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Avatar f tn I'm having a throbbing pain under the bottom of my left rib. I also have SOB when I stand, it feels like I'm going to pass out when I stand up. My left side has a constant pain and the left side of my back also hurt, but is more of a sharp stabbing pain. When I hold my breath it makes me feel better. I have weakness in my left arm and leg. What could be wrong?
1701959 tn?1488551541 So about a month or so ago I noticed a throbbing pain where my left breast ends, about 5 inches down from my arm pit.It comes and goes, and had gradually gotten a bit more noticeable. It will last a few seconds, then stop, then last a few seconds, then stop.... Sometimes I go days without having it, other times I will have it every few minutes all day. Breathing deeply and exhaling can make it worse sometimes and sometimes changing my position can make it feel better.
Avatar n tn i have had headache for at least a year now, only on my left side of the head. Feel like my eye ache then my temple and ear, all on the left side. Seen a eye ear nose throat specialist. Had a cat scan, came back negative.
Avatar f tn I've been having a throbbing ache that runs down the entire left side of my body. It starts in the arm socket area and travels down the back of my arm to elbow then travels down forearm to wrist. Then I have the same thing on lower extremity. Hip area down front upper thigh to knee then down back calf to ankle on top of foot. Any ideas. I need some relief.
Avatar m tn Over the past two to three years, I have been suffering Left side headache once in two months I have started off pain in the top left side of my head toward the front, and in my left temple area and in the left side ear. I went to the ENT Specilalist in Nov-07 and done CT scan of Head and Brain. It was normal. But from the last year (2009) the problem has been occurring once in month. The pain in the same left side of head, left noistrils, eyebrows and ear. I went to ENT again.
Avatar f tn I cannot lay on the left side of my head or it wakes me up throbbing. I have had this for 9 YEARS. I have had 4 MRIs,xrays, been to headache clinic been to pain clinics. I have had 4 nerve blocks and numerous medicines. Seen 2 neurologists. I have arthiritis in my neck and can't lay on my shoulders I have to have shoulders below my pillow. I go to a rheumatologist but that doesn't help. I'm all out of ideals and tied of pain every night.
Avatar n tn Actually, in the spring, I started noticing that when I ovulated, I would feel throbbing pain on whichever side was ovulating at the time. But yesterday, 4 days after my period, my throbbing started on my left ovary again. Any ideas why?
Avatar n tn then it comes back again with the same pattern and it hurts so much. The pain is random, it can be on my left side or right side of my head. and sometimes it covers the whole area of my head and folowed by nausea. ive already done my blood check. the results is normal. my question is, is it because of my head injuries? its hard for me to believe because it was long time ago and i had no problem or such till recently. need your advice on this.
Avatar f tn i got pain on the left side of the head from the front of the head to the back of my left side of the neck what should i take or do
Avatar f tn Even i feel the same pain wen turning right to left side or either way.....evn i gt afraid sumtimes...
Avatar f tn For the last few days ive been getting this sharp throbbing pain in the side of my left breast & i have no idea what it may be from. It will wake me up in the middle of the night, it can just come out of nowhere and start throbbing. Do anyone ever have any of these problems ? It is related to maybe my milk starting to form ?
Avatar f tn It just started one day, around 11am, a throbbing, sharp pain in my left temple, sort of behind the eye, lasted for about 15 min, and went away, and then came again about 2 hrs later, again about 15 min, went away, another few hours, again, etc. This lasted for about a week before I went to my doctor.
Avatar f tn I'm just over 33 weeks and have had an awful dull throbbing pain down below on the left side. I feel bruised lol It hard to sit comfortably, walk and roll over in bed. Anyone else had this? And do you know what it is? I don't see the midwife till next Tuesday.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing throbbing pain which come in waves from left arm right down to my left leg and I can sort of feel this pain across the left side of my heart. previously I have experiencing some chest tightness which l sort of ignored as a passing ailment. But this pain is worse when I am resting and when I am trying to sleep at night. I cannot sleep actually as it is irritating and it keeps me awake at night.
Avatar n tn Its slightly swollen and feels as though it is throbbing.. the teeth on the left side are a bit painful aswell.. i have also been getting headaches and just recently an ear ache...anyone have an idea of what this is? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/421412'>Swollen left side of hard palate - around the arch of mouth</a>.
Avatar f tn I am 7 weeks pregnant, and my baby feels like a hard uncomfortable lump on the left side of my abdomen. My left ovary has a dull throbbing sensation at times as well. Is it normal for the baby not to move from that spot even at 7 weeks?
Avatar n tn For the past 6 months I have been getting throbbing pains in the top left of my head and sometimes in combination of the top on the left side. The pain is almost like a pulsating pain that travels to the eyes. Can you assist?
Avatar m tn The pain seems to be centered on the left side. It is a numbing, throbbing pain that started in the lumbar area of my back. It almost feels like the pain is now also on the front left abdomen/groin side. Could this be sciatica? Or should I be worried about something more serious in terms of my internal organs? I'm almost 28 male Caucasian. Relatively fit/healthy. Take finasteride, rogaine, for hair loss (about a month in for both) and tetracyline for acne (a month in for this too).
Avatar f tn ve been having a lot of muscle pain. The other day it was on the left side and would shoot down to my vagina.and kind of throb like blood was rushing there.... I'm 11w3d. No blood or spotting though..
390524 tn?1239549065 still having throbbing on left side same time everynight does anyone have any idea whats goin on??
Avatar m tn I've occasionally been having this sharp throbbing pain on the left side of my head and inside my left ear for the past 3 days. I get this pain every time i touch the top left of my head, jump, or do any movements that will jerk my head. I've never even taken aspirin or any sort of medication for headaches before because its very rare that my head hurts and if it does, it does not bother me, but the one I am experiencing now is quite bad. Does this sound like something serious?
2180724 tn?1337711924 30pm I started having this throbbing, dull pain in my lower left back that goes to the side of my stomach.should I be worried is it early ovulation? I need help.
Avatar m tn Hello, I recently noticed that one of my moles on the left side of my hip has started to get a scab like thing on it but I’m not sure if it is from rubbing on clothing since it is on my hip. The reason I’m concerned is because it use to be slightly raised like an interdermal mole but was soft and squishy and now it’s almost like a pimple kind of. It’s tan and color but now the scab or cut on it has started to bleed. Also it is painful but not when I touch it.
Avatar m tn pelvis,hip,lower back, up my side). I have had diarrhea almost every day the last 2-3 weeks,it's like the pain is stimulating my nervous system. It his hard to explain all these symptoms to my doctor with out sounding like a hypochondriac. I just worry of course that it is something bad and the longer I go without finding a diagnosis the worse it is getting.