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Avatar n tn DS is 8 months old, 19 lbs., and is teething and has mrsa right now. MRSA is a virua that is going around in our area that causes boils to form under the skin. They have to be lanced and drained. The emergency room doctor was going to let him go without antibiotics until ds' temperature went up. It starts out like a rash, or pimples and quickly turns into boils. So far, ds only has one on his little hip. He's been battling with fever and vomiting.
Avatar f tn Blood culture Culture of the drainage (fluid) from the infection Skin culture from the infected site Sputum culture Urine culture Treatment Draining the skin sore is often the only treatment needed for a local skin MRSA infection. This can be done at the doctor's office. More serious MRSA infections, especially HA-MRSA infections, are becoming increasingly difficult to treat.
Avatar f tn My friends daughter (43 years old and formerly extremely healthy) died suddenly and unexpectedly from what was later diagnosed as MRSA pnuemonia. She had no sores or rash, and did not know she had the disease. Her husband was later diagnosed with MRSA..and has been told by doctors he is a MRSA carrier. I have a family member who was just diagnosed with pnuemonia...who was extremely exposed to a person who formerly had MRSA, and who was bleeding onto her..her face, nose, eyes and uppper body.
974371 tn?1424656729 My skin is really thinning the past year ( I am only 62) so she did a number! I immediately cleaned it and had been keeping Neosporin on it. About 2 1/2 weeks later, I saw a small pustule above it and nor on my side just above my bra line. Broke both of those, cleaned the areas and applied Neosporin. Oh the initial scrated was oozing a bit. Next day the one on my arm was filled up again so called my PCP. He did a culture, prescribed generic Bactrim and generic Bactroban.
Avatar n tn I have had MRSA several times. The last one was in my mastoid bone in both ears that was cleared up this past January. Well I have come down with a boil on the left side of my face next to the eye that was lanced and cultured today. It hurts like hell and it has a bandage that covers it. Now it is starting to itch. I also have a boil on my eyelid that is continuing to grow. It was nothing last night and now it has become big enough to where the eye looks swollen.
Avatar n tn He went to the ER and was admitted and told he has MRSA. He has no insurance, and they ran an iv with antibiotics for three days and sent him home. In the last year he's been admitted to the hospital three times. He is exhausted, he looks like he is dying. He is pale and on a good day his fever will only get to 102. He now has one on his head and it hurts to even put his head down on a pillow. He also has one beginning around his groind area and he's completely scared.
1743719 tn?1326776482 Although a lot of people get rashes, sometimes they can become very serious so don't take it lightly- another person in my trial got MRSA from a rash on her scalp. Good luck- hopefully yours will be of the mild sort.
Avatar f tn Hello, in 2005 my mother was diagnosed with MRSA due to drainage from a back surgery and one day she woke up not feeling good and when we got her to hospital MRSA had invaded her entire body and my mom almost died. However the MRSA caused her to loose her ability to walk, control her bowel and bladder and it destroyed the nerves and after having MRSA, she constantly got infections of other kinds.
Avatar n tn I am 50 years old, diagnosed with parkinsons 5 yrs ago, take sinemet, comtan, mirapex, lodosyn, sinemet er, nortriptlyline, sleeping pill, multi vit, calcium, over the past few months, I have developed these random skin rash and infections. they start out as litttle red dots with white centers and then grow into about quarter size painful areas. Right now I am on clindamycin and docyclicline because the doctor wasn't sure if it was MRSA or another random rash.
Avatar f tn These symptoms may include weakness, joint pain or swelling (arthralgia or arthritis), a raised, purple skin rash (palpable purpura) usually in the lower portion of the legs, swelling of the legs and feet due to loss of protein in the urine from the kidney involvement, and nerve pain (neuropathy). In addition, these patients may develop Raynaud's phenomenon, in which the fingers and toes turn color (white, then purple, then red) and become painful in cold temperatures.
Avatar f tn It sounds like the infection is better but the itch/underlying allergic cause persists and perpetuates the skin inflammation. If the rash/infection persists then development of resistance to chloramphenicol is possible. A skin biopsy would be supportive of an allergic diagnosis, and if the skin lesions appear unusual then biopsy would rule out unusual diseases such as urticaria pigmentosa.
Avatar n tn Took a round of amoxicillin and on the last day went to the er with a staph infection (MRSA). Had rocephin iv and round of sulfa drug. Less than a month later pain in tooth returned and severe sinus pain so took a zpak. Also had mupiricin ointment for nose for a week. Nothing was ridding my body of illness. I took a liver cleanse and started 2000 mg vit C for 2 wks. Then 1200 mg alpha lipoic acid. Desprate to feel better.
Avatar n tn Yesterday, I went to my general practitioner to have him look at a rash on my legs. The doctor diagnosed me with MRSA and thinks that a Bactrin course will clear it up. After poking around on the internet I learned that MRSA is reaching almost epidemic proportions, but that it also tends to effect HIV positive individuals more than it does those who are negative.
Avatar m tn Just at the base of my penis, right around where the hair is growing (and in it to an extent) i've got this really painful sort of rash-type symptom, it appears as a rash, but then the skin seems to go dry if it's knocked or stretched etc. and then peels, it starts off dry-ish but does go very soft and the "rash" weeps slightly.
Avatar m tn The itching and swellingis back again. But now I am confused. Could Septra cause this skin rash after six days? Could I be sensitive to Monistat? Keep in mind, I didn't apply Monistat to my stomach -- but that's where the rash is. I've had no other symptoms (yet) as to an allergic reaction to the Septra, but am worried that if I continue to take it, I will. Can you please help?
Avatar n tn For the past 3 weeks I have had a skin rash on my right arm. It appears to be red and blotchy and there are little red bumps all around it. It started out looking just like a pimple, and I bothered it alittle and then it spread all over my arm. At first my mom thought it was ringworm, but it spread much worse after that. I went to the doctors and they didn't know exactly what it was so they gave me some fungal cream and steriods to take away the itch. Didn't work.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms it can be MRSA. Whether MRSA is causing these bumps in your case or not depends on the blood culture sensitivity report and culture of the discharge from these bumps. Blood culture sensitivity is often done to find out the causative pathogen and its sensitivity to various antibiotics. If it is MRSA, then antibiotics other than amoxycillins can be prescribed depending upon the blood culture report.
Avatar f tn There were no abscesses noticed but small pockets of fluid. The fluid can visibly be seen on my face as a light white area of skin. I was told to keep taking the antibiotic because it is one of the only one that treats staph aureus and strep. The ER doctor also used a gloved finger to push some of the pocketed fluid to the surface. The drainage is now brown and the pus is seen but so deep.
Avatar f tn You could also use an over the counter antibacterial cream like mupirocin till you see your skin specialist. It would be best to consult a skin specialist if the rash does not resolve in a few days. You should get the relevant investigations as advised by your doctor including blood work. Let us know about what your skin specialist advises and if you have any other doubts. Post us about how you are doing. Regards.
7647165 tn?1393740499 hi there im fiza i joined you about couple of weeks ago. i have a skin infection under my armpit and i went to the white cross doctors and its getting better. do you know a faster way to improve it. i have a feeling its not mrsa. but i think its to do with norovirus maybe? Fiza* thanks.
Avatar m tn Dear Dr. could you please tell me if a biopsy could only say "dermatitis' but really be imetago or worse? I have had this horrible HORRIBLE skin rash on my face for over 3 years and had 3 biopsies, two said "dermatitis", one said "connective tissue disease" but my bloodwork was neg for lupus. Only one culture was done (not recent) and it did not show bacteria.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately the only way to get a diagnoses is to go see your doctor and because your little one is only 18m old you need to get him seen ASAP. If he has open sores/blisters he is risking skin infections like Staph or MRSA. I am not a doctor, just another mother who has alot of personal experience with skin issues with myself and my 4 year old son and 2 other generations in my family.
577106 tn?1219842945 I had a culture of an absess on the calf of my leg which recently cultured positive for MRSA. I am allergic to sulpha so I was perscribed tetracycline because the bacteria showed sensitive to it in the sensitivity test. I am having a lot of problems that I think may be from the tetracycline but no absolutely sure (nausea, rash, extensive swelling in my feet).
Avatar n tn Hi, Hives are an itchy skin rash triggered by an irritant. They can show up anywhere on your child's body, from the skin to the inside of his mouth, and vary in size from 1/16 inch in diameter to many inches across. Hives, also known as urticaria or wheals, can pop up in one area, fade, and appear in a totally different place within a matter of hours. An episode of hives can be over in a few hours, but most take about 48 hours to completely disappear.
Avatar f tn After reading other posts online I believe the bump may be Molluscum Contagiosum, CA-MRSA or HA-MRSA, but in everything I have read so far, I have not seen any cases were a rash formed in the following days. Any help as to what this could be would be greaty appreciated.
Avatar n tn On the bottom Lip 75% of it (Mainly on the left and right and a tiny area of the middle of the lip was ok) was covered with a lighter colored red rash (the skin looked very raw and did not have the same texture as the normal skin of the outer lip) that went into the softer area of my lip inside my mouth. Same thing on the upper lip. Where the rash stoped there was a rough line outlining where my normal skin began again (that line was a brighter red color)..
Avatar m tn My husband has bad reactions from Purex detergent and he has the same issue that happens just like that. A secondary infection like MRSA can happen if the rash isn't properly taken care of as soon as it appears. Try to think if there has been any changes in anything that can touch down there, including your cup if you play sports.