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Avatar n tn Its as if, my brain doesnt allow a sneeze to come thinking that it may not get completed. (Please note that my aborted sneeze was during the period my muscles were injured and I was bed ridden). Now, I am in perfect health, but the mental problems are kicking in like anxiety that it could lead to something harmful etc or that something is wrong with me. Could you please throw some light on the subject? Is this harmless and is this curable?
215342 tn?1287842018 Right now all I have in the house is Benadryl and Aleve Cold and Sinus. I know Aleve is a no-no. Benadryl makes me so sleepy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe I should just take that and go to bed! Throat is killing me now and getting that marbles in the throat feel and sound. Afraid it's strep. Augghhh! Guess I'll be talking to the doc tomorrow!
Avatar f tn I've been sneezing a lot today and I am in agony when I sneeze. Does this sound like a pinched nerve? And should it go away on its own?
Avatar f tn it for sure has an explanation. . tp me it feels like a cramp. .. I dont always have it only when i lay in bed or when i sit in a bent position. . like in the bathroom. . sometimes it cud last for a good few long seconds and it kills! But yes its normal. . i try not to stay in those positions when i feel i havto sneeze!
666061 tn?1227112932 But, as a plus if I do get sick, like I think I am, maybe DH will feel bad and keep me in bed all weekend, so I don't have to do any chores.
Avatar f tn And I started clipping a chip clip over my nose before getting up to make sure I didnt breathe anything in, and keeping it on for a little while after I lie back down. As soon as Im back in bed the tickle in my nose starts and I have to sneeze even with the chip clip still on. Then I cant fall back asleep because my nose is stuffed and running.
Avatar f tn I just want to get it out of the way. I am in bed too much. I want to feel better for me and mostly the top priority for my son. Yeh it is worse than before the first surgery. I hate it. I am glad to know I am not alone in the head holding thing. I actually did this out in public yesterday and today...just could not stand up for long to cook (feeling bad) so we went down the street to eat out at a diner. I did it there. I think my husband was a bit embarrassed.
Avatar m tn This is a correction to my first post. In the morning after getting out of bed the temperature change is from being warm to being cold, so a hot drink is required. Coffee, tea, hot chocolate. Ice water or an ice cube, or even an ice pack on the back of the neck after eating a hot meal.
Avatar n tn This means I am too weak to stand and must stay in bed (no choice!) Anyway, I have not had surgery yet. What sort of surgery did you have? If they operated on one area, it is very possible you have another area that needs treatment. The pain that you describe above comes from my bulging discs pressing against my nerves. I would imagine this is the same for you? Cheers!
1116022 tn?1305689593 It hurts when I sneeze & turn over/stretch in bed in my abdomen. I looked it up on the internet & it doesn't look like am alone. A lot of people said that they were told that it was their uterus growing and ligaments changing. I don't know if they are full-of-it but at least I'm not alone. I guess misery loves company? No, not really, not me anyway. It just reassures me that the baby is ok. Plus, I got blood work to re-check my progesterone levels.
237249 tn?1211293998 I sneezed last night in bed. I went to bed late last night and was lying in bed around midnight and I sneezed. OMGosh I about died. I did not have time enough to react quickly and reach up to put any support on my neck and it was a full blown (no pun there) sneeze which flopped my head and neck and seriously felt like the inside of my neck imploded or something! MAJOR BAD PAIN!
Avatar f tn Every time I would cough, sneeze, stand up too fast or flop around too hard in bed, I would have like stabbing cramps. It's probably just round ligament pain. And, it really doesn't get better. It becomes less frequent but is still there for the remainder of your pregnancy.
2100308 tn?1388500439 I find when I sneeze really hard I feel a couple seconds of pain n discomfort in my uterus? My re said it's just mr uterus stretching. Have your felt this?
286957 tn?1191458811 BUT I've been having bladder issues I had a UTI so I hope its still from that but I woke up around 4 this morning thinking i like... died from all the wet in my bed but I had peed the bed. O_o I haven't peed a bed since I was I can't even remember!!!!!!! But then I had to get up and eat I was starving still feel icky but pray for me that I'm not please! ... Hahh... I'm so dumb. any information or light shed would be extremely appreciated..
1394262 tn?1369628792 I am about 11 week now. Sometimes I find that when I sneeze, I have a sharp pain in my uterus, usually at the sides. When I asked my gynaecologist , he said it was normal & did not say why. Does any mummies here know the reason for the pain???
Avatar f tn Omg! I get a bad pain in my belly when I sneeze.... I'm 25 weeks. Do any one else feel a pain when they sneeze?
8323481 tn?1405709254 I've lost my joy, I don't know what charges me anymore, and don'e want to get out of bed in the morning. Scared to drink and scared not to drink. Please help, thank you.
Avatar n tn Within the last few years, it has gotten worse to the point that even when I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I sneeze forever. Then I can't sleep well because I'm stuffed/runny. Also, if I decide to sleep longer than I had my alarm set for, and reset it, I'll start sneezing at the original wake up time and have to get up anyway.
Avatar n tn I only had a partial hysterectomy and lately I have had horrible pain on my left side. It hurts to sneeze or to cough and hurts when I get up from sitting or rolling over in bed. I have a dr. appt next week, but I dont know how aggressive I should be with the dr. regarding testing. And is this something I should woory about? I have had 4 c-sections so I guess it could be scar tissue. What are your thoughts with my situation?
Avatar n tn I have had for over 3 weeks now, pain in the left side, possibly intercostal area and it becomes so bad I can barely turn over in bed at night or when I cough or sneeze. I had regular x rays which show no fracture or lesions. Is there more I can do to help lessen the pain and also find out why I have this pain. I had very bad bouts of coughing to the point of almost vomiting while I was sick.
689528 tn?1364139441 I feel better that I'm not the only one. And yes....moving around in bed makes it happen too. It's just weird how when I'm walking a lot it's not fun...especially when I want to get some exercise in there every once in a while! Maybe just some minor warm up stretches will help or something...really things are going to be stretching a lot more in the next few weeks so you'd think I'd be used to it by now!!
Avatar f tn By August, I couldn't say complete sentences and was in the bed at least 20 hours a day due to vertigo, nausea, and bradycardia. My vision and hearing were very poor. despite my severe symptoms, i had trouble finding a NS to help me because of my small herniation. this NS chose to do surgery due to flow study report. It showed absent of csf in three areas including, 4th ventricle and aqueduct with a very mild herniation of 6mm. Surgery was a success (november 28)!!
Avatar m tn As for the pain when you sneeze, that is likely due to the way all muscles in your body tense when you sneeze included those in the groyn area.
529440 tn?1232117305 I get them when I exercise, get up out of bed, or even sneeze sometimes - pretty much anything that uses my abdominal muscles. They usually last about 30-90 seconds. They shouldn't be painful, but may be uncomfortable. If they become frequent or are accompanied by any other questionable signs, call your doc. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn - Have lots of pillows around you in bed to support yourself in whatever sleeping contortion you desire. - Try to walk around every couple of hours to get your blood and bowels moving. - If you're sleepy, go to sleep! - If your incision looks like it's getting infected, go to the doctor and get antibiotics. Otherwise it's a pain in the butt.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, Im 11 weeks pregnant and the other night while I was in bed, had some sharp stabbing pain in my uterus and also a tiny bit of cramping but the cramping would stop if I changed my position. Also, although kind of alarming, it was nothing that made me think I should go to the er in the middle of the night. It came and went for about an hour and then went away completely.
5628321 tn?1376277193 Pee** myself.
4202953 tn?1377187106 The first couple of days were rough, and the days following those were a little hairy, and now just a lingering w/d here and there. I've sneezed a million times in the past week (what's up with that?) and certain smells are driving me nuts (I realized I HATE the smell of Pantene Pro V Conditioner and Dove deodorant). Even though I'm annoyed by certain smells, it's pretty cool to be smelling things again!
1225070 tn?1344712774 So I am about 5 weeks pregnant and last night I just got this pinching feeling in the lower right side of my abdomine (like right where my "bikini" line is if you catch my drift) it was literally like someone was pinching me and it happened a few times and then I went to bed and when I woke up this morning its still happening, it's not painfull at all, it just happens maybe a few times an hour. It also happened 2times on the left side, but not as bad as the right.