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3120424 tn?1347173632 Lol- kids yet but same thing! Genetics I guess. Fun fun!
8128718 tn?1397049074 Goodmorning ladies! Since yesterday everytime i cough or sneeze i think i pee in my pants but im.not sure if it is exactly that or if it could be some of my water because it does not have a odor like pee. I will be 32 weeks on thursday so doez this mean i will wet my pants from now until i deliver??
Avatar f tn I've been on Trams for 10 years for no reason what so ever other than to get high but not like a weed kind of high. A opiate I can see clearly now and do **** alot better kind of high especially with a really high stakes,highly stressful job it definitely helped.
237249 tn?1211293998 I did not have time enough to react quickly and reach up to put any support on my neck and it was a full blown (no pun there) sneeze which flopped my head and neck and seriously felt like the inside of my neck imploded or something! MAJOR BAD PAIN! I finally, after a good 1/2 hr of continued pain, got up and took a couple of pain meds - and still suffered all night. I woke up this a.m. and still was hurting so I took one more pill and now I am so groggy.
1530342 tn?1405020090 com/_news/2013/04/12/17661517-the-eye-popping-truth-about-why-we-close-our-eyes-when-we-sneeze?lite One whiff of budding flowers and the pressure in your chest starts to build. Your nose feels twitchy, your eyes snap shut and a-a-a-a-c-hooo -- a sneeze rockets out at 75 to 100 miles per hour. And with a long, miserable allergy season ahead, that's going to be happening a lot. We all know how a sneeze happens. What we don’t know is why our eyes automatically close when we do it.
168348 tn?1379360675 I have four kids and a stay at home mom. My Mom stayed to help my husband and the kids from Tues, Wed. and left on Thurs mid-day .. then she ret'd again on the next Mon, Tues, Wed, and left on Thurs. to help me with driving and FOOD SHOPPING .. that is hard to lift the groceries in/out cart and into house even harder .. so keep that in mind .. incisional muscles pull. I was driving 6 days post op on ltd.
2083688 tn?1334605261 but don't you sneeze into your bent arm? that is the 'proper' way to cough and sneeze where i am. they teach kids to do this at schools. that way they don't sneeze into their hands and then touch other kids who can get sick. perhaps keeping tissues handy is a good idea too. or wash your hands or keep hand cleaner in your purse. no matter how you sneeze it the sneeze affects everything in a 10 foot area anyway...
Avatar f tn first congrats on day 4... i have no idea why we sneeze so kids got tired of saying god bless then after a sneeze i would yawn...
Avatar f tn i keep peeing a little when i sneeze, or cough. its so frustrating! just happened me now. Went to the toilet, sat down and sneezed and peed! how do i stop it from happening?
Avatar n tn I am not sure what to make of this. When I sneeze I get this pop in my spine between the shoulder blades. I does it also from time to time when I bend over to pick someting up and turn my head. Anyone know what this could be. There no pain just a pop noise, like if someting popped out of place and popped back in.
Avatar f tn Oh idk if it normal but i sneeze and it does the same thing to me!
4136449 tn?1354738065 I feel like I'm an 80 yr old women, who's pushed out 10 kids! Everytime I sneeze, I pee :(. Its either wear a pantiliner all day, or walk around with wet panties. I'm only 11weeks and 2 days, and know this is only going to get worse and not better...
Avatar f tn My MIl lives with us and she helps a lot, but shes always calling her daughter and two kids over. They are always hovering over the baby . Its annoying cuz kids dont think and sneeze and cough no manners. I get annoyed cuz she wont ask and will take sleeping baby in bassinet from my room to living room and everyone will just sit around baby touching on him he just came home and they aren't being practical. Just venting sorry.
179055 tn?1189759429 After having 2 kids, I literally do pee in my pants sometimes when I sneeze! Lol! Just some advice; start doing your kegals now!
383536 tn?1225034213 It is especially bad in the morning, and when I cough or sneeze. DH laughs at me every time I cough or sneeze because I gag so much (it's nervous laughter, because he does NOT do vomit very well). I am 30w4d and thought I would not have to deal with this anymore after my 2nd trimester, but I didn't get that lucky. Good luck to you! I hope it goes away!!
1926656 tn?1334973801 But whenever I get a huge wave of nausea, I feel like I'm going to sneeze.... And when I sneeze, I either almost, or do, toss my cookies! It's the craziest thing ever!!! Anyone else with this?
4378548 tn?1358558379 and my entire life every time I sneeze I hold it in because I have a phobia of snot/saliva. but my mom told me here recently that you're not suppose to hold in your sneezes while you're pregnant because it can harm the baby in some way..? is she right or is she insane?
Avatar f tn The bain of my existence for all 3 pregnancies! Happens when I sneeze, cough,laugh hard,yell to my kids... If I roll over in bed,stretch, move suddenly.... it hurts sometimes Its all round ligament pain. As long as its on the outside its ok. And very normal!
Avatar f tn I am 11weeks and don't know what to do cause every time I sneeze or cough I pee a little , I did not have this problem before I became pregnant. And have tried everything kegel and pany liners ( make me itch) . Anyone got advise on what else I can try . Please any help will be appreciated.
Avatar n tn I am picking up the kids from school and just sneeze peed! Yay! Glad I am wearing a liner...
12584065 tn?1436324114 I have not leaked anymore since then so im lost and dont think it coukd have been my water? I have 2 kids already but ive heard sometimes ur water can break and just a small amount comes out? What should I do?
147803 tn?1234403260 I need some relief! I have been like this for a few days now. I always feel like I need to sneeze. Does anyone have like a list of medicines that is safe to take while pregnant? My mom has NO tylenol, so can some one please help me out here.
Avatar f tn It did not stop for me for a few weeks - even then I still sneeze but it could be my allergies too. Oh and bless you!
Avatar n tn It sounds like the stain might be from wetting yourself. Do you have children? Your bladder just maybe weak from having kids. Does the wetting happen when you sneeze or cough? Is it around the time that your period is due? Just before or just after?
Avatar f tn My kids were in the bath and I was laying on my bed watching them and my youngest started standing up so I jumped up to get him but I had a sharp pain in my stomach and had to sit back down now I have some pain my stomach where I felt the pain Little scared I'm just laying down now.
Avatar f tn I pee myself when i sneeze or cough hard... our bodies arent really ours right now. Don't be too embarrassed I'm sure you aren't the only one who has had that happen.
599316 tn?1256925213 Its been like this since my 13 week marker on friday, which is when i started feeling like ****! Everytime i move or sneeze or walk i get different pains,spasms or elctrical shock feeling. I was laying on my side and my lower middle back, spine area was hurting, felt kind of electrical and sent it to my abdomin but once i moved or sat up it was ok. Sucked because i wanted to sleep. I guess its a good sign im growing :) im looking preggo now. But still wish i was more round in the belly.
Avatar n tn We just moved here and our other school never offered this in the actual school grounds. Sounds like a lot of vaccine going around if even small handfulls of those kids sneeze. Can anyone tell me how long to keep her away from the school?
Avatar f tn Yep, we had the sickness run through here in the last two weeks...the kids were both really only sick for a day or so. Daddy and Mommy still have it!!!!!
1139840 tn?1325085963 I wouldn't expose the newborn to your baby very closely, though. One sneeze from your child (even if it is just from dust) and your sister will think of you not too favorably (especially if her child gets sick. It could be by coincidence, but how would you ever prove it?).