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Avatar m tn (He never had ADHD by the way, just ADD, he never had the hyperactivity) He is 31 years old now, 10 years since he was diagnosed with Attention Defecit Disorder with Anxiety Disorder. He still takes his Ritalin every day, but is going to be weaned off them after he finishes University........he is just going into his third year of an engineering degree, and is doing a Masters due to his First grades in every unit. Im so proud of him and hes come so far.
Avatar n tn Kennedy, My teenage son , who has high functioning autism, has much better control over his hyper, inappropriate social behavior when he takes ritalin. Over the past 10 years, we have tried all types of stimulants, including long lasting, but recently made a full circle back to regular ritalin-- two 20mg doses a day. The problem is that after the second dose wears off, more doesn't work--it just causes anxiety. What could we use after 4:00pm to keep him calm without dulling him?
Avatar n tn His social problems are typical of persons with his disorder and the best intervention is a social skills/social problem-solving group. His working memory and EF problems are typical of ADHD, so it is not surprising that he achieved some benefit from the psychostimulant. While there are many stimulant products available, when you boil it all down there are really only two choices: methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine.
Avatar f tn Because our child suffered from social anxiety, the medication took some of her inhibitions away and lessened her fears, and thus the hyper reactions. When she is calm and comfortable, this hyperness disappears so I suspect some of the hyper behaviours you are seeing in your son is a direct result of his anxiety (and always keep in mind that OCD is one of the anxiety disorders) and not totally the result of his medication.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping someone here can help, perhaps a Ph.D. or someone with knowledge/experience of medicines-- I have been diagnosed ADHD since I was a little kid (early grade school) and diagnosed with social anxiety at 17yrs old (towards the end of high school). I've been on and off multiple medicines for both (I've been on 5-10 different drugs; see my personal feedback below on some of the meds if you are interested in that information). I also very much think I have OCD.
19862199 tn?1485638253 I am a 21-year-old female with Severe ADHD & Severe Social-phobia (Social Anxiety) who has been experiencing these spells on and off for years now. When these (what I call) "Slow Spells" hit, they hit hard. The "Slow Spells" seem to happen whenever my ADHD medication kicks in, but they don't usually last long. Everything I do seems to be at a snail's pace (even if I am actually moving at normal speed).
Avatar n tn My son who is 9 yrs old has started Vyvanse since January of this year. He is currently on about 25 mg of Vyvanse. The only thing that I don't like about it is that it takes a long time to kick in, like about 2.5 hours for my son. So often in the morning he will seem unfocused so will not do well during early 8am test. His doctor and I discussed trying Ritalin first in the morning and then adding Vyvanse, which is the reverse of what many people do.
Avatar f tn im on xanax for anxiety wellbutrin sr for derpession and ritalin to boost me...been on ritalin since june 3 last couple days i have tingling all thru my body...
Avatar f tn No ritalin is not a steroid. Its easy to google it and see that. If you do have ADHD, then the caffine should not be a problem, but that is really something that you want to talk over with your doctor.
7420684 tn?1391039029 I have ADD inattentive, clinical depression, GAD and Social Anxiety. I have tried Prozac, effexor, zoloft, and wellbutrin that I recall. I have not had much luck with any of them. I have tried vyvanse for my ADD and I would hyperfocus on it and when it wore off late afternoon to early evening I would get super depressed. It helped my Social Anxiety ironically. I also tried Strattera for a week but due to my wariness with antidepressants didn't give it a chance.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was recently diagnosed with inattentive type ADD not too long ago but i was also diagnosed as Major Depressive with lots of anxiety (nothing official with the anxiety, but it was definitely there) well over a year ago. The first script i was given was generic Ritalin and it worked very well... well enough to completely get off anti-depressants and for most of that anxiety to go away.
Avatar f tn how long does ritalin take to work im on 10 mg but could take another 10 in the afternoon i was on 30 mg adderall i heard ritalin is scared i will be allegic to ritalin as im afraid i will allergic to all new meds..and it is deiffernt than adderall pharmist said she has rarely heard of anyone being alletgic to these kinds of drugs but i thought i was having hard time breathing yesterday..does anyone else drink a couple beers with their ritalin.....
Avatar n tn same panic attacks, anxiety depression.. but now i stopped taking Ritalin. i am taking anti depressants but my studies are badly affected. i cant sit for more than 1 hour. And now i have got Ritalin phobia, i cant even think of taking Ritalin again. probably it was a big mistake of my life. and one more thing i am suffering from narcolepsy after quitting Ritalin.
Avatar f tn prozac has zapped my sex drive me and hubby havebt had sex bit once since the prozac so dr mentioned he might add wellbutrin later...he also switched me from adderall to ritalin and im on xanx for anxiety.both of these drs told me 2 light beers is ok ..i was reading up on wellbutrin and it says it can cause seizures and alchol could add to the seizure effect...i ask my pharmist and he said thats very rare..
Avatar m tn With respect to your concerns about Ritalin, although Ritalin is a stimulant, it is not associated with violent behavior. Usually stimulants help children to increase their level of self-control. If you gave the Ritalin and noted a significant, unexpected, shift into aggressive behavior, then contact your prescribing physician immediately.
Avatar f tn I was taking wellbutrin & ritalin & didn't have probs with seizures ever. The problems with seizures they've had with them are like you said people prone to who have had one before. Or by overdosing. That's why most dr try to stick with sr as appose to xr cuz you're not taking as much at a time. wellbutrin can act as a stimulant-like drug though too so that it combo with the ritalin made me a little more anxious...
744777 tn?1235089263 By the way stimulant drugs, such as Vyvanse, Ritalin and Metadate, seem to make the PDD / Autism and Anxiety symptoms worse in some children. If the Ritalin / Metadate does not work you could try Stratera, a non-stimulant type medicine. Good luck.
Avatar f tn So I've just recently become open with my social anxiety. I remember being in middle school and thinking that something was horribly wrong with me. I would get so nervouse around people. My body would tremble, my voice would shake and I couldn't think clearly. I've become more comfortable with being uncomfortable, and yes I do notice that there are plenty of people that are shy, but I really hate the fact that my real personality can't show when I'm around people.
Avatar f tn Anyone else get social anxiety in big groups? I have always been an anxious person in general but i have always Been able to manage it and show up to group events. I have noticed now though the farther along i get the more anxious i get and the more i get the overwhelming urge to bolt from events. Its getting bad too. Any one else or any ideas?
494087 tn?1257793207 I was diagnosed with social anxiety and panic disorder a year ago. I take remeron and klonopin but the doctor says only to take them at night. I think I need some medication to get through the day but I am afraid to tell him I am having trouble getting through the day. I always have a butterfly feeling in my stomach and when I have to go in public I get very nervous and feel like everyone is looking at me. I guess my question is does anyone else feel this way and what should I do?
Avatar f tn Yes, it does sound like social anxiety. Have you thought about getting in to counseling to help with this?
5148952 tn?1364321766 You are correct that the Abilfy will not help with your social anxiety. And while I do not mean to imply that your social worker has not helped you, very few, if any, social workers are trained psychologists who can help you with this problem. It may be worth considering professional therapy to beat this phobia once and for all.
Avatar f tn I have a presentation coming up next week, so I decided to go and seek medical help today. I went to my doctor and he diagnosed me with social anxiety. He said that the best treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy, but he prescribed me some medication to get me through this semester. He prescribed 10 mg propranolol (inderal) 3 times a day and an extra 10 mg inderal 1 hour before the presentation + 0.25 mg Xanax 1 hour before the presentation.
Avatar m tn I know, when you feel the anxiety, it leads to more anxiety because you are anxious they will notice your anxiety... Higher heart rate, blood pressure, chest pains, wish to immediately leave the place... And to me, it seems better to leave home at night or when it is colder or rainy, because there are less people out there, on the street... You are not alone!