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125112 tn?1217277462 Having been present during the Newark riots during the 1960's with national guard troops manning M-60 machine guns and witnessing gangs of toughs terrorize the city, I would not state that a civilian maintaining a firearm for personal defense of his family constitutes an unreasonable excercise of his right as a citizen. Nevertheless, I am not going to either encourage or discourage civilian firearm ownership for any purpose.
Avatar n tn I tell her I am severely allergic to these things but she still continues to spray away. About a month ago I began to sneeze constantly knowing full well an allergic was about to begin once more. The next thing I knew I got a severe sinus episode, laryngitis and my ears stopped up and I almost lost my hearing. I have gotten rid of the sinus issues, my voice is back but I still have hearing issues with an almost constant popping while chewing, talking and simple yawning.
Avatar n tn There's no audible sound (meaning, it's not like when someone cracks a knuckle), it's just a sensation. I've actually had this for years and never thought much of it because it was primarily when I was lying down and I would just reposition my body and it would go away. But recently I'm noticing that it's getting progressively more frequent and occasionally feel the sensation when I'm standing up or sitting here typing at my computer.
429155 tn?1205676864 30 all the flu like symtoms have returned, feel hot, dizzy and headaches, dam, I thought that part was over, tried to have a nap an hour ago, bloody legs were bad, bit in the arms as well, didn't expect this, goes to show you've to keep your guard up at all times, very bad tempered at the moment. WEEK TWO. Friday 07:00 Legs were a bit crawly but slept until 06:00, sweats not to bad, although those bloody wierd dreams are very strange. My legs ache and arms are heavy.
Avatar m tn Day 21 and still covered in goosebumps and having the chills-I think Im losing my mind." But in being on this site and talking to so many great people, I realized it was just a symptom of the withdrawal. Its really a long detox process for many. Please know, no matter how your mind tries to convince you otherwise, that it will get better. I can attest to that. 6 months post suboxone and I feel better than I have in many years. I am healthy, happy, not depressed and not anxious.
491928 tn?1266181333 Tianna ~ My Fiance works for the Canadian Coast Guard , so he is gone for 4 weeks & home for 4 weeks....
Avatar m tn A cold usually lasts for a week, sometimes two weeks, or more for some nasty strains, or if your immune system handles it well, only 2 or 3 days. A cold makes you sneeze, makes your nose run, stuffs up your nose, makes your throat rough or sore or hoarse, and you can get mild chills or fever, and you might get a headache, and you might just feel funky and tired and sick. Sometimes, a cold won’t cause any symptoms at all, and it will clear up in the same amount of time.
Avatar n tn It is a type of bacteria normally not supposed to be in the sinuses and is what is termed a nosocomial infection, meaning hospital acquired. It is very resistant to all the conventional antibiotics that are generally ordered for sinusitis. No wonder I've never gotten better despite surgery. I am on cipro right now which is definitely not an antibiotic prescribed for sinusitis, and dealing with some wicked dizzyness.
1696352 tn?1318535967 We went for a walk,we live by a lake n it was really fun.,am thinking of doing it every day for the rest of the days.,meaning early next week.Ready for the celebration..oh..ur parents r coming too right?how nice.
Avatar n tn Since it was ‘severe and recurring’, it meant I was prone to it and it had re-occurred. Meaning, recourse to anti-depressants whenever it occurred since it was a life-long ailment. However, I was convinced that there had to be a permanent solution to this.
Avatar f tn Luckily, most of the syptoms are flu-like, especially the sneezing. I mean, I sneeze almost constantly. It is the hardest thing ive ever went through in my entire life. See, the main focus is getting clean. So, no matter what happens, we continue to keep that mentality. Heck, if you read back through my posts about a month ago in the tramadol thread, I was out of my pills because they hadnt arrived in the mail.
Avatar n tn Aloe Vera juice, Magnesium Orotate, ice on my neck, ice on my face, cold water on my face, Cayenne pepper, pound my chest, bear down, sneeze, cough, hot tea, cold tea, cry, breathing exercises, tapping, laser on heart meridian which is on your pinky finger between tip & below nail of pinky, lay down, stand up, you name it, I've done it, tried it. Sometime they work, sometimes they don't. There's no rhyme or reason to A Fib.
Avatar n tn he has patients with these symptoms and told me he could fit me with a custom night guard that costs $650.00 so tonight Ill sleep with my teeth whitening plastic guard ( 5 bucks!) that is similar and see if it prevents the grinding. Research TMJ or nightly jaw clinching associated with back spasms. Since no doctors are associating this with back spasms it just may be whats causing them. Hey, its worth looking into, I cant find a solution. I just spend $1500.
Avatar f tn I still have the diarrhea, but only 2-5 times a day and it is controllable to an extent (meaning I dont have to jump up and rush to the bathroom every time). I don't suffer much from bloating and gas as long as I steer clear of complex carbs (mainly bread, rice, pasta, etc.), fried foods, and greasy fast food. I can tolerate a little bit of dairy ( a yogurt and glass of milk for the day) but if I go overboard I will get the bloating and gas.
Avatar n tn If you have a cold, or allergies that cause you to sneeze a lot, hold a pillow to your chest to minimize the effect. Just a few tips to pass along. By the way, our first IVF was successful in that we ended up with a BFP, but it turned out to be a blighted ovum, and I miscarried it naturally (without a D&C) a few days after my doctor took me off of the progesterone shots. We are getting ready to start our next round in June (prep. meds.) Wish us luck!
Avatar n tn I don't drink. Also it hurts to blow my nose. Feels like constant pressure. It hurts to sneeze. When I try to blow my nose I almost double over in pain from the pain in my head. I had one doctor tell me tha t I had absolutely nothing wrong and I was just imagining this. I am sitting here right now and it has taken me almost 20 minutes to type this up because of the pain I am in.If I press my thumb right in the middle of my eyes above my nose, some of the pressure dies down.
Avatar n tn Clonidine is the only FDA-approved *non-opiate* treatment for opiate addiction (including to drugs like hydrocodone). Originally used as a high blood-presure med, Dr. Mark Gold in New Jersey discovered in the early 1980s that it could relieve some, or even many (but not all) of the syumptoms of opiate withdrawal. It's especially useful, I've found, in getting rtid of the sweats and jitteriness during withdrawal.
Avatar n tn The theory was that the hyoid bone never fused together into a solid bone and a cough or sneeze or yawn or laugh or any sudden pressure in my throad caused a part that was not attached to the rest of the bone to "pop" out. My doctor was just amazed at my x-rays showing that my hyoid did not move in unison. In fact, the radiologist that was doing the x-rays started saying, "oh my God!" "I've never seen anything like that before." "That is so strange.
1647691 tn?1363727302 We r impatient humans who get very depressed over stupidity. I want a child to make my life have more meaning. That child will bring me closer to u lord n c Ur beauty n love n miracles of life..which now I don't c or appreciate my empty life..sadly. I don't appreciate it unless something bad happens around me n that's not how it should b. We should b thankful for every moment we have no matter what. But we r imperfect n selfish beings.
Avatar f tn With me not having any symptoms, I am thinking negative thoughts because there are typical signs and I have had none after my sneeze! Has anyone had no symptons and gotten pregnant?