Sneeze left arm pain

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693770 tn?1231546485 my left arm has started to throb w/pain!
Avatar f tn OMG this hurts,,,,suddenly my left arm from the elbow down is in HORRIBLE PAIN. I have to type thins with one finger. I have NO idea where that one came from. I had to massage it in order to let me type, but my little finger feels a bit numb. OH stab of pain in the top of my left hand...OWWWW I guess it's another pill night...DANG I don't want to take them!
1499212 tn?1289251697 been having pain in left arm from left elbow to finger tips for past 2 days. throbing in nature.
Avatar n tn I have had pain under my left breast that extends around under the left shoulder blade. This has been off and on in severity for three weeks. It hurts more when I cough, sneeze, lay down, bend over and raise my left arm.
Avatar n tn The pain also moves down my right arm, stopping usually before it goes into my palm. I never experiance the pain in my left arm, but it does exist in my left collarbone / shoulder area. I've browsed around a few forums and think that it could possibly be Musculoskeletal, and perhaps even a cardiac issue. I work in retail, and I casually told a woman I was helping that I experianced painful sneezing (she was in the middle of a sneezing fit when I was helping her).
Avatar f tn can hardly use left arm late afternoon from sudden pain increase in shoulder and upper arm.
Avatar f tn my arm has been hurting a lot lately---left arm
Avatar n tn Over the past week when I sneeze or cough I feel like there are thousands of needles sticking in my back, more middle back and some up and down the spine; radiating down my left arm and sometimes in my chest? Since I have a cardiac history(I had a TIA in 2002 & PFO closure 8/1/02) I'm not sure if it's cardiac or neurology related - what is your take on this?
Avatar f tn left arm/rt leg
Avatar n tn The chest pain seems musculature because it gets worse when I sneeze or move quickly to the left. I have also experienced back pain similar to the one I get when I have severe heartburn. Is this something I should be concerned with?
Avatar f tn pain in left leg and arm
693770 tn?1231546485 still dizzy and left arm pain
Avatar f tn It started about a month ago I noticed this dull ache in my back when surfing like it was harder to breathe, I would say it was more discomfort then pain though. Then when I would sneeze sometimes I would get a very sharp, intense hot pain shoot through my back. This was sporadic though, sometime when I sneezed it would be very intense pain, other times a milder pain, and other times I would sneeze and nothing would happen. This sorta wanned for a a week or two with not real problems.
Avatar f tn right arm elbow, hurt left achilles heel
Avatar n tn Everyday that I work I have incredible arm pain that I describe as gnawing, burning, stabbing, cramping. I also have upper right back pain - tingling and stabbing, it takes my breath. If I sneeze or cough, my entire right side feels like it's exploding.
807381 tn?1245083111 The pain in my arm is so bad today, I can barely lift it. I took two 800 mil ibueprofen, and that helped some. I have weakness in my legs when I am trying to break in the car. I have noticed that it is hard to hold down the break and my leg starts to shake from the stress of it. Left ear is tingling and burning.
Avatar f tn I'm almost 7 months pregnant & for the past few days it feels like my left rib cage is like broken. hurts to breathe, sneeze, & I have a cold so it's making it worse. is rib pain normal or did I possibly do something I don't remember?
612489 tn?1227111773 rsi right arm left shoulder blade cracking back sore
3184828 tn?1347666771 left arm numbness, pain
Avatar f tn Pain left elbow, so bad that I can't bend my arm
Avatar m tn left arm became painful throughout the nite not good sleep
Avatar n tn I have just had surgery, foramotomy, or something like that. I do not spell well. This was supposed to relieve my pain in Left shoulder but so far no luck. My arm feels better but my whole shoulder spasms now. I think your pain may be comming from DDD . Do you have sgoulder or arm pain also.
Avatar n tn I ahve pain under my left breast and close to my arm pit hurts when i lift and cough sneeze or take a breath someone hit me so just wondering if that caused it they hit me while we were wrestling with their elbow
Avatar n tn ve started to notice a trend where I would experience a low-grade pain and throbbing all up and down my left arm and hand immediately following a sneeze. This pain generally fades rapidly, perhaps only lasting for ten to fifteen seconds at this point, usually fading starting at my upper arm and lingering longest in my hand. The throbbing outlasts the pain itself, sometimes lasting as long as a couple of minutes before it too fades away.
Avatar f tn i have pain and numbness in my left arm ,hand and left foot, unable to find out why, please help
Avatar f tn leg hurts; tired after lunch, left arm started cramping and very sore. headache/nose pain, sore neck.