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784382 tn?1376931040 these kids are too busy killing people, or playing football on the video games.....isnt the failure rate in schools up alot more then it was years ago??..... so thats more chubbier and uneducated childern because most of them are too fucused on getting home to play the game....and now they sit there and talk international with people in japan and stuff playing them....i bet they dont even know what hop scotch and jump ropes are.....its sad.
Avatar m tn They are there for a purpose. Oh, do look for games that involve physical movement. Its really good for the kids. And if they do have something like ADHD, it also will help them as exercise is very important.
203342 tn?1328737207 Hey, I just thought I'd share this. Did you know that there are vidoe games that can actually help kids with ADD concentrate better? And you know all kids like video games so it wouldn't seem like work to them! There are two that I know of. There's the Smart Box which includes a helmet with built in sensors to moniter brain activity. As long as players remain calmly focused on the game, it plays normally.
Avatar f tn What are some good i exoen5sive brands of video monitors that you would recommend? My husband has a coworker who has some sort of security system where she can see when her kids get home from school on her phone. He suggets we look into that as an alternative to the monitor. Has anyone tried this? Don't know how it would work without draining your phone battery to be on all the time.
Avatar f tn Try finding some books I have a book that explains about how to talk to sex to your children and the number one thing is to not lie about it. Lieing to your kids is why kids lie to you. Simply explain without details and that should satisfy their questions. Also if a kid doesn't ask then there is no reason to make them curious about it.
948546 tn?1249951409 Adam's step-nephews came over and played some video games with us. They're cute, probably about 10, the one is severe ADHD with a touch of Asberegers. Then made arrangements with my mom for going to the Westemeyer's, got frustrated at some stuff, let my emotions get to me a bit and got angry. Went back to the apartment for work the next day.
Avatar n tn Mel in hospital; kids sitting at computers playing video game all day
Avatar f tn I used to sneeze , I have always had allergies, although I have to say they have gotten a lot better without taking medication... now I don't even have the urge to sneeze, but I do have a runny nose a lot of the time. I do suffer with headaches off and on. Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/297207'>sneezing sensation but unable to sneeze</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, Our 2 year old was just diagnosed with PDD-NOS. I've been reading a lot about video modeling and really feel that this works. The few words that our daughter does have are from watching some videos. To get my daughter to wave, I'd love to buy a video that showed other kids waving. Do you know if this exists? Thanks!
18524847 tn?1465595901 Always see kids with that phone, ipad, or video game controller in their hand. How much screen time do you allow your kids? What kind of rules do you have at your house with your kids and video games or the internet? Do you find your kids can't stop or leave it once they get going easily?
Avatar m tn My 10 year old daughter saw a short video of my privete parte on my cell phone. How do I talk to her about that?
Avatar m tn is it bad to play playstation 3 on black ops 2 since people are shooting like a real life war because i want to get married and if i cant get married because the future wife sees me on the ps3 and divorces me its distracting. but i hear video games are bad for marriage and i was going to buy one but i dont want to now.
Avatar f tn A little bit after that he started breathing really weird after drinking some water. I kinda sounds like an airy sneeze or almost like he needs to cough to get rid of it but won't. Now just a little bit ago I took him outside and it seemed is irine stream was very slow. I don't know if these are related or even anything to worry about. I am a first time Mastiff owner and just want to be sure. If you can help it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
2083688 tn?1334601661 hey, i think it was me who asked why. i understand not wanting to sneeze on your hands. but don't you sneeze into your bent arm? that is the 'proper' way to cough and sneeze where i am. they teach kids to do this at schools. that way they don't sneeze into their hands and then touch other kids who can get sick. perhaps keeping tissues handy is a good idea too. or wash your hands or keep hand cleaner in your purse.
11595727 tn?1428875837 I see a lot of ladies on this app saying they pee themselves when sneeze, throw up, cough etc. Do your kegels!!! They really do work. Even after 3 kids before this pregnancy when I would get sick I would pee. during my first trimester my sickness was extremely bad I had to squat on a bucket (lol) while puking in the toilet just not to pee on my floor. started back doing my levels and now 3rd trimester when I get sick,sneeze etc NO LEAKAGE!!! Best exercise ever...
4136449 tn?1354734465 I feel like I'm an 80 yr old women, who's pushed out 10 kids! Everytime I sneeze, I pee :(. Its either wear a pantiliner all day, or walk around with wet panties. I'm only 11weeks and 2 days, and know this is only going to get worse and not better...
Avatar f tn Night time is hard to sleep and i wake up when i move because i jolt my shoulder. The other thing that bothers me if i cough or sneeze i get sever pain. If i reach out or to the side the pain is so bad that i gasp for breath from the pain. How bad is the shoulder? Ihave a three month wait to get into the doc and this has hendered my daily activity for i can not use the arm to lift and it is almost unbearable to comb my hair or even take on or off a shirt.
Avatar m tn Welcome---Be ready & the next time it happens, try to video it to show your Vet......There are too many things this could be that I hesitate to speculate on it...... My first thought is simple "Reverse Sneeze", but yours are lasting way too long! Then I thought about Kennel Cough, which is a possibility.... I personally wouldn't wait; just in case it's something serious that needs to be treated......Good luck & let us know what you find out......
8128718 tn?1397045474 Goodmorning ladies! Since yesterday everytime i cough or sneeze i think i pee in my pants but im.not sure if it is exactly that or if it could be some of my water because it does not have a odor like pee. I will be 32 weeks on thursday so doez this mean i will wet my pants from now until i deliver??
Avatar f tn Oh idk if it normal but i sneeze and it does the same thing to me!
Avatar f tn That's cool. May I ask how old your kids are? Do they enjoy video games? I'm 20 years old, and I love Nintendo Video Games. Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda ones are the best, in my opinion.
Avatar n tn Photo therapy, maintenance of sleep hygiene. Avoid spending more time in video games, parties, loud music, watching horror movies etc. regular exercise, nutritious food etc will help him. Psychotherapy can also help him to learn how to cope and deal with the various stressors in his life. Do not worry, follow the above mentioned methods and the symptoms will alleviate. I suggest you to consult sleep specialist or child psychiatrist. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn My grandson is 9 he weighs 100 lbs. He is sedentary, plays computer and video games all the time. I checked his blood sugar, it was 96 in the morning. I am concerned as he CRAVES sweets, is always hungry and when he uriniates it looks like the foam on a head of beer. Do I ask his doctor to investigate or am I being too cautious??