Sore breasts how early in pregnancy

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Avatar f tn Hi there, I was just wondering how early in the begining of a pregnancy you ladies experianced symptoms? Would a week after be too early to begin to feel sore breast? My period isnt due for another 2 weeks and this is a bit early for me to be experiancing sore breasts.
Avatar f tn With all of my pregnancies, even those that ended in miscarriage, my first signs were sore breasts and heightened sense of smell. By my third pregnancy, I knew long before I got a positive test because I could small what my upstairs neighbors were cooking from the parking lot.
Avatar f tn I took a home pregnancy test yesterday and again this morning. Both clearly positive. My period was only a week late before I forced myself to take the test, and my symptoms seem to run in line with pregnancy. But if my math is correct, I'm only 3 weeks pregnant. I've been very nauseous, crampy, and my breasts have been very sore. Does this seem right? Do women get these symptoms THIS really? I started getting the symptoms last week.
394803 tn?1326295603 I was just wondering how long is it before u start having pregnancy signs...cos i ovulated on 20th and have been having a bad headache the last 2 days and mild cramps in my stomach as well...i know its a little too early to expect anything but im curious when ill know...
Avatar n tn My sore breasts lasted about 12 weeks after I found out I was pregnant, then not much in 2nd trimester and I believe that once you are getting ready to have the baby they start getting sore again to produce milk.
1911870 tn?1345419009 That was one of the first signs I had with this pregnancy!! I'm 7 wks..had sore breasts @ 3 wks... This is #4 for me n I've learned that you don't go by the book for much of anything while prego..have felt different with each one!! Trust your instincts!!
178698 tn?1228774338 I am pregnant and have had the hcg levels check twice and have had good hcg results. I am concerned however, that seem to decreased early pregnancy symptoms. I've just had sore breasts, however, they don't seem as sore as they were last week! So of course I am worried. Today I am 3w4d past egg that's equivalent to 3w4d past ovulation or 5w4d pregant.
Avatar f tn ve had symptoms from the start. My breasts were very sore at 6 and 7 weeks. I could barely put my bra on. But things are going to fluctuate throughout the whole pregnancy so don't worry.
Avatar m tn I am a week before my period and I have weird sensation in my beasts pluss side of breasts sore. I have also been needing pee a lot please help as I'm bit confused coz I don't normally get this before my period.
Avatar f tn Here we are once again playing the waiting and wondering I ovulated between the 5th & 6th of this month and I woke up this morning with sore breasts. I am praying it has something to do with pregnancy (I know it's way to early to tell) and not AF. I shouldn't get my period until the end of next week between the 16th &19th. What do you all think is causing my breasts to be sore already?
Avatar f tn I've gotten aches and pains, sometimes very sharp, in my breasts since early pregnancy. It's not uncommon during pregnancy, but if it's constant and the pain is really bad you might put in a call to your OB. It can't hurt to double-check.
1038742 tn?1321202084 t show typical pregnancy signs until two weeks after my missed period; nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sore breasts, ect...the only problem with these signs is that they usually mimic PMS signs so you can't read too much into them. The only true sign of pregnancy is to wait until period is due or late and take a test or go to doctor for blood work.
Avatar f tn Starting Friday my left breast was sore and by Saturday both were sore.. Now my breasts just feel different - are these pregnancy symptoms already?!?!
Avatar f tn When you girls y that sore breast are an early sign of pregnancy does that mean that they are sore to the touch or constantly sore?
1452614 tn?1312303518 my question is can veins in your chest just above your breasts also happen in early pregnancy. im 59 days in to my cycle and i have noticed more visable veins in my chest. althought my nipples and breast are not sore i can see more veins. also my temps for the past couple of days have been at 98.4 that is high for me espically this late in my cycle. even when i temp in the afternoon my temp is 98.4 or around there. is this a pregnancy symptom?
Avatar f tn re not going to feel all the symptoms, every pregnancy is different and you may not get sore breasts at all or you may start to have sore breasts in the next couple weeks. With my son I didn't start getting symptoms until around 5 weeks, and with this baby (23 weeks) I haven't had many symptoms at all. I have to remind myself I'm pregnant sometimes because I just don't feel like I am unless she's kicking. CONGRATS on your pregnancy, and enjoy the time you have feeling good!
Avatar n tn Most early signs are sore breasts, morning sickness, bloating, and being tired all the time. But the only way to know if your pregnant for sure is to take a test or make a doctor appointment.
Avatar n tn Hey ladies, in what week did you found out that you are pregnant? How early is too early?
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me some very early pregnancy signs they had other then a missed period?
Avatar f tn Be thankful you don't have sore breasts!!
1126108 tn?1259833906 im feeling sick when i wake up got pains in my belly cant stop eating, and my breasts are so sore. could these signs be of early pregancy?
Avatar f tn I have been feeling really tired and nauseous with sore breasts which is expected. Yesterday after I left work I had a zest of energy and went home did all the house work and felt fine. I had a slight off colour discharge. I miscarried about 14 months ago and of course Im worried that the same thing is happening as I cant understand why today I dont feel pregnant at all. No feeling sick or tired. I have butterflies in my tummy worrying - as anyone else experienced this.