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Avatar n tn I know sneezing is a reflex, and supposedly, from what I have read, once it starts, my brain should just automatically finish the sneeze. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I know sneezing is a reflex, and supposedly, from what I have read, once it starts, my brain should just automatically finish the sneeze. Thank you for your time.
Avatar n tn I do have OCD which several Dr.s have suggested could be the cause. They say that I am interrupting the sneeze reflex therefore stopping the sneeze from completing itself. I never even thought about sneezing my entire life until the first time this happened. I would like any information anyone has. I am worried that there could be a medical problem causing this although none of the very limited research I have found indicates that. I would like to know if anyone else suffers from this problem.
Avatar f tn And immediately, I became scared for no reason and something in my brain changed that resulted me in the inability to sneeze. Now I can’t sneeze at all and when I feel the urge to sneeze, I will think that “I’m gonna sneeze, I’m gonna sneeze” and then I couldn’t because I kept thinking about it. Now I have headache, ear and eye pain which I think might be due to lack of sneeze. I’m always constantly thinking of not being able to sneeze and I find it hard not to not think about it.
Avatar f tn My inability to sneeze comes and goes, and when I can't sneeze, my body feels quite weak and I have bad brain fog, head pressure, etc. I'm trying the vitamin B complex as suggested above by Anis. Hoping it helps, but wondering if anyone has any other solutions to this annoying problem?
Avatar n tn He said this could be due to leakage of some droplets from the brain. He asked, if I ever felt the dripping sensation from brain to throat or nose. My answer was big 'NO'. I never had any such sensation. I am just irritated by the persistent sneezing sensation and do not have any other problem to be associated with this. The neurologist said that there may be minute leakage and thus I do not feel dripping sensation. To my horror, he said this can lead to Meningitis any time.
1530342 tn?1405020090 “This is an involuntary reflex,” explains Moritz. “When our brain sends this muscle message, one part of the message is to close our eyes. It’s similar to a deep tendon reflex.” A deep tendon reflex is what happens when a physician taps on your knee with that tiny hammer and your knee jerks. It’s simply an uncontrolled body response. Sneezing with your eyes open feels impossible without using your fingers to pry them open.
Avatar n tn The issue started when a sneeze came but it just did not follow through and after that I am just unable to sneeze. Its as if my brain wont allow a sneeze! I feel fine physically. I have no pains etc. Also, it seems a few people had this issue....can anyone help me out if they have gone through the same? As far as I can see, it seems like a mental issue now. Any advice would be great.
Avatar m tn But surely if I had a brain tumour, I would have more serious problems and I wouldn't be able to force myself to sneeze with a tissue (as mentioned earlier)? Most people have said it's purely psychological and the sneeze reflex will eventually return. I hope so! Last year, I visited an ENT specialist, who looked up my nostrils, but didn't see anything wrong, apart from mild redness. She prescribed me some nose drops and nortriptyline tablets to ease the head pressure.
Avatar f tn In fact, several sources compared yawning to a long, slow breath.The most consistent facts about yawning are that it is a reflex originating in the brain stem, and that some chemicals stimulate yawning (the most cited were dopamine, ACTH and oxytocin,) while other chemicals inhibit yawning, most notably opiate peptoids.Therefore, we know what is happening physiologically when we yawn, but the reasons why we yawn instead of just taking a deep breath are unknown.
1375148 tn?1323170521 I'd I sneeze or cough everything slows down and gets fuzzy and the pain starts to increase. I than feel this awful burning and pressure behind my eyes. Which I have on a daily bases but it intensifies and triples in the amount.
645800 tn?1466864555 Doctors suspect it is caused by crossing of pathways between the nerves for controlling the pupil and the sneeze reflex in the brain. It only happens during the first exposure to the bright light, 3) Physical stimulation of the trigeminal nerve can trigger a sneeze. (this might explain why most nights when I go to bed no sooner than my head ( left side) hits my pillow I will start to sneeze.) Dennis PS You can read more about this at medscape . com..
Avatar n tn Sounds to me like an obvious nerve problem but what/when/how? Could have been born w/ a nerve problem to inner ear & got worse as you aged. Coughing pulls on throat & eustachin tubes are there. They go over to middle ear to equalize pressure. The outer window is tympanic to release air. The other window is at inner ear & can only annoy it by ringing/tinnitis/cause pressure by inflammation. After many yrs, this becomes less patent or stiff.
425312 tn?1279969779 Sneeze away skippy. I don't think you are getting rid of meth that way.... sneezing is a result of irritation to the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract...I think it is getting rid of all the dust that has accumulated in our brain while we were using....
Avatar f tn Results were severely swollen sinus cavity under my right eye and over my right eye-next step Cat Scan-results, clear no infection. Refer to neurology for consult and brain scan!! So now that you have my history the confusion and fear for me is, why a brain scan? Do they think I have a tumor? What is this going to show and or prove to a Neurologist? I am desperate for answers. Please help. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/898096'>Chronic Sinus Pain</a>.
Avatar n tn For the last two years I've had lots of strange incidents, sometimes lasting just a few days, sometimes ten days or more, where I would get lots of weird electrical sensations - big electric shock-like feelings down both my arms when I sneeze, numb arms, or the feeling like there was a half-dozen nine volt batteries in my calves and left shoulder - muscles like tingling and shivering.
Avatar n tn It did not feel heart related (even though I have been experiencing irregular heartbeats especially when laying down.) I went to my gp and he tested my 'gag' reflex and it was okay on the right side but gone on the left. He said it was ninth cranial nerve palsy and said he had heard of it but never seen it. He sent me the following day for an MRI of the brain and neck. Results came back normal. Saw neuro today and he said MRI was normal and that he didn't know what was going on.
Avatar f tn It's 10X better than it was, but it is there. The cough reflex is located in the brain stem, near all our primary functions (breathing, etc) This REALLY makes me face what I was doing to I was literally putting my own brain to sleep. Frightening. 2. Sneezing. OMG! When does this STOP? I sneeze at least 20 to 25 times a day. Anyone have it last this long? 3. Got my blood work back...
Avatar f tn ask for a ref to see a gastroenterology he went to the bottom of my stomach in the only finding he come up with was acid reflex never had any problem with that, but im taking the purple pill…People are no longer sneezing they just have to clear their throat .
Avatar m tn Occurence of this doesn't seem very predictable as I can quite comfortably watch TV in the dark, use candles or sit in the sun with no sign of any problem most of the time (except the occasional photic sneeze reflex). Most often the symptoms stop before complete blindness and vomiting occur but I have suffered complete blindness twice and vomiting twice. My tactile sense also seems to be diminished somewhat as well during these episodes.
Avatar n tn Hi, The function of the sneeze reflex is to dislodge foreign matter or irritating material from respiratory passages.The source of irritation that initiates the sneeze reflex is in the nasal passages. Weather change by itself will not cause sneezing.What is probably happening is the load of pollen-common allergen-might be very high at that particular time.The pollen level can be quite different in various areas of a particular city or area.
Avatar n tn Sometimes when I stretch, yawn, sneeze, cough, or even laugh I get an extremely sharp pain shoot through my head. It is mostly when I stretch. And it seems to vary in different places on my head. But it is usually on the back of my head. Sometimes the top of my head is sensitive to touch. I have recently noticed that if I apply pressure to the muscle on the back of my neck, depending on the side the sharp pain is on, that it will some what help me relieve the pain.
Avatar f tn The photic sneeze reflex (also known as photoptarmosis, Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst Syndrome (ACHOO)[1] and colloquially sun sneezing) is a condition that causes variably difficult to control sneezing in response to numerous stimuli, such as looking at bright lights or periocular (surrounding the eyeball) injection. The condition affects 18-35% of the population, but its exact mechanism of action is not well understood.
Avatar n tn Re: nonstop sneezing [ Follow Ups ] [ Post Followup ] [ The Neurology Forum ] [ FAQ ] Posted by ccf neuro M.D.* on September 13, 1997 at 15:32:20: In Reply to: nonstop sneezing posted by Ruth on September 06, 1997 at 11:24:38: I have a 10 year old who is having sneezing attacks.
Avatar m tn Congrats to you on day 6! WOOHOO! You will find that random symptoms may pop up from time to time. Just know that the worst is over and you are on the downward spiral. Because the opiates impact our respiratory system, I found that I had all sorts of extra phlegm (along with that sneezing and runny nose) which caused me to throw up randomly. Actually, when I have a bit of a cold, I still do that.:) My gag reflex has never gone back to "normal".
147426 tn?1317269232 This sounds like some sort of primitive reflex being triggered.... Geez Quix! The things that your body thinks up! You too Mae! How are those boobitas of yours? Are they still flat or back to their normal shape.
Avatar n tn What is Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome? Reflex sympathetic dystrophy syndrome (RSDS) is a chronic condition characterized by severe burning pain, pathological changes in bone and skin, excessive sweating, tissue swelling, and extreme sensitivity to touch. The syndrome is a nerve disorder that occurs at the site of an injury (most often to the arms or legs). It occurs especially after injuries from high-velocity impacts such as those from bullets or shrapnel.
Avatar f tn in the beginning of my w/d i actually was afraid i caused myself brain damage....i told my husband, omg, i cant stay like this....but eventually i starts to subside. But i had been high for so long i really forgot what normal felt like?
7948950 tn?1421656329 I think I'm still getting used to it personally. I can feel my spine stabbing my brain and nerve stem with each turn of my head, or when I sneeze etc. how weird is that? But most of the time I'm so used to it, and I've learned to control a lot of the dizziness, shaking, and pain by meditative breathing and other things that people generally have no idea what I go through. Okay, I'm just going to have to do it and let them know. Thank you everyone for all your support!
544292 tn?1268886268 Day 33 Tramadol Cold Turkey Withdrawal; Immune System Breakdown ... I guess when the cat is away, the mice they will play. Last night I was alone in the house and steadily starting to believe I had a cold in the nose starting. Got rapidly worse. Searched for the Z-Pac, found the Z-Pac. Took the first dose. Woke up this morning thinking OMG I am so tired. But I didn't feel the "I feel like crawling in a hole and dying" thing. Progress!!