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Avatar f tn I hurt all the time. My fingers, wrists, elbows, lower back, knees, ankles. Random pain all over not in my joints. Occasionally I'll get a rash below my knees and from my elbows to my hands. It's not a raised rash, but it looks kind of like rust. Like you can see a bunch of tiny blood vessels below the skin. It does not itch and isn't painful. Sed rate westergren was 23 and my c reactive protein quant was 14. Any advice is appreciated.
Avatar n tn my 9 year old has a skin rash on his inner thighs and insides of knees and elbows; what is most likely the problem and how do I treat it?
Avatar f tn The first xyzal, this worked fantastic in reducing the redness in my face/neck, but then I began getting a rash on my elbows and knees. This seemed like an allergic reaction so I stopped. Went back to benadryl, the rashes on my elbows and knees went away but my face got inflamed. So 2 days later I tried 180mg Allegra, and the same thing happened! My face/neck calmed down but the rashes on my elbows knees came. Do xyzal and allegra have a similar ingredient, or what could this be?
Avatar f tn I have hot feeling itchy rash type bumps on my elbows and knees and when I take that 1% hydocortisone cream it goes away, but when I stop it comes back in same place. It most inflames at night and and in the morning or when my skin gets greasy.
Avatar m tn I am a 37 year old male, and for the last 5 years or so, I have had a skin condition. For a short time in the Spring and Fall, I get a rash on the inside of my elbows and behind my knees. If I can manage to not scratch it, it basically goes away in that area. But scratching it makes it worse. After a couple weeks, it goes away. By searching the web, I have found a couple conditions that it could be, but I was hoping someone with some expertise could narrow it down.
1654177 tn?1319838494 They also had me use hydrocortisone cream and have me moisturizing with Aveeno twice a day (morning and night). I get the rash on my legs, knees and elbows. Doing what they recommended has kept it under control. The Aveeno also helps with the injection "burns" that I get with the Interferon. Definitely ask your doctor for help as we all need as little stress as possible during tx and really don't need to feel itchy and sore.
Avatar f tn Hello, so i was examindes with molluscum contagiosum about a month ago and it is clearing up nicely it was in my groin area but have now developed two new skin conditions one has apeard on my hand, elbows and knees the other on my penis.On my penis i have flaky dry skin with a tiny rash that doesn't hurt or itch the other one was really itchy blistery like bumps that have now almost cleard up with the help of a creme named Fucicort that was prescribed to me.
Avatar f tn I have had itchy bumps on my outer elbows for several years. They come and go, usually lasting up to a week before disappearing for a while. I don't really know what is causing them. This time I also got some on my knees. But I don't have rash anywhere else. The bumps are small and there are quite a lot of them. My skin is not red or scaly. The bumps are the same colour as my skin normally is. Clear liquid comes out from the bumps when they break.
Avatar m tn Hello I am freaking out at i am experiencing multiple skin problems, i always had a delicate skin and forbidden to go under the sun without protection etc so i decided to get a spray tan by a professional which turned terribly wrong and ended in a violent skin rash, purple and swollen and shiny on my inner elbows, chest, face, stomach and inner knees. After so many treatments, so much money spent and a horrible pain it eventually went away (after 6 weeks).
Avatar m tn A little over a week ago I got a few small bumps on my right hand. Not very uncomfortable or anything so I didn't think to much about it, but since then they have spread all over both hands, on my knees, elbows, and are starting to show up on my feet and they itch terribly now. I've been trying to use Cortizone cream and it's not helping. I call all the local dermatologists in the area and none can even see me until at least Feb.
Avatar n tn Have a skin rash that has appeared out of nowhere on the back of my arms elbows an on my upper back area an on both back legs that really itch I have gone to the dr they have done Allergy test HIV testing all these test that came back negative but can't tell why the rash ha appeared please help any reason why
Avatar f tn My son is also 8 and he has the exact same type of rash as it sounds like your son had/has, only his is on both elbows and around his knees. It was flesh colored, very rough like sandpaper, and there are a ton of tiny bumps tightly clustered together in patches for the most part. I put a steroid type topical on them last night, and now tonight they are more reddish and he complained that they itched when I reapplied the cream. Any info you've run across would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn at the age of 9 i was diagnosed with celiac disease by the severity of my rash. i constantly got it on my knees, elbows, and waist. now, if i come in contact with gluten, i get the rash immediately on my ankles and all over my feet. good luck!
Avatar f tn As soon as the pain seemed to be fading away I broke out in a rash on my elbows, hands, fingers, knees and the tops of my feet. The rash was itchy and bumpy. I went to the doctor and neither the dermatologist nor allergist knew what it was, so they had it biopsied. The rash and joint pain had seems to all be going away except two nights ago I broke out in a random fever again of 103 that lasted throughout the night. The joint pain has returned as well as the rash.
Avatar f tn I also noticed smaller bumps on her elbows. Is this a rash or a virus. At first i thought it was warts, but would warts be on all four elbows and knees? So far its been 5 days and i did start to apply A+D original Ointment. She also uses TRIAMCINOLONE 0.0025% cream for Vitiligo which she has around the pelvic area. we have been using this for about two weeks. Could this be a reaction from the cream? I did make an appointment to see her DR.
Avatar n tn About 2 years ago, after a long day of walking, the skin around my groin in the folds broke out in super-itchy, inflamed red rashes. I used OTC hydrocortisone cream, and the problem subsided significantly. However, ever since, I've had a permenant rash running up the exact middle of my skin folds where the leg meets the groin area - probably about 5 inches long right in the middle of the leg crease.
Avatar n tn I have had a extremely itchy rash mostly on my torso (below my breasts, around my waist, armpits, inside of my elbows, behind my knees, etc.) for a few weeks now. There is no rash on my legs. I went to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and he said it was due to detergent. I took all of the steroids (10mg) he prescribed and it subsided. Today, it is back and very itchy! What should I do next? Is there something I can try OTC to get rid of this? I tried Cortizone creams, etc.
Avatar f tn Did you ever find out what it was ? Sounds like scabies.
482830 tn?1247020837 Hello, about a year ago I developed small itchy bumps on my butt near the opening of my vagina. Since then the rash of itchy bumps has spread to the the fronts and backs of my knees & elbows, my hips, my inner thighs, and my stomach. The itching comes and goes and is most pronounced when I remove my clothing. These patches of itchy skin are not at all painful. They also do not blister. I scratch them but it only provides a brief period of relief.
2199483 tn?1338594436 It happens in response to allergens. Eczema can affect neck, knees, and elbows and causes oozing, bleeding blisters and thick patches caused by climate, allergens and illness.Psoraisis is characterized with the presence of thick red itchy plaques with white scales on the scalp, elbows, knees, lower back. The cause is possibly hereditary. These are a few possibilities based on the information provided by you. It is very difficult to confirm anything without external examination.
Avatar m tn ve had all these same spots for over 48 hours and got a few new ones this morning. The spots are on both elbows, both knees, around my eyes (to a lesser degree), on my right hand, and around and under my hairline. The picture shows the worst of the rash, on my right elbow.
Avatar f tn Now it become more worse i am having sore throat ,sneezing also skin rash. If i have antibiotics i feel better , skin rash and symptoms goes. Again after two days it will comes. No one tell the real cause. Please let me to know why this happened and how to get relief from this.
Avatar f tn why do i have these small skin coloured bumps all over my knees and elbows? Ive had these for as long as i can remember and they dont itch or anything but im confused as to what they are and how to treat them because theyre i dont want bumpy knees and elbows...
Avatar m tn I have this rash on my elbows knees buttocks and pubic region shoulders armpits and my neck. I have a skin biopsy tomorrow and I was wondering what this rash could be associated with? I got blood work done for all stds and nothing came back positive. Could herpes cause eczema? Or my blood tests won't pick up HIV or an std? But they'll be able to find it in my skin? thanks, london.
495748 tn?1209605959 Today not only have these symptoms got slightly worse, my elbows and wrists are also becoming sore and my knees are really painful - it seems to be getting worse by the minute. Also my neck hurts and I have a small lump on the back of my neck which appeared this morning. I feel a weird pressure within my rib cage also. This evening I can't sleep - as I couldn't get comfortable. My hands, arms and legs almost have a numb/burning feeling to them.