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Avatar f tn Im 22 weeks and if i sneeze to hard or throw up i pee myself is anyone else having this problem
4725879 tn?1368826572 So far this pregnancy has been relatively easy. I've only thrown up twice in ten weeks, mild headaches on rare occasion & hungry all the time. This past week though, I've felt a little off. I've had body fever/pain, felt like i need to eat but am having to mind fudge myself into keeping it down. On a positive note, i saw my obgyn for the first time today.
Avatar f tn Pregnancy is a Blessing Its Amazing How Us Woman Can Bring A Precious Little Baby In The World... God Gave Us A Great Gift...
506490 tn?1213431764 God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others...
563705 tn?1219735764 B- egin our day with L- ove in our heart E- expect hapiness S- hare goodness S- hine lik the sun I - nspire someone N- ever forget that G- od is in you...
1742220 tn?1331356727 do you know mh, S used to always say to me I was being a 'big sucky baby' ... yeah. idk he is the sucky baby, all the time. but that's aite. I still accept him. he just wont accept no other people. w/e I miss the ac. blessing. I am thinking on that atb I am no longer crying no longer hungry I like robin givens I am watching her in this old eddie murphy movie NO s I don't know the name of it.
Avatar m tn good day, ran the beach run ( kicked it's butt, back by 1130) worked next door (ceiling,,,) home by 330 (gave kiefer tv :) took a nap (pain) up at 6, seen e and stopped for a beer (no joy in it) home by 1020, music,,,made sausage and pasta with ragu (mmmm, not eating right now though) doing laundry..feeling blessed. fyi seen this girl with this older guy (pathetic following her around). reminded me of t and where she is at (like i said, pathetic).
772150 tn?1252507807 Flow so heavy - less than 15 min. after changing full tampon and tons of endometria, I sneeze. And immediately the new tampon is already done.
Avatar n tn If a person who has retinal detachment sneezes, will it detaches his or her retina again? I don't have a retinal detachment but I'm just curious because I heard that a sneeze can go up to 100 mph.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have not been able to sneeze for over year and half. What could be wrong ?
Avatar f tn You're a doctor & you don't know that you never had a risk?HIV is not transmitted via sneezing & you definately don't require nPEP.No risk.
Avatar f tn I get this pain under my tummy right above my vag whenever I sneeze? Should I be worried?? Im scared!
7282682 tn?1397237735 I like the sneezing but the peeing and pooping because of force of sneeze gets me. Talk about stares when in public. I've had people in front of me duck.
Avatar f tn Everytime I sneeze i get a sharp pain in my pelvic area.. only 13 and 4. Any ideas what this could be?
Avatar f tn ) he is such a little miracle <3 i love him
Avatar f tn Too scared to sneeze, bend, twist or do anything! lol!
Avatar f tn This is at least the 7th cold Ive had since being clean. WTF. I have had more colds, etc in the last six months than I had in the past 10 years!!!! On a positive note, I had a physical 2 weeks ago.. bloodwork for everything.. liver, etc - happy to report that I am in perfect health! Hard to imagine all those years of abuse and my liver is A-OK.. I am very thankful and blessed.. Now, if I could just stop with the colds, coughing, bronchitis...
Avatar f tn Anyone else not able to stop smiling when you look at your growing belly? I find myself giggling and rubbing my belly every time I pass my reflection in the mirror. I'm 17 weeks tomorrow, and I'm almost 31 years old... I feel silly giggling all the time, but it's just such a blessing and a dream come true. I even catch my husband staring and giggling all the time.
1405846 tn?1282709980 The Trigeminal shocks have pretty well stopped, however, when I cough, sneeze, jump, run or go on a bumpy car ride it feels like my brain is slamming against my skull. I also get headaches now that feel almost as if my head is a pressure cooker about to explode. I also recently made the mistake of riding an amusing park ride (after much proding from my daughter) and it felt as though my brain was being pushed down because of the G-force. I want to know is this normal.
1051574 tn?1253819780 Today is the day I officially FOUND out I was pregnant ! My hubby and I have been wanting another baby and just started really "trying" so this was WONDERFUL and HAPPY news for us ! We are both excited but waiting to tell anyone for a couple of weeks, due to a miscarriage we had in July that no one knows about. We both feel positive about this pregnancy and are very happy to be expecting parents again !
1272624 tn?1395434357 I know I haven't been on for a while but I do miss you! My birth story isn't so interesting. I had a c section it wasn't bad at all and spent 4 days in the hospital getting to know my beautiful baby girl. My dh slept on the couch with me the whole time, I'm so lucky to have him! I know I'm a DE recipient but I don't know if its an illusion or denial cause I definitely see myself when I look at my baby! She really looks like my dh though.
908392 tn?1316522899 I just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy being a christian. Usually I get different reactions when telling people that I am a sincere christian. Sometimes pity and sometimes anger, today was different. I met a girl I feel I was a blessing to. I felt like God had really used me today. She asked me to pray for her out of no where. I just met her and after 3 minutes BOOM "Can you pray for me".
Avatar n tn congrats, first of all..As far as the sneezing, i don't think it is allergies..My worst w/d symtom is RLS, then goose bumps then sneezing..I can sneeze up to 50 times in an hour or until i take another pill..Finally i have found something for RLS, as that is the worst i have, but i also have it when i am not w/ding..As for the goose bumps and sneezing i have not found anything yet..Good luck and keep going.i am having surgery in 2 days and plan on stopping after that..