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Avatar m tn SOLVED! After 30 years of violent bouts of sneezing after I eat a meal I have finally solved it. I have asked Doctors over the years. I've been told it was Food Allergies, or that there's something "in the air", etc., etc., etc.! So darned frustrating. It's a body temperature change. After eating a hot meal my body temp goes up and I begin the sneezing. My father had the same problem but died without ever knowing what caused it. I think this is also genetic.
151668 tn?1239924705 I'm having to see each doctor in my OB office, and the dr I saw yesterday told me I could eat as much chocolate as I want during pregnancy. I simply asked her why chocolate was so bad, and exactly how much I could eat...and she quickly said "as much as you want". What's the story behind chocolate...or does anyone really know? I know it has caffeine, which isn't good for the baby in excess amounts...but is that the only downfall of eating it? Sorry for all the questions...
Avatar f tn It started at the age of about 12 / 13 and has always been the worst right after breakfast. At around 12 / 13 I’d notice I would sneeze after breakfast and have to blow my nose once or twice. As time went on, this developed into excess phlegm in the nose and throat which, for years, has resulted in coughing, a runny nose and sneezing to try and clear it (which I have to stifle until I can blow my nose and relieve some of the congestion).
Avatar n tn Hi Joanna, I suffered with chronic and acute pancreatitis pain for years. My pain usually started approx. 1/2-1 hour after eating and bloating was also a symptom. Try cutting down on fats - I mean really down to 30 mg. a day. I have written a story about my experiences if you care to read it you will have to type in the address: It's a start. Question your doctor to check your pancreas.
Avatar m tn I have tried many other things to make myself sneeze, such as plucking eyebrows, breathing in cold air, sniffing pepper or spices, looking at bright lights, chewing gum, eating chocolate, faking a sneeze, tilting my head back, but none of them work! I have done Google searches for this problem countless times. Some people have said it could be that the trigeminal nerve (which controls sneezing) might not be functioning properly, and some people have said it could be a brain tumour or lesion.
Avatar f tn four days ago i started having sharp, breath taking pain about four times a day on my rt side - several hrs after eating and during the night. It certainly brings me to my feet! I saw my DR yesterday for my follow up - he said the pain had nothing to do with his five incisions that are healing well, and since I'm functioning he said to go about doing whatever i want, and come back in two weeks.
Avatar n tn My mother had breast AND kidney cancer, and I recently lost my father to metastatic colorectal cancer. That being said, after having pain in the area of my left ovary, an ultasound found that I have "something" growing on my left ovary. A repeat ultrasound showed that it is growing, and I was giving the choice to leave it and "watch it" or have it removed. I did have a CA-125 blood test, which was "normal".
Avatar n tn just shook is head when I said I feel sick 12 to 24 hours after exercising. I'll try eating before I work out watching my water intake to see if that makes a difference. I already eat a good amount of yogurt. Please report back if you figure anything out.
Avatar n tn •A drop in blood pressure on standing (orthostatic hypotension), which can cause dizziness and fainting •Trouble with urination, including diminished sensation, overflow incontinence and inability to empty your bladder completely, which can lead to urinary tract infections •Male impotence •Vaginal dryness and difficulties with arousal and orgasm in women •Difficulty digesting food (gastroparesis), which can cause diarrhea, constipation, abdominal bloating, nausea, vomiting, heartburn, feeli
Avatar n tn I must get out of bed and start walking around or sit in a chair for the pain to start going away. After an hour or two, the pain basically disappears. The pain seems to be emanating from my spine, and tensing up the back muscles nearest the spine. I have been seeing a chiropractor/massage therapist for about 4 weeks now, and it has not helped, because the pain is only after I sleep! I am 23 years old.
298579 tn?1192250448 My IBS was cramping that I could describe as running through my intestinal area ~ front towards my stomach and most often resulted in diarreah. The onset of the IBS/diarreah has always been almost immediately after eating. The pain after orgasm was debilitating cramping & extreme pressure on my back & rectum area. Right up behind & above my tailbone. In response to some other posts above, I have never experienced a tailbone injury that would be a factor in my case to consider.
Avatar n tn How many days or week (s), am I pregnant if a get a BFP on my beta after a 5dt?
Avatar n tn i have a little boy so i know what you are talkin about i get the streching feeling in my abs and in my scar I hope every thing works out for you
162948 tn?1205256292 now am scared because I see that a lot of women have not been able to conceive after the mirena IUD removal... pls help!!! I have had it for 18 months and after all the crazy stories, I am thinking of having it removed :(.
Avatar f tn With me not having any symptoms, I am thinking negative thoughts because there are typical signs and I have had none after my sneeze! Has anyone had no symptons and gotten pregnant?
5609044 tn?1383518543 When it's midnight and your cravings are so strong you get up and go to the store, restaurant or kitchen to get it. I'm dying for that devils food cake chocolate on chocolate. Oh my gosh my mouth is watering lol.
Avatar m tn This part will take some time too, as our Brain/Body Chemistry has to adjust back from the removal of these Stims. Just make sure you are Eating very Healthy to get those Vit/Min and Electrolytes going again. Take a good vit/min supplement and give this time to kick in. Some type of Exercise will help fire those Brain Chems up too! I thought I would NEVER get better! After so many months to yrs, my Brain wanted to go but my Body did not want to follow.
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Avatar f tn You need to get your stamina back up! Low energy is very typical after Methadone so you're normal. Be sure you're eating well, too!
Avatar m tn I hardly ever had allergies in the past but since being on tx and now after I find I am sneezing at the the oddest of things. Like chocolate, which is grossly unfair, as it made me nauseous during treatment and now after treatment it is making me sneeze. I love chocolate and couldn't wait to finish tx so that I could start eating it again, so unfair...
Avatar m tn Until 5 years ago I would eat anything a normal person would eat. Chocolate, ice cream, cake, and any other goodies or food I wanted to and I would get sick like I had either a cold or bad hay fever my nose would run like a fountain and the first couple of days it hit me I was exhausted with not energy so I would just lie in bed.
Avatar f tn Just make sure to back away from the pole Narla!!!!!!!! AND.......leave the whip cream alone too!
Avatar m tn I had never thought of it b4 either...came across it by chance and wondered if for some that get a HA after eating say chocolate consider they r allergic but it may be that it just caused inflammation in an already tight area making the HA more is very interesting to me how and y's of things and the way so much inter connects.....
2195822 tn?1341060511 -seeing my little girl/boy -sleeping on stomach -not having to throw up after eating -taking a LONG HOT bath -nomore doc visits -eating as much cheese fries as i possibly can :)
Avatar n tn In the past though sparingly in the past year, I would have small sneeze attacks after stepping out of the shower in the morning and it would go away after getting dressed, these "shower attacks" don't happen as often anymore. Another variable is that we moved into a brand new house and my attacks haven't been as numbered, yesterday's was probably only the 2nd or 3rd in just over a year.
Avatar m tn I still have the lightheaded feeling, and I notice more and more than it's not necessarily after I eat, I sometimes feel it after I get up in the morning or long after I have eaten. I'm still sneezing more frequently, and have been getting a headache pretty often. When I get the lightheaded feeling, it's normally paired with a vision problem....feels like my eyes get really heavy, sometimes a little blur. I noticed my nose can get pretty itchy too.
405614 tn?1329147714 Fluffy has started having awful sneezing fits. At first it was mostly after he had been eating or drinking, and would only be a few smallish sneezes. Last night he sneezed several times after dinner stronger sneezes. Several times during the night and wee hours of this morning his sneezing woke me up. Once he was meowing, I woke up, and he started sneezing.
Avatar f tn I like garbanzo beans, but not in cookie form, haha...I just want to make sure I'm eating a diet I'll be able to stick with for at least 6 weeks so I can really get a sense of whether or not going gluten free makes me feel better. Also, since I talked my husband into this too, and he's a notoriously picky eater! Any help anyone can give me would be awesome. Thanks!!
Avatar n tn , the less i eat of them, the less my heart seems to go bananas. it still beats fast sometimes, but especially after eating those kinds of foods. but ive lost a lot of weight from doing this. at first it was an added bonus, but now im losing too much i think (25 pounds in 4 months). Pan. have u lost weight too?