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Avatar n tn The nose was so sensitive to touch, if my husband leaned close to kiss me and his breath touched my nose it would tickle it and cause a sneeze! Weird! The terrible thing is some times the sneeze itself triggers another you get so stuffed up but drippy too, that you can hardly breathe for fear of more sneezes. You can stand up and start to sneeze! A fan blowing can trigger it, cooler air form an air con, then going into warmer air.
Avatar f tn and stop beating yourself up...just keep that guard up, keep your hubby involved like you are, and you'll be fine. You seem like a very insightful person. You got this.
Avatar f tn shaving your face is actually good for your skin. ever wonder why men's faces seem to age slower than ours? it's because they shave and are removing dead skin cells daily.
590279 tn?1286339622 I had a few scattered days in July where I was fine, but I have been horrible the last few weeks again and terrified for the start up of school again. I am trying a mouth guard for possible TMJ but don't believe that is helping. Nothing in my life changed during Jan-March so I have no idea why this went away and why it is still haunting me. When all of this acts up I have no energy and get depressed because I feel like I can’t function normally.
491928 tn?1266181333 you walk into the great room, and then there is a hallway that leads to the backside of the apartment, where the non-galley style kitchen is (I'm soo excited, I adore cooking and baking and it's bigger!!!!) it's an open kitchen, more of what you would see in a house. And then there is a breakfast bar and a dining room, with an over head light where a table should be centered, and a patio with sliding glass doors behind that. Now backtrack to the great room when you first come in again.
282804 tn?1236837191 Warning: may cause drowsiness. ON A KOREAN KITCHEN KNIFE: Warning keep out of children. ON A STRING OF CHINESE MADE CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: For indoor or outdoor use only. ON A JAPANESE FOOD PROCESSOR: Not to be used for the other use. ON SAINSBURY'S PEANUTS: Warning: contains nuts. ON AN AMERICAN AIRLINES PACKET OF NUTS: Instructions: open packet, eat nuts. ON A SWEDISH CHAINSAW: Do not attempt to stop chain with your hands.
Avatar m tn If you can’t find one anywhere, then you can just use any plastic bottle with a spout that squirts, like a Rubbermaid picnic bottle or a kitchen squeeze bottle. The best, once again, is a small travel squeeze bottle, which is listed as a 4 oz. bottle, but actually holds about 5 oz. or about 140 milliliters. Fill it up from the gallon of saline solution. Keep the small bottle in your shower, but store the gallon bottle somewhere else. 4.
Avatar n tn I do not sneeze or cough. Guess we just have to wait it out or cure ourselves. I hold down my couch most of the time, also. Just try to get to work and home. What a life.
429155 tn?1205676864 30 all the flu like symtoms have returned, feel hot, dizzy and headaches, dam, I thought that part was over, tried to have a nap an hour ago, bloody legs were bad, bit in the arms as well, didn't expect this, goes to show you've to keep your guard up at all times, very bad tempered at the moment. WEEK TWO. Friday 07:00 Legs were a bit crawly but slept until 06:00, sweats not to bad, although those bloody wierd dreams are very strange. My legs ache and arms are heavy.
1545464 tn?1376707758 just wanted to ask if anyone knows if having headache after transfere is normal ive had one on and off all day, also is it normal to sneeze and you get a stitch like feeling in the lower stomach around the ovaries i have also been getting the stitch like feeling through out the day today but feels worse when i sneeze.
20391860 tn?1497234141 I'll be honest and tell you that this level of withdrawal, at this extended of a period, has caught me completely off guard. People told me it was an Insidious kick and I tried to appreciate their wisdom but perspective matters and I suppose I'm earning mine now...
Avatar n tn I have a man putting tile in my kitchen - he isn't smoking in my house (I wouldn't allow it) but he smells of cigarettes horribly! I smelled it will have to tomorrow. I'm think that's what gave me the facial pressure last night, and I feel it coming on today. Smells really bother me! Can't wait till he's done. Do smells bother any of you -- like car fumes, hair sprays, perfumes? I'm just wondering.
1158221 tn?1327976203 I went home for lunch, peed, went to the kitchen to get my pizza rolls out the microwave...and threw up in the sink lol!!!!! I have to say I feel much better now though!! You will be so close to your due date by Christmas that it'll still be babies 1st, and don't tell me you're not going to have something under the tree for your little boy/girl, cause if you did I'd call you a liar lol!!!! Sounds like a nice break!! Wish I was getting that kinda break too!!
Avatar f tn Luckily, most of the syptoms are flu-like, especially the sneezing. I mean, I sneeze almost constantly. It is the hardest thing ive ever went through in my entire life. See, the main focus is getting clean. So, no matter what happens, we continue to keep that mentality. Heck, if you read back through my posts about a month ago in the tramadol thread, I was out of my pills because they hadnt arrived in the mail.
Avatar n tn I felt a little bit dizzy and then was fine about 10 minutes later. It happened again today as i was just standing in the kitchen but the pain went into my upper back instead of my chest this time. Is this stress? I started a new high paying job and my boss is crazy and I hate it there... and also i have been very tired and had a queezie stomach since getting pregnant. Am i having a heart attack? I don't think it is that serious...
Avatar n tn If you have a cold, or allergies that cause you to sneeze a lot, hold a pillow to your chest to minimize the effect. Just a few tips to pass along. By the way, our first IVF was successful in that we ended up with a BFP, but it turned out to be a blighted ovum, and I miscarried it naturally (without a D&C) a few days after my doctor took me off of the progesterone shots. We are getting ready to start our next round in June (prep. meds.) Wish us luck!
298579 tn?1192250448 Man, I was so relieved to find this forum and to read your posts. I'm 47 (lord how did that happen?) and just remarried after 20 years of being single in March of 08. So, regardless of age, I be a NEWLYWED ! LOL I've never had any pain or discomfort with sex until this past 6 months. The symptoms I have are identical to many posts here, severe debilitating cramps on the immediate heels of an orgasm, or when I become aroused much less severe.