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372726 tn?1236111994 The simple tasks of getting up to go to work, cleaning house, paying bills, unopened mail, grocery shopping and having to deal with my husbands grave illness, is so overwhelming. I take xanax to help me with anxiety moods and panic attacks but I find that it's not enough. I have been taking Xanax for several years 1 mg per day or sometimes 1/2 a tablet per day. I also take ambien for sleep disorder.
Avatar f tn I don't think this is anything to be overly concerned about, but anxiety, especially health anxiety, can cause us to do and think and feel some really bizarre things. Try to relax and talk with your doc. Even if your words do come out funny........... I'm not making fun of you, I know exactly how scared you are! So face your fear head on. Let us know how you're doing, OK?
Avatar m tn Do people misread your emotions such as once when I was extremely paranoid thinking everyone was against me and having an anxiety attack someone thought I was angry at the world when I was far from angry and rather scared that I was going to lose my job. I learned that people with bipolar disorder/schizoaffective disorder/schizophrenia tend to misread other peoples' emotions and I was wondering now if everyone else misreads our emotions.
Avatar f tn my social life has changed but only slightly, my mum still doesn't let me go out with my friends frequently, but at times she does allow it its not the case of I have social anxiety/I so depressed I never want to go out, I DO want to go out an I do want to meet new people and enjoy myself and have fun, but my mum restricts that and I don't have the freedom that most people are just handed. it hurts a ot to know that all my friends can go out and do what they want within reason.
4430260 tn?1355103257 I am moody and have had serious anger issues since being on this medication. Depression Before, I was so depressed, I would dream of committing suicide. I have huge anti-social anxiety issues. I will not shower for days and hide in my house and see no one if possible. I cry and cannot wake up. I could not get the voices to stop and I would have panic attacks so bad, I have lost my vision on occasions and have had complete breakdowns in public.
1118884 tn?1338596450 The whole idea is that when strangers type in anxiety help, that MH might be the first name that comes up. Every post made by anybody creates a tag that can be found in a search for whatever that post is about. Be it anxiety or arographobia. Everywhere does it. It is how they are found and get new users. The more posts the higher up the tree they will be. If you know what I mean. But it is normal on the internet. The first ever chatroom I used I went under the name of Homer J Simpson.
Avatar n tn As I two was bullied to the extreme, and I now walk with a permanent limp that stops me from doing simple things like riding a bike. So I'm no stranger to social anxiety. I really think you should go to college, as Hensley said, it will open allot of doors to you. But with careers I can't really give you advice on that, as I'm 18 as well. The want to take leadership position is in a way a form of anxiety that shows. It's tells me that you long for respect.
Avatar m tn She also hates being in crowds of people and would make excuses not going to parties where large numbers of people would be. On the odd ocasion, where we do land up at a social event, she gets very irratated and normally pics a fight over something so that we can go home. Everey social event we have been to turned out in a fight, In the first 3 years she has also made numerouse suicide threats and on 2-3 occasions cut hersef.
Avatar f tn When you are in a manic or depressive or anxiety state of mind, do you feel as lonely as I do? Regular people cannot possibly understand how I feel, or why -- they may try to understand but I always get the sense they think I should "snap out of it" -- nobody understands how much I am suffering. Much of the time my Lamictal and Lexapro control my symptoms, but occasionally, like last evening, I have a meltdown. The world seems to crash down around me.
Avatar m tn anxiety state or (d) depressive disorder. I know nothing of the mental health of my mother’s parents or grandparents and so am unable to draw on what could be a useful knowledge base to explain the origins of my BPD. 1.3.
Avatar n tn The tardive psychosis causes a really frightening dissociative state and I've written poems during that that were disturbing and incoherent though as recovery passed they became more focused and I could at least show them to my psychiatrist and neurologist to understand how this neurological disorder they are researching differed from standard psychosis. However, with the glycine itself instead of dampening my creativity, it increases it but in a real world not recreational sense.
Avatar n tn After the shock of basically being told it's all in my head, I agreed to take the medication, and eventually my symptoms vanished (it took about 6 months to a year)I am very happy I agreed to take it, because it also helped with social anxiety, and generalized depression that I had been dealing with for years, and just thought I would get better, but my body had a different way of telling me to take care of myself.
222267 tn?1253305810 I understand but being that I have schizoaffective with the bipolar aspect I have indeed been manic before recovery and it wasn't that long ago. It does feel fun at the time but it always spirals into things that get out of control. Its not so much passing a judgement as a common experience we all share. I had a friend who actually works as a clinical social worker who is on a mood stabilizer.
Avatar f tn she spends a lot of time in her room, she's a talented artist and she draws alot of anime, which seems dark in nature to me. being a licensed social worker myself, i know that a child that presents with behaviors is merely the symptom of dysfunction in the family unit. My child is in pain because of something in the family and I am not quite sure why, but I have a few ideas.
Avatar m tn She's starting to read when she can barely talk. Oh, and she is social. She is so social. But she does not understand social cueing, so although she wants to be friends with everybody, she has difficulty. When she qualified for developmental preschool, the definition about social communication and social interaction for autism said that there could be either a lack of or a difference in interaction. Our daughter definitely doesn't lack it, she's just different.
365850 tn?1207700206 You've got to take the good with the bad. The bad, mucho anxiety. It's not always panic attack anxiety, but more of a clueless feeling. To go out on my own, think about independent living, and various unfamiliar things like visiting places. (In my case searching for art shows and ways to get my art shown would be one example) feels to me like being thrown in an airport and be expected to direct air traffic... It just won't happen...
1358341 tn?1282213443 // bless you dear one and try to rejoice in Christmas, kitty is there with you in spirit..
Avatar f tn even though she was talking about it more than I was. After that I saw major Anxiety in her (she would develope hives from it), and some depression. She didn't want to go out anymore, just stay in. The strange thing was that the day she broke up with me I spent the night with her, and she seemed to be happy, laughing, being playful, and telling me she wished she could staying bed all day and cuddle. The break up was so strange, I treated the girl like a queen.
444265 tn?1292471073 Hey, Now when you are depressed you say you "think the most about masking it all" Perhaps you shouldn't do that, I think you should literally force your self out side and have a run/jog/walk as excersize releases a hormone that can cheer you up and make your mind clearer. I know it's a hard thing to ask, when I was so low I just couldn't do it, I just sat and drank, so eventually my dad forced me out, he made me take the dogs for a walk across a 15 acour feild.
Avatar f tn Initially he wasn't taking any medication for his PTSD and it really affected his social life. He would go through spells where he wouldn't want to see me or anybody for weeks at a time. It hurt me but I kept telling him that I would wait for him and that I was here for him and I always tried to give him his space as he needed it. Eventually he got some help and was prescribed some medication for the PTSD. It was amazing how much of a difference it made.
429155 tn?1205676864 then I started to have panic attacks and felt depressed at about 4 pm-6 pm every day. I'd get anxiety about social gatherings etc. Now, for the past 3-4 days I can't fall asleep, I have horrible dreams about doctors forcing narcotics on me, I wake up in the middle of the night, and I cried all day long yesterday. I feel full blown depression coming on. I've never been depressed, I mean truly depressed in my life. I'm not trying to scare you at all....
Avatar n tn I've been taken to the ER twice thinking I was having heart attacks, been having shortness of breathe, chest pains, headaches, anxiety attacks, vomiting. I was diagnosed as starting withdrawl, and prescribed Ativan. How long should I expect these symptoms to remain, and is there anything other besides putting me on more drugs? Thanks.
Avatar f tn about my colonoscopy next week, but I do want to get it done (need to have it done since I'm over the recommended age) I'm a pretty healthy person and this problem that I'm having with my stomach is probably stress or anxiety related..... Here's the good and I have family and friends that can help us through this. We are both having the test done on the same day,,,so in the meantime, we need to just go about our lives and live in the PRESENT!!!!