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Avatar f tn ) but I am really hoping to get over the hard stuff in a few days and just try and be as normal as possible,I got the couch and sneeze bit does anyone have any advise. WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP with out any other medication...?
Avatar f tn thank you again ladies!
Avatar f tn Just to update you that I went to my GP & once again you was right, I tryed to gert some nasal spary and she wouldn't perscribe me any without the Nero's advice so I went back to the hospital and they did some more blood tests and a urine test after dehadrating me for 3 hours, but apparently their now saying I do not have DI everything is showing up normal (what ever it is their testin me for as I still keep forgetting to ask).
Avatar f tn I also had anesthetic injections (8 or 9) in the back of my head and down my neck, which was meant to numb temporarily, but did not work. Finally, I had a toradol injection, also as a temporary fix, that had no impact on the pain whatsoever. This week I am finally schedule for a lumbar puncture and, though obviously I would prefer everything to just disappear, I do hope to have some kind of answer. Thank you so much for responding!!!
Avatar f tn Thanks for you post! Did you go CT at home or were you in the hospital or anything? Congrats on your success! 8 months is fantastic :) the messages people post are really helping me to get ready for friday. Do you remember how long it took for you to start to feel better?
1087609 tn?1260947985 The itching migrated from my right leg, to my left and then to my arms, both at the same time, then finished off in my shoulders and back of my neck. When it went to my shoulders and I scratched it at some points I would get the shooting pain in my right shoulder. This is when I started to experiance numbness in my right side (arm, trunk and leg) When I sit in a chair I rarely experiance the numbness.
1530342 tn?1405020090 And though it may feel as if pressure builds in your entire face before you sneeze, it doesn’t increase in your eyes. “The nasal passage, where the air comes through, is separated from the eye by some bones and membranes,” says Naclerio. So why then do we clamp our eyes shut when we sneeze? “This is an involuntary reflex,” explains Moritz. “When our brain sends this muscle message, one part of the message is to close our eyes. It’s similar to a deep tendon reflex.
1121273 tn?1325371575 - You shake a bottle of salad dressing and think your boobs might explode because of the pain - You try to hide your gagging in public, and from the pressure of gagging, you pee your pants - Your entire face and everything surrounding it break out so bad that even your damn earlobes have pimples! And I'm not AT ALL complaining! =) I'm actually THRILLED!
785584 tn?1273252832 I can so identify with you and what you are experiencing! Just when you think you have a handle on dealing with current symptoms something new/different comes up. Some of the perfumes/men's cologne my co-workers wear causes me to have sneezing fits and the resulting pressure/pain is excruitating. My co-workers too have the "can't see it so it doesn't exsist" attitude.
Avatar f tn To me it started in February of this year. I went to work just like every other day and suddenly my coworkers started saying that it smelled like garlic around me. That went on for about two more days then suddenly I started smelling way worse like yeast and everyone around me would said "whats that smell" but it really didn't smell that strong to me. So next day I bought a stronger deodorant, wore tons of perfume and took an anti-fungal but I would only smell worse.
Avatar n tn I sometime have a discharge, {when I sneeze,cough or gargle in the shower }from my sinuses at the back of my throat, that is white/tan in color and it is small peices that have the consistency of Tofu!!!!! and it has the most horrible odor! I am wondering if this is caused from the mucus being too thick as a result of too many decongestants and not enough water ? Anyway, I seem to have the odor more often than not these days with no idea what to do about it.
Avatar n tn Do not use any oily cream or fragrance cream on you face. It would worse the symptom. I only use water to wash my face right now until my skin is better than I would use mild soup. I guess the dandruff causing bacteria to build up and causing itching and redness. Around my nose area and down to my chin are itching so much. With the cream now, it does not look that red or itch that much. I was crying when I had this crazy itch and keep washing my face. I could not focus at work.
162948 tn?1205256292 hi everyone i just got the iud put in about 3week ago and my period been on for 2 weeks now...do you know how long it will be on? if i go get it taken out will my period do right off?
3175462 tn?1344300657 buzzing * facial paralasis (only happened a few times) * very dry mouth lips and throat, loose voice quite a lot * dull ache in both legs (left worse) and lower back as far down as my bum (left side also worse) * cramp in calfs and arches of feet left side worse used to happen more frequntly then it does now * floaty feeling not the same as the diziness (shopping) * fatigue tired a lot i dont get till sleep till very late and when i do try i dont sleep to well, i still get pain when i am asleep
331213 tn?1217168431 As far as what mom will say about it...lol you can always tell her what you did, but then you risk even your mother thinking your odd, atleast it will be a good laugh, and laughing is always good for you.
Avatar m tn Hello PATMsucks, I work in a lab/office environment. I know how you feel. I went ahead and told my manager about my problem cause he had a suspicion that there was something wrong with my health. You see I work around scientists, Engineers and doctors so these people are very keen to their surroundings. I sat down and told him everything about a year ago and he understood. I look at it in a way to protect myself because they cannot run you off or fire you for health related issues.
Avatar m tn All of a sudden, I felt my breath getting stronger, i was always getting flu like symptoms, breakouts on my face, not pimples, just bumps that were the color of my skin, my face was very dry and flakey, my bottom lip was always getting really dry, muscle spasms on my arms and legs everyday, itchy ears all the time. After doing research, i felt like i might have a fungal problem like a candida overgrowth which cause bad odor like bad bacteria do, or some kind of parasite in me.
482441 tn?1235234058 I have been going through lots of different things as follows My body buzzes when I lower my chin My arms / legs ache My fingers and toes cramp My eyes see flashing lights My face tingles and feel like its drooped My skins sensitive My bums cheeks are painful and colder than a turkey in Tescos fridge (waiting for an online delivery) My back muscles are tight My shoulders hurt I'm fatigued I have got vertigo My rib cage go tight when I cough or sneeze my husband has seen and felt my shou
Avatar m tn Take steps to commit to using condoms consistently in the future, before any penetration has occurred and with plenty of lube to minimize the chance of breakage- do so and you will have nothing to worry about. Keep them handy so that next time you are in a situation when you may need them you are prepared. You are ultimately responsible for your own health and well being. 2. Get regular HIV and STD tests every 1-2 years, fully expecting negative results.
Avatar f tn My insurance ran out so I couldn't go to see my doctor and hoped for the best. I haven't felt anything shift in my body and will keep you all posted if anything changes.
777686 tn?1235808014 gizz has actually mentored a lot of us in here. You did do it, you have the WANT to. Stay here post often and read everything, especially gizz. You are not getting one friends, but literally thousands. I am only on day 4, but when you read some of what I wrote to other "This site has saved my life" People here care, have nothing to lose by helping you find your way, being a true friend...understanding. You can do it. We are all here for you. Keep reading!
796506 tn?1370191905 I continued to make dinner and while we were sitting eating dinner I told DH I had something to tell him but I made him promise that he would not make fun of me. He's like did you fall of your face at the base or something? I was like no it is worse than that... So I explained to him what happened... He was like you are joking, right? Nope. I laughed so hard I thought I might do it again! LOL! So I hate to ask but have any of you ladies had this problem?
Avatar f tn You know you pregnant when your husband have to give you medication in your butt for hemorrhoids and you don't care cause all you want is the pain to stop. Lol..
Avatar f tn I have the same problem mine is thick and sticky and I try to get up and can't some times it looks bubbley I have had it for a few months and don't know what to do I even went to a ears nose and throut doctor and he said there was nothing wrong there he put a very small tub down my nose.
Avatar m tn i just thought i'd post because i too have a problem picking. in my case, it has been my just my legs i used to pick ant even the slightest little scab that appeared on my legs. over time, my legs became covered and eventually i would rip off half the skin on my lower leg every time i picked off the scabs. this was when i was about 12. i am now 17 and only have scabs on my legs when i fall or skin myself. i dont pick at them so much, but the urge is always there.
1911870 tn?1345422609 When you fart just trying to stand up and you didn't even think you had to fart! As my dh says,"did ya need a little extra liftoff power to stand?
1035252 tn?1427231433 My last pregnancy I made the mistake of eating spaghetti during my morning sickness phase. Yeah... lets just say if you plan to eat spaghetti during this time make sure you chew it really well or you'll be pulling it up while you puke.
Avatar n tn all this head and face stiffness is to do with your neck and upper body i suffer from it as well the right side of my face is always in spasm tried everything in the book pills doctors etc....i think it is how you hold your own body up , that comes down to posture Sometines stretching helps but not too much and not too much lifting makes things tight as well .
2009129 tn?1335374457 When you no longer need a table because your belly is the best table you could lean your plate on.
Avatar f tn i really don't know what to do. my mouth and stomach is acidic and i think i have a lot of gas in my stomach. my doctors says i'm normal to my findings.