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Avatar n tn Scabies is characterized by intense itching, usually at night and by small insect-type bites lesions on the skin. Diagnosis of scabies is made by scraping the skin and viewing the material under a microscope to see the characteristic mite or eggs. For exact diagnosis, I suggest you to get it evaluated from a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn They have increased in number and a week after them appearing on my left elbow they have appeared on my right elbow too. Now there are many skin coloured lumps clustered all over this area, with a lot red and itchy and sore as a result of me scratching them. I noticed that the area was weeping and crusting over with a yellow residue last week but this no longer happens.
923127 tn?1244567139 I currently have this rash on my inner elbow. My skin is red and irritated, feeling rough to the touch. The rash is currently at a 2 1/2 by 2 inch red blob, with the center being my elbow crease. I apply natural aloe vera on it every night before I go to sleep, wrapping it to keep myself from scratching in my sleep. I have tried everything I can possibly think of to help it heal, but it has been consistent for four weeks now.
Avatar n tn I often rest that elbow on desks, tables, etc. The rash is not really spotty but more just a red irritation. The itch is mild and I have been putting hydrocortisone on it. Does this sound like allergic or contact dermatitis or something different?
Avatar f tn The problem goes away but comes back. Then recently, I noticed that her elbow has developed tiny, skin-colored, kind of scaly bumps (please see attached picture). She said they're not itchy but I'm alarmed by all those bumps.
Avatar n tn i woke up this morning with sore elbows only to find that there were little bumps on the point of my elbow they are the same color of my skin but the are small bumps and they are sore. What are they?
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Avatar m tn You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin. Also wear cotton undergarments. Application of mild corticosteroid cream and oral antiinflammatories like ibuprofen/acetaminophen are also helpful. If the symptoms are severe then it will be best to consult a dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
4437866 tn?1388119624 ElpI've been putting lotion on 4-5 times a day. My hands elbow and arms. My hand elbow and arms are so soft BUT they tops of my hands are cracked, bleeding and feel like sand paper. My cuticles are also sooo sore the now bleed. My knuckles look like I beat a brick wall up. And burns every time I wash or dry them... I use coco butter lotion. And it works sooo good. But what's going on with my hands? the tops hurt soon much. And they are red. Its not a rash they are just dry..
Avatar m tn Small chain of raised bumps appeared on outer elbow a few weeks ago and am not sure what exactly the problem is. They are not very itchy, but definitely an irritation. Have tried anti-fungal creme, but has not helped.
4748379 tn?1472048053 The Flucinonide is a strong steroid ointment which did help. It would clear up the rash after 2-3 weeks but then the rash just moved next door. That is why the Hydroxyzine was needed, to work systemically. The fluocinonide worked only where I put the ointment. The clobetesol solution (also steroid) was for my scalp but it works on the rest of the body too and it was excellent, worked well. I used all three of these at once.
1693125 tn?1306207585 i have a rash on my right arm up close to my elbow but the side closest to my right side, it comes and goes, it started last year docs kept giving me prednisone it would go away when i finished the meds it came back, i shaved my hair off the spot that breaks out and it stays gone but if i forget it comes back WHAT COULD IT BE? am i allergic to my own hair or what?
Avatar m tn The bicep bumps are all distinct bumps NOT creating a continuous rash. They are the same bumps, but the elbow bumps are the only ones that form a distinct ring. I have looked at pictures of other skin diseases and found nothing similar (including tapeworm). When it first developed it was extremely itchy but now (2 months later) it is not itchy at all. I have not noticed any other rashanywhere else, nor have I seen any more spreading since the inital move from bicep to elbow.
Avatar n tn Every summer after I get a slight tan I get these white little bumps lighter than my current skin color as well as a little rough. It doesn't itch at all. Not sure what I should use or if it is a fungus from the sun, I use sunscreen and can't seem to figure it out. Usually it is just around my stomach and mid back. Any thoughts?
Avatar f tn My son is 8 years old and suddenly there appeared a cluster of tiny hard skin colored bumps - very tiny - all around his one elbow. There is no rash or redness - it does not itch - no other symptoms. The only different thing he has taken was a prescription for Singular from having a persistant cough some weeks ago. Please let me know if anyone having success with this disappearing or if dermatologist was necessary - let me know. Thanks!
Avatar n tn Hi, some years ago I had a rash on the inside of my elbow, scratched it mindlessly and it erupted with sores which resemble everything I've seen about herpes, so much so that when people asked me what's that thing on my arm I would jokingly say it's my herpes outbreak. Anyhow, after picking at it furiously and tearing every sore so the skin would be flat, it eventually went away (some weeks later), no scar, no nada. Like 2-3 years later, I get the outbreak on my inside elbow again..
Avatar m tn about 2 months ago i had a small red rash inside (both) of my elbow creases. i didn't really worry about it because it wasnt that bad for me to care. but it slowly started spreading. it wasnt itchy but got really dry and scaly if not mosturized. recently about 2 weeks ago i tried a corticosteriod cream which cleared up the rash but instead gave me tons of bumps around the rash area. ( i think it was an allergic reacation) i stopped using the cream and now i'm dealing with 2 problems.
Avatar f tn After the second week it poking moved to my elbow. There is no marks. No rash unless I itch it to death and that makes an ugly rash that will disappear after a little while. It comes and goes. It itches mostly at night and will wake me up. I have been to the doctors already. They just say it's a flare up of eczema, ( which I've never had ). The said the eczema could be caused by stress.
Avatar f tn For the past month my skin is driving me crazy! My forarms have developed eczema type rash (very dry, red, cracked patches) my face is super oily and super dry at the same time! And my scalp is always itchy. What is this? Make it stop! I'm 10 weeks with my first.
Avatar f tn I've been struggling with a red itchy rash under both underarms and my inner elbow for 9 months now. I use an clear and free detergent, mild soap, all natural deodorant etc. My doctor put me on a steroid oral medication and it took it away for about 3 weeks, but then it returned with a vengeance. I have been back several times and even went to the dermatologist and he prescribed a steroid cream. I use it consistently but when I stop, within a few days its back.
Avatar f tn Hi doc sorry but no I have had no rash on my hands it was actually where they drew blood and was on the inside of my elbow I.e where my skin had been punctuered by a needle for cholesteral test the gum doctor looked at this and just dismissed it she also check my body for signs and could not find any my question was on average how many people are asymtomatic to syphilis and what are the chhances that I have passed this on by skin contact to other people if any I live in the England please help.
Avatar f tn OK well about 3 months ago I noticed around 15 bumps around my elbow. Thinking nothing of it I went on with my day. I looked there again about 30 minutes ago and there is about 100 bumps on my right elbow. There is probably double the amount on my left elbow, but half the size. I am 15 years old. I'm a male. I an very hygienic so I am not sure what it could be. It looks like pimples but its my skin color.
Avatar n tn s say if I lie down on my side and bend my arm to hold my head, the inside of the elbow becomes damp and the rash and itchiness appear. I have tried many different body wash, several deodorants, calamine lotion and nothing seems to make a permanent difference.
Avatar n tn It is more likely to occur on the neck and upper chest, in the groin, under the breasts, and in elbow creases. Adults usually develop heat rash in skin folds and wherever clothing causes friction. Most often, heat rash goes away on its own. Severe forms of heat rash may need medical care, but the best way to relieve symptoms is to cool your skin and prevent sweating. Keep the affected area dry. Dusting powder may be used to increase comfort.
Avatar n tn -Ugly reddish patches on the skin with itchiness and redness. -Scaly rough patches on the skin due to over growth of bacteria and fungal infections. -Itchy and swollen red bumps or patches all over the body. This kind of skin inflammation with swollen red itchy patches all over the body is the most common form of allergy rash.