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Avatar n tn area with lots of closely packed structures which cause neurological deficits when damaged. Strokes in the lateral medulla can abolish the sneeze reflex but in association with other signs of stroke such as clumsiness, weakness or sensoru loss, or inability to swallow a reflex has both afferent (incoming to the nervous system)) and efferent (outgoing) components. An interuption can occur at any point, not necessarily in the brain, and block the final response.
Avatar m tn Is anyone aware of a neuro/muscular disease with one of the signs being the loss/lack of the sneeze reflex?
Avatar n tn In 1997, I had a period of a month or more where I could not sneeze; I would have the urge to sneeze, build up to the sneeze, but it would not come out. Then, I went back to "normal" sneezing. Then several years later, I had the same thing again, for over a month, but again, went back to "normal" sneezing. Now, over two years since the last episode, I have been experiencing the same thing again, for around 6 weeks.
Avatar n tn Also some allergens only cause a mild irritation and their aerosols are not big enough for a sneeze reflex to be completed. The reflex gets initiated because the nasal receptors are tickled and send out the sensation however since the irritant is not big enough to sustain the reflex, the reflex is not completed. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
1375148 tn?1323166921 I'd I sneeze or cough everything slows down and gets fuzzy and the pain starts to increase. I than feel this awful burning and pressure behind my eyes. Which I have on a daily bases but it intensifies and triples in the amount.
Avatar f tn have a cold so hope it doesn't affect ovulation
Avatar m tn I have tried many other things to make myself sneeze, such as plucking eyebrows, breathing in cold air, sniffing pepper or spices, looking at bright lights, chewing gum, eating chocolate, faking a sneeze, tilting my head back, but none of them work! I have done Google searches for this problem countless times. Some people have said it could be that the trigeminal nerve (which controls sneezing) might not be functioning properly, and some people have said it could be a brain tumour or lesion.
Avatar n tn The allergist thinks that the type sneeze he heard was a tic, but he did find she had fluid behind her eardrum. The only common thread I can find (after keeping track any possible allergen, stresses, etc.) is that each time she is found to have an ear infection. Could the infection and pressure be causing a nerve to continually fire a false "sneeze message" to her brain? Have you ever heard of anything like this before?
Avatar f tn Common Cold since Friday
Avatar n tn But the problem is that since many days, I get a sneezing sensation but the automatic sneeze reflex just does not come. The issue started when a sneeze came but it just did not follow through and after that I am just unable to sneeze. Its as if my brain wont allow a sneeze! I feel fine physically. I have no pains etc. Also, it seems a few people had this issue....can anyone help me out if they have gone through the same? As far as I can see, it seems like a mental issue now.
383536 tn?1225030613 It is especially bad in the morning, and when I cough or sneeze. DH laughs at me every time I cough or sneeze because I gag so much (it's nervous laughter, because he does NOT do vomit very well). I am 30w4d and thought I would not have to deal with this anymore after my 2nd trimester, but I didn't get that lucky. Good luck to you! I hope it goes away!!
Avatar f tn 14) ive read that it psychological so bc i think of it i dont sneeze bc of some reflex. I've tried pepper. Looking at the sun. steam. snorting water. plucking my eyebrows near eyelids. Please I'm going crazy. I need to sneeze. I just want to sneeze.
Avatar f tn Is it normal when I cough sometimes I leak? Im 19w+5d with a chest cold and am coughing alot is it normal.
1375148 tn?1323166921 Sorry...I know how nasty a head cold is for those with out chiari....and I know how bad it is with it.... be sure to get those nasal passages cleared...a netti pot or saline nasal spray...even shower soothers help clear things up.
Avatar m tn Hi, The common causes for severe sneezing include allergies( to dust, pollen, pets, food etc), vasomotor rhinitis, upper respiratory infection, common cold or flu etc. You need to make note of what is causing a bout of sneezing in your case and try avoid it. Sudden severe sneezing is most commonly due to allergies, also as your symptoms are relieved by Claritin allergic etiology could be present. If severe allergy is present for multiple factors then immunotherapy should b e considered.
Avatar f tn What causes a person to sneeze all the time?
1160520 tn?1402981076 ... cold, stiff, no energy. Also see: BP, Pain, Dysautonomia, Gastro, Multiple Scleroses Trackers for symptoms.
20620809 tn?1504362969 What are the common things people notice with patm? I would like to know from others to compare.
Avatar m tn I will sneeze every time, and if I need to egg the sneeze on, I will look right at the light until I sneeze. If I feel a sneeze coming on, I will either look at the sun or a bright light in a room. I rarely sneeze in a low light situation. My doctor thinks I am nuts, as does my opthamologist. However, my Mom did this (but not my Dad) and both of my daughters do it too. My Mom says that her Mom did it as well. It's very strong reflex and completely uncontrollable.
Avatar f tn I'm 31 weeks tomorrow & every time I sneeze or cough or hiccup I pee a little is that normal?
Avatar f tn The cough lasted months but it DID GO AWAY. When you take opiates for a long time, it suppresses your cough reflex. When you stop, that reflex "wakes up" and dam.n. it takes its own sweet time going away. I really sympathize with what you're going through. Have faith it WILL get better.
Avatar n tn Got a cold so didn't sleep well. Stuffy nose and have to sneeze every few minutes. Feel tired today.
Avatar n tn Every morning i wake up i sneeze a lot then i have to blow my nose. My nose is runny but when i blow my nose nothing comes out, then i will have to take tissue to try to clear my nasal. what is wrong with me i have this cold for a while now why is it not going?
Avatar f tn My husband had a couple occasions occur where he sneezed and lost control of his legs. He basically sneezed and then he collapsed to the floor. He was still conscious but he says that his legs went numb and that's why he fell back onto his butt..hard!!!! Today I heard him sneeze and when I came around the corner he was bent over and was walking like he was 105 years old with a cane. Not trying to be funny but he was struggling to walk for a couple of seconds after the sneeze.