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Avatar f tn When I feel a sneeze coming on (which is often with this head cold), I have to basically hold my sides and pull my knees up to my chest. If I don't, I'm in extreme agony and sometimes end up in tears.
Avatar f tn It's crazy how I'll sneeze 2-4 times in a row. It's seems to be slowing down a bit as Day 4 approaches (in 30 minutes, I'll start Day 4 - woo hoo!) It's seems like 10 minutes ago that I was working up the nerve to type my first "I'm stopping my pain meds" post.
Avatar f tn When i cough or sneeze i get this little pain in the lower abdomen just below my bellybutton. Is this good or bad? Any advice?
675718 tn?1530033033 remember to guard your sobriety for the holidays don't get fooled or set yourself up alcohol is cunning baffling and will fool you into using and perhaps to use other chemicals your body doesn't need . anyway if any addicts/alcoholics need help pm me i will chat with you'all avoid parties bars or other liqiuor esatblishments remember your triggers always :) happy holidays everyone !!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar m tn You need to be on guard and consult a neurologist before stopping anti epileptics. You need an EEG done and usually there are guidelines that if you are seizure free for a particular period about 3 years, your anti epileptics can be stopped. I would suggest you to be under close monitoring of your neurologist. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn In other words, it never catches me off guard, it always occurs after the thought enters my mind or after a sneeze, yet the spasm is completely involuntary. I find that really coincidental, because several years ago I somehow damaged a nerve between one of my toes and it also onset an involuntary spam, causing my toe to twitch. However, much like my eye, it only occurs when I think about it! It seems like my eyelid spasms are the same way, which would then mean they might never go away.
Avatar n tn I have not had an MRI and I have to take over the counter medications nearly every day whilst trying to stay within the recommended guidelines. I do however have TMJ and i have received no formal treatment/assessment for this. I am so worried about brain tumours/cancer etc, please can you help me as I don't know what to do....
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1627740 tn?1308648556 been taking this Vein-Guard thing from NaturalCare in Oregon every once in a while...Contains vinpocetine, which is like chemo, like iodine, like seaweed...Everytime I take though it seems to induce my period, though my legs look much better (varicose veins are calcium deposits which the iodine thing removes clots)...Period every two weeks a bit much for me though...hmmm...
Avatar n tn Slept with my mouth guard in to hopefully help the face/sinus pain.
772150 tn?1252507807 Flow so heavy - less than 15 min. after changing full tampon and tons of endometria, I sneeze. And immediately the new tampon is already done.
Avatar n tn If a person who has retinal detachment sneezes, will it detaches his or her retina again? I don't have a retinal detachment but I'm just curious because I heard that a sneeze can go up to 100 mph.
Avatar f tn Hello, I have not been able to sneeze for over year and half. What could be wrong ?
Avatar f tn You're a doctor & you don't know that you never had a risk?HIV is not transmitted via sneezing & you definately don't require nPEP.No risk.
Avatar f tn I get this pain under my tummy right above my vag whenever I sneeze? Should I be worried?? Im scared!
7282682 tn?1397237735 I like the sneezing but the peeing and pooping because of force of sneeze gets me. Talk about stares when in public. I've had people in front of me duck.
Avatar f tn Everytime I sneeze i get a sharp pain in my pelvic area.. only 13 and 4. Any ideas what this could be?
18524847 tn?1465595901 From 35 weeks on, the urge to pee can be intense AND if it catches you off guard, you sneeze, laugh or cough . . . you might have a bit of super sexy incontinence! TIPS*** lean forward when peeing. It helps you void. Do a double void which is peeing, sitting a moment and peeing again. And it is really important to notice changes like if you start to have a burning when you pee. That can be a urinary tract infection that needs attention from your doctor.
Avatar f tn So on July 28th, 10pm I had unprotected sex with a female of unknown status (29yrs old coast guard) who says they test once per year. Few days later I had really bad sore throat and sinus issues. Passed eventually. Probably unrelated in this situation. On August 23rd this past Thursday I took an HIV 4th gen antigen and antibody test. Test came back non reactive. At this point am I considered good? What is the exact day I took the test from exposure? I'm guessing 26 days?
1160227 tn?1263598397 Is the brand Pet Guard a good brand?
Avatar n tn I had the Para Guard inserted 8 weeks later and have had it in about 5 weeks. Yeah the cramps are no fun and the back pain stinks but that isn't close to the pain in my left leg. From my hip down to my toes aches everyday. Almost restless but it is a ache that doesn't go away. I can't even explain the pain. I am really bow legged too. I don't know if it is the Para Guard, being bowlegged or from giving birth 3 months ago.
Avatar f tn I have been interested in the coast guard for quite some time and was worried about a past health condition. I was diagnosed with an anxiety problem(he never said the word disorder), by my physician after 1 year and a half and was placed on Zoloft and trazadone for sleep. I was only on Zoloft for two months and decided to go completely off meds since. I want to join the coast guard but was worried that my panic attacks would stand in my way.
495284 tn?1333894042 Many of us have found our drug of choice at the bottom of an alcoholic beverage. Or tried another drug or alcohol to replace the one we gave up thinking we could control use of it as well. My guard is up!
Avatar f tn So my boyfriend is talking about joining the national guard but Im scared he won't be around for the birth of our baby. He hasnt been to any doctor appointments because he was working full time.
Avatar f tn hi Mom's to be, does anyone know what is a nipple guard and how it is used?how early it can be used and is it really safe for babies, no judgement please I just didn't have a good experience the first time around and I am a bit apprehensive, nervous and scared please helps anyone.