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Avatar f tn ve tryed taking it with a glass of milk and a meal but afew hours later I the pain and I had to stop taking some anti biotics for a mouth ulcer as it caused abdominal pain. just wondering why this is when I have no uler it seems my stomach is getting very sensitive to a number of tablets.
Avatar n tn its been bothering me lately.. i have been suffering from a bit abdominal pain for almost 5 months i think. i get this heat shortly after 2 hours eating. plus i get really paranoid because my grandmother died from pancretic ulcer. 5 months ago i seffered 1 week of pain. i also encountered one day where i had black stool. i went to a physician and required me meds zantac and i think the meds are not making me satisfied.do you i have risk for cancer like my grandma? im really paranoid.
Avatar f tn m not completely sure why but it starts with nausea and turns into full blown stomach pain and abdominal pain and a few times I had lower back pain to go with it. I've crossed out the thought of being pregnant because I've been on the pill and lately this stomach pain has been killing my sex life. And unfortunately I'm flat broke being a full time student that I cannot afford to see a doctor and I have a hard time getting $10-$20 to visit a local walk-in clinic. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I feel posture and bending or leaning forward pain is worse as if pinching something but to be honest pain fairly regular, just severity changes Have been taking paracetamol, buscopan hasn't had any affect.
4676932 tn?1357857124 I feel a lot like I did a few years back with I had an ulcer, however, I just had an upper GI Monday and there was no ulcer. Not sure how much longer I can take this pain. I hold the left side of my body all the time. Anyone have any ideas??
1449501 tn?1284791872 Hi, welcome to the forum, anti histamines is known to cause certain abdominal side effects like nausea, dry mouth, diarrhea, abdominal pain, appetite increase and weight gain. Abdominal pain is seen in around 2-4 % patients but the cause of such pain is not clear. In rare cases it is known to cause stenosing peptic ulcer and pyloroduodenal obstruction which can present as severe abdominal pain. You may have to undergo endoscopy to rule out peptic ulcer, gastritis etc. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn I have had exact same symptoms-left upper abdominal pain under left ribs, lasts several hours, sometimes severe.Never hurts while I am sleeping. Recent lab work, xray, endoscopy, and ct show nothing. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Ive been in pain for several months. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.org/posts/show/229017'>abdominal pain in the upper left hand side, below the left rib cage</a>.
Avatar n tn Normally my pain is in the breastbone area, now I am having pain in the upper abdominal area between the chest and the navel. What are the differences in the symptoms of an ulcer and GERD? I continue to have a lot of belching and indigestion constantly as I do with GERD, but the different area for pain had me wondering if this could be an ulcer. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I've been having pain under my left rib cage for several months now. At first, it would go away for awhile and then come back, but now it is basically constant. Burning pain in a distinct spot. I also have sporadic burning pain under my left breast area. Sometimes my back hurts along the same line as my front rib pain. I also have the same burning pain right above my navel. I thought it might be an ulcer, but when I started having pain in more than one area, I'm not so sure.
Avatar f tn I am sorry you went through so much. Right upper abdominal pain can be due to cholecystitis (inflammation of gall bladder), stones in gall bladder, duodenal ulcer, abscess under the diaphragm, liver problems and abscess or due to duodenal ulcer. Right flank pain is generally due to kidney stones. Gall bladder problems have been ruled out in your case. Abscess should be seriously considered. Lower right abdomen pain is commonly due to appendicitis.
Avatar f tn hemorrhoids, passing excessive mucus alone and also in my stool, blood shot eyes, ongoing abdominal pain, tired, diagnosed with an ulcer, Barrett's esophagus, hemangioma, and fatty liver. I have had a colonoscopy and EGD. Colonoscopy was fine. EDG diagnosed ulcer and Barrett's esophagus. Gall bladder HIDA scan was okay. Took Omeprazole for 90 days which I finished this week.
Avatar m tn Hi, it could be Peptic ulcer pain, which is usually a burning pain. They commonly occur in the stomach and duodenum. Stomach ulcers cause pain on eating and duodenal ulcers cause pain on fasting (2-3 hrs after eating). Peptic ulcers are eroded areas in the lining of the digestive tract usually in the stomach and duodenum. The two common causes for this are: infection with helicobacter pylori and use of nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medications (NSAID).
Avatar f tn I've been having abdominal pain for a bit over two months. Last week I was diagnosed with a duodenal ulcer and am taking Amoxicillin, Biaxin and Prevacid. I am one week into treatment and feel only marginally better. My question is about stomach tenderness. Is a tender stomach normal with a peptic ulcer? My entire stomach area, from just below my breasts, down to my navel, is very tender to the touch. When touched it produces like a burning/stinging/bruised feeling.
Avatar n tn He also fainted on the way to the hospital and now two days later he is still feeling weak and tired. When he was 17 he had an ulcer which was operated on. The pain he feels is close to the scar from that. Could you tell me what investigative procedures he should be requesting as no one seems to be investigating anything.
Avatar f tn I have been having strong lower abdominal pain mostly when i'm seating down and the pain does'nt stop it's been 3 days also not eating normal..
Avatar m tn i am experiencing severe upper abdominal pain. I have already had my gall bladder removed so I know thats not it. Any ideas as to what it might be? no fever, no vomiting. just severe pain that is only relieved when i lean forward. it seems to radiate to my back too, more on my left side. any advice will help. thanks!
Avatar n tn m trying to figure out what is causing pain in my upper right abdominal cavity. It is a fairly localized pain, radiating towards the back. It started in December 2008. The pain was off and on, kind of a dull aching pain, but has started to become more frequent and more painful. I thought alcohol might be the cause (though I don't drink regularly - maybe two weekends a month, 5-10 drinks per weekend), but I took it easy and stopped drinking.
Avatar n tn Viral gastroenteritis can lead to nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea. The exact location of pain and other details will help in determining the accurate cause .Take light meals. Avoid spicy fried foods. If the symptoms are severe consult a gastroenterologist. Best of luck and regards!
Avatar f tn That stinks! Sorry you are dealing with this. It is my understanding that severe abdominal pain in the area you describe that goes away after eating is most likely an ulcer. In fact, it's the hallmark sign of a peptic ulcer. There are other symptoms too but you have the main one. Since this has been going on, it might be a good idea to see a gastroenterologist. Your doctor put you on a proton pump inhibitor which can be prescribed for acid/gerd. But ulcers are a bit different.