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Avatar n tn I recently had a double root canal done and also had an abcess on my gum. I was treated with antibiotics for the abcess which appears to have gone away, although I still feel a slight bump on my gum. I have also had a history of blocked sinuses on the right side of my face. Whenever I take an antibiotic, I notice when I sneeze there is no odor. Once I have been off the antibiotics, it gradually comes back. The odor is almost a sweet sort of smell that may linger or quickly go away.
Avatar m tn there's a difference between patm sneeze and a normal sneeze. heres the difference PATM SNEEZE - nose turns red or pink (this happens when your nose gets irritated) - random sneezes going on and on - runny nose afterwards Non-related Sneeze - nose not red or pink - will sneeze only once or twice - no random sneezes I created this post for the sanity of PATMers because when your paranoid you begin to think your causing every allergic reaction.
1798746 tn?1315744646 A couple of weeks ago, when I was in my bedroom, I already want to sneeze for 2 times but cannot made it. Because of my jaw alignment bone stiffened and when I want to sneeze it but cannot made it. I have been try so many ways to make myself sneeze like sniff pepper,talcum and also even suck bubble from the bathing soap. As a result, it doesn't work. Then every morning i hitting my face and my nose with the bolster. is it cause that I cannot sneeze that damage the sensing of the nose.
Avatar f tn I've been on Trams for 10 years for no reason what so ever other than to get high but not like a weed kind of high. A opiate I can see clearly now and do **** alot better kind of high especially with a really high stakes,highly stressful job it definitely helped.
Avatar n tn And then, perhaps for a solid 30 seconds, I had a really strange series of sharp pains all across my face. It stopped, and the pain in the ear faded. Anything to worry about?
Avatar n tn Hi, first 3 to 4 days , suffering with cold and cough , running nose, mucuous is yellow when i sneeze, and right side of face as swollen on 5th day , its painfull, I have taken amoxyciillin 500 mg,citrizen, ibuprofin, - totally 5 doses ,before swelling of face.
Avatar n tn I have often bouts of facial flushing. When this occurs my face is warm to the touch but my skin color does not change drastically. In addition my ears feel the same effect. I have tried to identify triggering mechanisms. The only ones which I have been able to identify are; Warm environments without airflow trigger these bouts. A warm day or exposure to the sun does not have the same effect. Alcohol sometimes is another trigger. Very stressful situations also trigger this condition.
603223 tn?1220011418 I usually sneeze for almost about 10 - 15 times and with that some watery liquid comes out of my nose. Its neither sticky. Its all transparent and watery. The sneezes cause me dizzyness and pain which goes on to become normal after some time. I have also observed these effects on days when i go without sleeping for long hours like 24 to 36 hours.
1530342 tn?1405020090 And though it may feel as if pressure builds in your entire face before you sneeze, it doesn’t increase in your eyes. “The nasal passage, where the air comes through, is separated from the eye by some bones and membranes,” says Naclerio. So why then do we clamp our eyes shut when we sneeze? “This is an involuntary reflex,” explains Moritz. “When our brain sends this muscle message, one part of the message is to close our eyes. It’s similar to a deep tendon reflex.
Avatar n tn I'm 40yrs, have hayfever,sneeze when perfume/house chemicals are used and when dust is disturbed and hoovering get a tight chest.I visit 2 ladies,once a week *A =smokes a few rollups a day and ventilates her house,twice a week*B = has cigarettes 10-20 aday no ventilation.*A is ok and only get discomfort when she smokes in my presence,1 rollup over 2 hours .
Avatar n tn I tried all the impossible things at pharmacy I could see and from doctor's prescription. Something I find helps my itch face is A and D ointment. It helps a little. It might be my face is red and feel burning and itch. At least I dont scrath so often and seems calm my face skin. Well if you like, you could try A and D ointment on your face. You know sometimes might be a simple ointment can help instead of all these chemical prescription cream from doctors.
Avatar m tn i have a 16 year old daughter that has been having pain and tingling in her left side face when she coughs and it cause her left eye to get blurry for short time. she says the area is tender to touch. it started in her neck when she would cough it would send sharp pain in neck the it progressed to up by her ear when cough would hurt there bad and now it id in her cheek right below her eye. and when she coughs or sneeze it hurts her really bad and makes eye blurred for short time.
Avatar f tn I don't know if I am posting this in the right place or not, but I am not sure where else to post it. A couple of days ago my face became very numb. All over. If I scratch, rub, sneeze, yawn, I can hardly feel it. It's just in my face though. Even my mouth is numb.
Avatar f tn It was more spasms, more pinched nerves, covering my entire back and not just the mid to lower anymore. If I sneeze, it feels like all of my nerve endings fire off. Since January, though, I now get severe stiff neck every single day. To the point where it causes a migraine and even tingling/pain/numbness in my face/cheeks. I have been tested for many different autoimmune diseases and inflammatory diseases and they cannot seem to find anything. I really just cannot take this anymore.
Avatar n tn And all this started after i used a hot compress that was a little too hot for my face, as after that my face turned really red when i got up from picking something up. That's the thing only thing i ever really regretted doing in my whole life. I read somewhere on a forum where this person mentioned feeling the pressure in head, and he started doing low-impact exercises, like cardio, and he is slowly getting better. Maybe that will help?
Avatar m tn (THIS IS NOT AN ACNE PROBLEM!) I have a really clean face and body, I just destroy every piece of it by doing this. Well here, let me tell you my story. I'm 17 years old, the typical high school teen.I have the compulsion of looking in the mirror and standing there for hours looking at every pore on my face then picking. Then it over turned to my whole body, its gotten way worst since I begun doing this since 1 1/2 years ago.
Avatar m tn I am a Judo competitor and yesterday during a tournament I kind of did a face plant. Since then I have had a tingling in my left nostril as if I need to sneeze. But have only actually sneezed a couple of times. My nose is slightly sore. But I don't really see any swelling. My eyes feel kind of drowsy and I've been coughing. Almost like I'm getting the flu or a cold. Could I have fractured my nose or something? Or is it just a coincidence?
Avatar f tn I used to get eye twitching after sneezing (or just from opening my eyes wide, squeezing them shut, or just passing my hand over my face). Whenever I sneeze, my tongue itches a few seconds later. Could be worse... you could lose your hearing from sneezing... it happened to me! :) Nancy T.
Avatar f tn 2 weeks later, new antibiotic,hoping for sinuses that hurt when I sneeze and I still have echo in ears when I talk....and if I sneeze my face and top of head hurt. My worry is aneurysms leaking or popping. I see ms doc ( thinking hearing and vision symptoms cn be ms) next week and neurosurgeon week after. Wonder if anyone has had sinus issue w/sneeze hurting front of face and top of head. I,am anxious.
Avatar f tn I just sneezed so hard my back cramped and the baby moved and I got a jolt in my lady bits which is where her face is hiding I scared the crap outta her...
Avatar n tn It happens when I move too quickly, change positions, whenever I sneeze or wash/rub my face. I also often feel a specific spot of tightness on the left side of my head always in the same spot above my ear closer to my face, as if someone were pushing their fingertip on it.
Avatar f tn Honey, I tripped and fell flat on my face at 6 weeks. Biggest face rash/scab ever. Called my doc and was advised by the advice nurse that I would have to be stabbed in the gut to have issues. I think you are fine.
1708784 tn?1356226014 so still no af , but have stopped myself from doing anymore hpt, all the negetives driving me mad, so going to see my gp on friday if the witch hasnt shown her face. dont know wether i feel tired today or im just have a very lazy day, not in the mood to do anything, getting cramps on and off all day, but especially when i sneeze( which im hoping is good because this happens alot more to me when i am pregnant, heres tp hoping anyhow.
Avatar m tn I sneeze when I wash my face in cold water or when my face sweat. Is it called alergy? what is the remedy?
9728796 tn?1407038282 Wel I had heard a lot of stories of prego women peeing them self's when they sneeze and I would think oh that's never gonna happen to me and I was laying in bed sneezed and bam I peed my self the shame!! Lol /.
Avatar f tn The reason we sneeze is the body's natural way of getting rid of an irritant. The irritant can be from a virus, bacteria, dust, fumes, perfumes, feathers, pollen, animal dander. Some people are more sensitive than others. Although you may not suffer from allergies, as we get older we still can become allergic to something. You may be just coming down with a cold virus.
Avatar m tn It felt like the muscles in the right side of my face were ripped from the bone. I immediately felt a sharp pain around my eye and nasal passage. Also, my face from my nose down went numb. What is going on and is this serious?
Avatar n tn About a month ago she started having allergy like symptoms. She wakes up with watery eyes causing her face to be wet. She has sneezing fits (always like 7 sneezes in a row). Coughs alot. She has atrial fibrillation continuously. No one has been able to get it controlled. She has a medtronic pacer, has had multiple ablations, cannot tolerate amiodarone or other drugs, norpace stopped working. She is short of breath and has no energy.
1708784 tn?1356226014 (dont have any preg symptoms, have had light cramping and shooting pain on left side when i sneeze, also waking in the middle of the night the past 2 nights and waking with night mares, doubt these are any tell tale signs, praying the cramping is implantation but ya never know im praying mother nature is on my side this month