because I felt ill all the time. I knew my breasts would droop after the removal, so I also had a breast lift. I am glad I did. My Doctors refused to believe the implants had anything to do with how I felt... so I found an excellent plastic surgeon and had the implants removed on my own.
Avatar n tn I'm 16 years old and i have been having what i think is cylical breast pain for two years now. I've heard it commonly starts in people in their 20s or 30s, am i just unlucky to have it so young?. Also i used to only have it from about 2 weeks before my period is due but since i had the implant put in about 6 weeks ago i have it constantly, should i go to a doctor about this as it is more painful than ever and i can't even sleep on my front?
Avatar f tn I have never been able to wear an underwired bra since having the implants because verytime I wore one I had pain on the outside of the breasts. I did not go very big form and A cup to a B cup. Anyway, I believe they have turned and I do have alot or rippling and a have burning sensation in both breasts, not all days but some days I have tinglerling in them, mostly at the outside of the breast .. does this mean that they are leaking??
Avatar f tn Anyone else have sore breasts & sometimes dull ache from breast to armpit; very uncomfortable at times. What have you done to help?
Avatar f tn I'm 6 weeks pregnant and my breasts are feeling weird these days. not only sore, but my nipples also hurt.