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Avatar n tn At least when I sneeze and I sneeze a lot, it clears my ear up for a while. Half the deal is done, now for the end of vertigo.
Avatar n tn There may be a problem with my Eustacian tube or, better yet, the muscles behind it. He said there isn't much to do but maybe try an antihistamine which hasn't worked. Even though its not life-threatening, its very frustrating to live with this! Is there anything else, at all, to do to get rid of this noise?
Avatar n tn I only notice the pain when I swallow hard or sneeze. Some days it is worse than others. Some days I have no pain at all. I'm not sure what triggers it but it seems to get worse after I've drank alcohol. But there are also times that I haven't had any alcohol and it still comes back. I have been to an ENT three times now for this and he cannot find any thing. He has treated me for acid reflux (his first diagnosis) with no success. He has put a little scope down my throat and saw nothing.
Avatar n tn Drainage dwn throat can irritate the eustachian tube openings. They run over to middle ear that controls 'the pop'. Nerve swelling in the area you mentioned can cause off/on symptoms. If it's ears & not unilateral, probably drainage in throat. Learn 'valsalva' (pinch off nose & lightly get air to open tubes to pop). Sleep w/ higher or 2 pillows to get drainage to by-pass the opening tubes. Never fly w/o using something like Afrin OTC before take-off. Acquired allergies can do this.
Avatar m tn The tube that they use to insert in the nose caused me to gag and dry heave so they had to removed it within minutes of pulling it in. The doctor did not think it was a good idea to use the other device that they attach during an endoscopy due to how sensitive I was. To answer the question about the fast, it was a juice fast recommended my Dr. Andrew Weil. Thank you all again.
Avatar f tn Sneeze sneeze sneeze sniffle sneeze. That's where I'm at now. Is it really only 10AM? I shoulda walked longer and harder, I guess, 'cause now I'm climbing the walls going crazy. The hubby is playing a video game - maybe I'll go join him to waste some time. I'm biding my time before I go swim... trying not to fixate on the time. Maybe I should paint the house, but I'm afraid soon I'll be fatigued and lethargic. Oh, the uncertainty.
125112 tn?1217277462 Having been present during the Newark riots during the 1960's with national guard troops manning M-60 machine guns and witnessing gangs of toughs terrorize the city, I would not state that a civilian maintaining a firearm for personal defense of his family constitutes an unreasonable excercise of his right as a citizen. Nevertheless, I am not going to either encourage or discourage civilian firearm ownership for any purpose.
Avatar m tn DO NOT TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE SIDE WHEN YOU HAVE SALINE SOLUTION IN YOUR NASAL PASSAGES. Gravity can cause the infection to get into your Eustachian tube and ears.. DO NOT RUB YOUR EYES IN THE SHOWER AFTER YOU HAVE BLOWN INFECTED MUCUS OUT OF YOUR NOSE. THIS CAN CAUSE THE INFECTION TO GET IN YOUR EYE. Use the top of your wrist to wipe the water out of your eyes. You are also going to be bending over forward in the shower.
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Avatar m tn So, my guess is that my drummer's ear is partly a plugged Eustacian tube from my winter's colds and possibly compounded by some psychosomatic issue that can be addressed by relaxation and meditation (rather than medication). Hey, when you reach 61 you can ramble on a bit, right?
Avatar f tn have never did any other procedures due to a clogged tube. Aside from that my medical history is normal. September I did have a polyp removed. I have been taking Lupron .10 in the am, Gonel F 300 then reduced to 225 along with 1 Menopur. My follicles suppressed quickly. I have 5 on right & 6 on left they range from like 15-21. I am 37 & sooooooo very hoping for a Christmas pregnacy.
282804 tn?1236837191 OK, here's the video I tried to post the other night that didn't work. I found it on You Tube. It starts out slow, but wait until about 1:30 in. Laughter is catching!
Avatar n tn I have balance issues at times, especially in malls and grocery stores from Eustachian Tube Dysfunction. I have a deviated septum that inhibits the airflow through my right nostril, the same side that I have all of the issues on. I've been to the ENT 3 times, but not since late last year. I was prescribed Allegra-D and a steroid nasal spray that did not help initially.
Avatar n tn Then I had another test very similar to he upper GI but having the barium put down through a tube in my nose. I have had numerous blood tests and urine and stool analysis' and the doctors cannot not figure out what is happening to me. I am scheduled for a pill cam next week to watch what happens as it goes through me. I am not an athletic person although I do walk 2-3 miles a day and am 52 years old.
429155 tn?1205676864 30 all the flu like symtoms have returned, feel hot, dizzy and headaches, dam, I thought that part was over, tried to have a nap an hour ago, bloody legs were bad, bit in the arms as well, didn't expect this, goes to show you've to keep your guard up at all times, very bad tempered at the moment. WEEK TWO. Friday 07:00 Legs were a bit crawly but slept until 06:00, sweats not to bad, although those bloody wierd dreams are very strange. My legs ache and arms are heavy.
Avatar n tn If you have a cold, or allergies that cause you to sneeze a lot, hold a pillow to your chest to minimize the effect. Just a few tips to pass along. By the way, our first IVF was successful in that we ended up with a BFP, but it turned out to be a blighted ovum, and I miscarried it naturally (without a D&C) a few days after my doctor took me off of the progesterone shots. We are getting ready to start our next round in June (prep. meds.) Wish us luck!
1696352 tn?1318535967 And the peace of GOD, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
Avatar n tn Aloe Vera juice, Magnesium Orotate, ice on my neck, ice on my face, cold water on my face, Cayenne pepper, pound my chest, bear down, sneeze, cough, hot tea, cold tea, cry, breathing exercises, tapping, laser on heart meridian which is on your pinky finger between tip & below nail of pinky, lay down, stand up, you name it, I've done it, tried it. Sometime they work, sometimes they don't. There's no rhyme or reason to A Fib.
324911 tn?1276284982 at 36 weeks there is almost zero risk to the baby being born then except maybe the use of a feeding tube for a few days , but its nothing to stress over!....He'll be cute & little......They are thinking my little boy might come early too so he might have a little friend hehe!......Make sure to keep in touch! Any names picked out yet for him?? Okay , quick update now LOL.......
Avatar n tn he has patients with these symptoms and told me he could fit me with a custom night guard that costs $650.00 so tonight Ill sleep with my teeth whitening plastic guard ( 5 bucks!) that is similar and see if it prevents the grinding. Research TMJ or nightly jaw clinching associated with back spasms. Since no doctors are associating this with back spasms it just may be whats causing them. Hey, its worth looking into, I cant find a solution. I just spend $1500.
Avatar f tn With me not having any symptoms, I am thinking negative thoughts because there are typical signs and I have had none after my sneeze! Has anyone had no symptons and gotten pregnant?