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Avatar f tn I'm having pain on my right side, it feels like it is on my rib cage. The pain comes and goes. It was less frequent this morning now it feels like it is happening more and more. Is there a live person I can speak to?
Avatar n tn But the pain is on the right side and I feel pain throughout my right side. Also my stomache is bloated and I feel movement at times (weird) I feel and look pregnant! Why?
Avatar f tn I have dull stomach pain upper and lower more upper under my ribs and seem to have upper bloating more on my left side What could this be and what kind of a Dr. should I see This discussion is related to <a href=''>Upper stomach</a>.
Avatar n tn My cyst gave me some pretty heavy periods and pain on the right side, which was the side the cyst was on. But uterine fibroids can also cause consistand pelvic pain, very heavy periods, back pain, cramping that runs down the thighs, and a heavy feeling in your pelvis. Some of your symptoms could be consistant with tubal pregnancy also. Even a good dose of influenza can cause the lymph glands in your thighs to be sore, but there are even worse reasons for this too.
Avatar m tn nt pains in my left testicle/lower abdomen and a bloating feeling in my abdomen. Any idea what this could be?
Avatar f tn For the past 4 months I have experienced discomfort and bloating/swelling on my right side at the hip-bone area around to my front right side. Bloating usually starts mid-afternoon and is more obvious in the evening. Excessive bloating is gone upon awaking, but still swelling on right side that I notice. Mentioned discomfort to my primary 2 months ago, and he said all my blood work and urinalysis that had been run 4 weeks earlier were normal.
Avatar f tn Today I have woke up with abdominal pain and bloating. Is this normal? I am worried that my ovaries are hyperstimulating..
Avatar f tn its worse if i eat something that causes it and im still unsure what that food is.laying on my left side seems to help and drink lots of water. Its a horrible feeling so i hope it passes for you soon!
1748829 tn?1338037041 If I were you I would call my doctor today and tell him/her about the pain, pressure, and bloating you have as well as the back pain. Those symptoms could potentially indicate a serious medical problem totally unrelated to the meds you are taking. Hopefully the doc will see you today and examine you.
Avatar n tn I had a tubal with clamps put on last friday and would like to know how long the cramping and bloating lasts? The cramping is really bad and the bloating makes me look 5 months pregnant.
Avatar n tn I now have severe abdominal bloating. My skin on the belt line on the right side burns and itches and the pain is so severe that I want to just double over and not move. Thanks for your posts, I am not happy you are feeling bad but it does help me understand what to expect.
1353681 tn?1387083733 I just started Altavera 2 weeks ago and am experiencing some bloating.. has anyone experienced that? Is it a common side effect of birth control? I read that nausea can be, but yesterday and today had slight bloating for about a half hour... also, does birth control affect breast fibroids does anyone know? I suspect I 'may' have a fibroid, as for years I've had pain on left side (but my docs have never said they have found anything)...
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 32yo woman, have had Type 1 diabeties for 7 years, have been constipated even longer, dr's call it IBS but have more recently had severe abdominal pain and extreme bloating. I decided to have colonic irrigation and this just stirred things up far worse, to the point of excruciating pain and a visit to Emergency! Eating anything can irritate my stomach and blow it up to at least 4mths preg looking!
974371 tn?1424653129 Hi! I suffer from bloating and last night I was woken up by an excruciating stitch like pain in my right side from my stomach to my ribs. Because I was woken up From it I can't remember exactly what it felt like but it seems like it wasn't a trapped wind sort of pain. I thought my appendix had burst of something! I was lying on my right side and it took me about 5 minutes to move from my side into my back because it was so painful, I could barely breathe.
7998970 tn?1435183202 It could be bloating from gas causing you pain and making you look bigger. Also, as the uterus gets bigger everything is all moved around in there, so gas can reach up in your chest. And your ribs could possibly be moving to accommodate the uterus. That can cause a lot of soreness in your rib cage. Try some gas x to relieve it and if that doesn't work try wearing a looser bra or one without wiring to help with rib pain! If it gets really bad ask your doctor about it.
973594 tn?1247951791 t be bothered by it, in addition to this my period came early and very very heavy and stay far more days than is used to, usually last for 3 days top but this time was about 5 to 6 days long so I decided to stop the t3 and in a few days my gas and bloating was gone and my next period came on time and like it was before, 3 days long and normal, not heavy like when i was on t3.
Avatar m tn I am suffering from heavy bloating/stomach fullness even in empty stomach, sometimes back pain on left side and sometimes on left lower abdomen (both pain dont occurs sametime), and have blood in urine. I was diagnosed with UTI and doctor gave me antibiotic for 7 days. Please Suggest 1)bloating and back/abdomen pain is due to UTI or something else? and 2)Is infection spread to kidney as i am having left back pain but no fever?
Avatar n tn I have been having pain in my lower abdomin and always feel bloated and feeling like I have to go to the bathroom all the time. My dr. seems to be concerned that the endo is coming back but I dont' have the same kind of pain as that. It is different. I can't explain but it is not the same. What kind of pain do you feel with ovarian cancer and how accurate are the tests that they do for the bloodwork? Any info would be great.
Avatar f tn I'm 7 weeks and I look like I'm 7 months because of the bloating. I have gas so bad and mostly I just burp but it seems to get worse at night and hurts so bad. I heard I can take tums? How much can I take and is there anything else I can take?
Avatar m tn Since having my second 3 years ago I have had bloating, pain and now upper GI problems, I have had every test going and am due to have a gastroscopy in 2 weeks my GP now wants me to have a blood test for elimation of ovarian cancer... This has scarred me to death! Can anyone suggest why??
Avatar f tn Hell and Welcome to the Pain Mangement Forum I am so sorry to hear about your painful bloating. Your symptoms could indicate other thing besides Celiac Disease. However because it is familiar condition, (prominent or hereditary in some families) I would highly consider this possibility. Celiac Disease, a malabsorption disease that flares with the consumption of the protein gluten.
438514 tn?1305734140 I had surgery and chemo (last May-Sept) and I have had bad bloating ever since about the 5th chemo. Normal CAT scan after treatment ended. My gyn/onc says the bloating isn't pathological. My CA-125 is low. But gee, it hurts, keeps me up at night (it's only bad at night) and I can't seem to fix it. Anyone had this pattern and have it go away? Anyone know diet changes that help?
Avatar f tn I also have periods of constipation and diaheria and lots of gas and burping. Things seem to settle down until the next attack which can last for a couple of days. In the past I had a scope done to check my stomach for acid reflux but that wasn't the problem. It is and continues to be focused below my navel but I can have pains that circle around to my lower back. At times, I also have aching pressure on my rectum perhaps due to the constipation.