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Abdominal pain middle of stomach

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Avatar n tn Hi, As part of evaluation of upper abdominal pain, upper GI endoscopy and ultrasound scan of abdomen need to be done. (Upper abdominal pain could be due to ulcer disease, pancreatitis, cholecystitis or hepatitis). The treatment depends on the cause. =============================================================== The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem.
Avatar m tn Your appendix is in the lower right part of your abdomen and quite often, the pain of appendicitis will start in the middle of your stomach (around the belly button) before "settling" more in the appendix area. If you start running a fever, the pain increases, you're vomiting or have severe nausea, I'd definitely consider going to the local ER for evaluation. With your past surgery, it's also possible that you've developed adhesions, which definitely can be painful.
Avatar f tn It was similar to a time I woke up in the middle of the night from severe lower abdominal pain but when it went away I fell back to sleep, it came back about an hour later but this time when I sat up I vomited, I fell back to sleep after but again a couple hours later the pain was back, but this time I had diarrhea. Last night, though I didn't get up at all its almost like it hurt too much to move so my boyfriend just rubbed my stomach til I fell asleep.
4295582 tn?1358796415 That what it sounds like to me. Mine was only on the right side.
Avatar f tn s in the middle of my stomach. Like the whole side of my stomach.
Avatar n tn I don’t agree with this finding because a muscle spasm has to do with more of a dull pain generating a knot. The pain that I have is burning pain that stays for a while and then turns itself to a dull pain but not like when one has a muscle knot. I want to mention one more detail. The first time I felt the pain was on December 11th 2007 around 8pm having a dinner in a restaurant, eating a whole Tilapia fish broiled.
967168 tn?1477584489 Today I was on my stomach cleaning under desks and the back of my pc when the pain started, worse than ever before and I passed out...woke up to a pool of sweat and intense pain that bending over didnt even help, had to call my husband to come home - it went away about 30 min later but I don't know how long I was out. There is no pattern or trigger, not brought on by anything I eat, drink. dr said may be an ulcer, but it doesnt sound like that when I look it up.
Avatar f tn 1/2 I have several episodes where I have had severe pain in the top part of my stomach with in 30mins of eating. I get light headed - sometimes vomit - break out in a cold sweat - get to the point I feel like I am going to pass out.... the "spell" last about a hour, but the rest of the day I feel drained and just awful! I had my gall bladder removed last year, because we thought that was the problem.
1635739 tn?1300195760 At night usually the early morning hours around 2 and 3 am i get awoken by this horrible pain right in the middle of my upper stomach, it causes nausea and vomitting and chills and sweats. It has been happenening more frequently. It last for usually 2 hours or so before it slacks off enough for me to fall back asleep! I have walked the floor taken prilosec tried hot showers...nothing works!!! Any idea on what this could be? It extremly painful!!!!
Avatar f tn I have had stomach pains for as long as i can remember. They are in my middle abdominal and go to the lower part. It sometimes goes to my back. Also goes to the lower abdominal closer to the menstral area. When i was about 10 i had a colonoscopy for pin worms but that didnt solve my pains. So then they thought i was just constipated a lot. So that put a lot of wear and tear on my stomach. Then when i was 17 I had liposcoptic surgery(sorry for my spelling. i dont know these big terms).
Avatar f tn Though I have not experienced the piercing pain ever after thatstill I have some persisting pain in the lower part of the abdomen radiating to the back and legs. The pain is very prominet at the mid back, lower abdomen above the navel on the right side and below the navel and the left side and on both thighs upto calves of the legs. I also feel a pushing pain the the groin while passing urine or motion (bearable pain).
Avatar m tn I also am having some intense,stabbing pain in the middle to upper abdomen and on a scale 1 to 10, I would say it is about a 8 or so, happens 20 times or so a day I also get a burning sensation off and on in the middle of abdomen.. I do get some pain in my neck,shoulder and collar bone but not sure if any of this is related to my other issues.
3106038 tn?1346813169 m 29+5 and since a few hours ago I have been getting this sharp burning pain in the middle of my upper stomach like right below where my bra is. I have tried changing positions and walking and nothing's helping. Does anyone know what it is? Cause it has me kind of freaked out.
Avatar f tn The area where it hurt was very spesific and when it reocurrs its always in the same spot, on my right side of my stomach in the middle of my belly button and my hip bone, if you drew a diagonal line from my belly button to my hip bone it would be right in the midde. (Sorry thats the best I can describe it!) When the pain first occured I grabbed at the area and pulled my skin away from my body in my fist and that barely did anything but it somehow helped.
Avatar f tn Sometimes it feels like a rubberband around my waist. The main pressure is directly in the upper middle. I also have periods of dull sharp pains all over my abdomen with the right rib (under breast area) having the most ache, pain. But sometimes it is identical in both rib areas. I am bloated, burp, pass gas a lot. I wake up in the morning with the pressure in my abdomen. The pains are not debilitating and do not wake me up at night.
Avatar n tn Hello, Going by your symptom of upper abdominal pain, three possibilities are coming in my mind.Firstly; GERD can be a cause of this pain. Try taking some antacids and see if the symptoms persist. Secondly, it can be due to hiatus hernia (occurs when the upper part of your stomach protrudes into your chest cavity through a weakness in the hiatus (opening) in your diaphragm.)Treatment is antacids and prilosec.Also eat smaller meals, especially at night. Don't lie down right after you eat.
Avatar m tn Dear sir, approx 4 month ago i started some narrow stool one or two in a day , after 1 month some white mucous come along with stool, i visit to doctor he prescribed me some medicine and i feel relax, but after one month same problem come again , due to some work pressure i ignore them but approx 20 day ago i have abdominal pain then i visit to doctor and he says that i have IBS and he prescribed me medicine for five days, but it also give some day relax, then i visit the Gastrointestina
Avatar n tn test was negative and ER personnel sent us home with no answers. She is experiencing pulsation on middle to left side, pain, nausea, tingling in feet. you can see her stomach pulsate up and down and can feel it beat rapidly, like a second heart. If it's not arterial, then what is it? a hernia? thinning of stomach wall to point where we can see her arteries pulsate? Enlarged kidneys sending organs into whack? Anybody?
Avatar n tn I was perfectly fine up untill one day I had severe stomach pain, sweating, shortness of breath, burping, gas, acid reflux syptoms -severe upper, middle and lower stomach pain (cramping,bloating, gas pressure pains) -diarhea the first 3 weeks of pain -now it seems more like constipation -thin pale foul smelling stools, more frequent bathroom trips -bloating after eating -gas,burping -shortness of breath do to pain and pressure from gas I have been through all blood tests, urine tests, stool
1337935 tn?1275845979 The pain is in the pit of my stomach, in the middle part. Thank you for your advice.
Avatar f tn I have moments of Stomach pain in what appears to be the top of my stomach, also it is usually accompanied with upper back pain. Also needing to go to the bathroom frequently to pass stool, often times it's almost like constipation and other times it's like diarrhea, and most of the time my stool is black and has what appears to be mucus, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night with stomach pain and cramps.
494010 tn?1209479957 Is it in his upper part of his stomach or lower abdominal area? Is there any back pain involved? Maybe an EGD should be done. He could be having gallstones as well or an ulcer. But an EGD will show that. Good luck!
Avatar n tn Gallstones pain is typically located just below the lowes right rib in the middle of the rib, and it is a cramping pain, usually occuring within an hour after a fatty meal. Would you say, there's any bulge on the painfull spot? This would be abdominal hernia then (small intestine protruding out through abd. muscles). Deep there is duodenum. Duodenal ulcer causes pain between meals, so when you're hungry, and it's better after the meal.
Avatar f tn A few months ago I was having upper abdominal pain right in he middle of my stomach. I was seen at the doctors 3 times initially thinking it was heart burn or an ulcer. Put on pantaloc and sent for blood work and an ultrasound. Both came back fine. Had another episode and was put on Zantac. The pain is right in the middle and usually after I eat. Doesn’t go in to my throat and coffee and wine don’t bother me. Sometimes the pain is so bad I vomit. Feels like a gnawing pain in to my back.
Avatar m tn The ache turned into these attacks every 15 minutes or so where my entire stomach had this sharp sword-like stabbing feeling, almost spasming... like a charlie horse or something, but sharper and in the upper middle part of my abdomen. This would let up a bit and then suddenly an even sharper, more intense attack 15 minutes later. After hours of excruciating, tumbled over, screaming, contraction-like pain, I was rushed to the ER where they admitted me overnight.
537435 tn?1248712092 Almost immediately my stomach began to hurt, felt like it was swelling and I had pain that radiated from below my ribcage up to middle of my upper stomach. The pain on that day was incredibly severe. Nothing relieved it, not milk, not prilosec, not food, not water, I stayed awake all night in pain. The following day I went to urgent care and they sent me to the hospital. They gave me morphine and suspected my gall bladder. Ultrasound showed no stones.