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Avatar m tn Large-bowel obstruction Abdominal pain. Blockage of the large intestine usually causes abdominal pain below the belly button. The pain may vary in intensity. Severe, constant pain may mean that your intestine's blood supply has been cut off or that you have a hole in your intestine. This is a medical emergency. Call your doctor immediately. Bloating. Generalized abdominal bloating usually occurs around the belly button and in the pelvic area . Diarrhea or constipation.
Avatar m tn Abdominal pain) The pain may be minor at first, but it becomes more sharp and severe. Your appetite will be reduced and you may have nausea, vomiting, and a low fever. As the swelling in the appendix increases, the pain tends to move into your right lower abdomen. It focuses right above the appendix at a place called McBurney's point. This most often occurs 12 to 24 hours after the illness starts.
Avatar n tn She came down with a gastro bug at the beg of Feb. complete with diarrhea, temp and vomiting. She got better for four days and became sick again with vomiting and diarrhea. She got better for a week and then woke one night with L abd pain. She was nauseous and begging me to take her to the hospital so they could make the pain stop. She was also complaining that her chest was hurting. Her heart rate was fast & she was pale. We went to the ED.
14955640 tn?1437548973 Other symptoms I have are abdominal bloating, painful bowels, sometimes so painful (stabbing sharp pain on left side) I am having cold sweat and feel like vomiting while on toilet, sometimes there's diarrhea, not really often, more normal stool. I need to go and pee quite often, sometimes few times in an hour. Waiting for my urine results and pap smear. Just wondering, is it endometriosis for others so horribly painful too? Or is it something else? Thank you.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend went to the hospital with severe lower abdominal pain, they did blood test, urine test, and xray and found nothing. He has had painful diarreah for the past week and a half and twisting like pain than comes in waves and sometimes comes from the upper abdomen. After every meal he has abdominal pain and diarreah and has been been feeling weak and tired.
Avatar f tn For the past three weeks I have had severe right upper quadrant abdominal pain. The pain is under my right rib cage and is constant but gets worse at times and is sharp. I have also been vomiting and have had some diarrhea. I have not been able to keep down any food (including popsicles) or water. I have had to get IV fluids multiple times since this started. I have never had anything like this happen before. The pain also feels like it sometimes radiates to my shoulder and back.
Avatar n tn Hey, I am a 19 year old male in perfect physical condition, but suffer from chronic abdominal pain. I developed the pain at age 17 and have gone though dozens of doctors and dozens of diagnosis and five surgeries. Nothing has helped. I suffer from pain in my upper right quadrant of my abdomen, and when I eat most foods, I either throw up, or suffer from diarrhea, I have lost too much weight, 75 pounds in a few months, and am tired of not being able to eat.
Avatar f tn Oh, and I do not have any gas, belching, vomiting, heartburn/ acids, or diarrhea like many other people who have posted asking about upper abdominal pain. It is simply pain which I can only compare to pain I experienced when I injured my sternum 2 years ago.
Avatar f tn Since the surgery I have had nothing but problems. Unbearable excruciating pain, nausea, vomiting and bouts of diarrhea. The bouts of diarrhea occur at least three to four times per week. Before I had the surgery I weighed approximately 125lbs (give or take). With the constant nausea, vomiting and bouts of diarrhea I've been losing weight like crazy. I have no pain what so ever in my pelvic abdominal area where my appendix used to be.
Avatar f tn On the discharge papers it said if you have any vomiting, diarrhea or abdominal pain again come back asap. That same night up until today I have had all 3 except the pain is not even half as bad as yesterday and I stopped vomiting at 7 am. Should I go back or just ignore it?? Don't want to waste another trip and another huge medical bill for nothing!!! Any advice is great. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I had another surgery around 3 years ago to remove adhsions from surgeries that caused severe abdominal pain. This surgerie turned into a nightmare for the dr. because the adhesions were wrapped around my bowel. They did a resection of my bowel and it was a long recovery. I have had bowel problems chronically since then. Recently my severe pain is back. I have had every test under the sun in the last two weeks and today I met a dr.
Avatar n tn t say pain was really a symptom to be honest. i did experience pain though due to the violent vomiting, but I wouldn't count this as a symptom. Incredible nausea, sometimes causing cramping due to hyperventilation, and not being able to function during an attack were the main symptoms I experienced. Usually for a peak of 24 hrs, then slowly decreasing over the next 12hrs.
Avatar n tn My husband has been having moderate abdominal pain since Sunday night after a BM. He went to the ER where they did a CT scan and bloodwork (WBC, RBC, electrolytes, etc), in which everything was normal. He was discharged home. He was taking prednisone 10mg TID since that Saturday am (now d/c), so the hospital thought maybe the pain was due to the steroids. However, now being Thursday, he's still in pain. He said the pain was a 10 on Monday, and is now a 6.
Avatar f tn My flare-up symptoms have been blood and mucus in stools, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea/constipation, abdominal pain and bloating that initially resembled intense PMS, embarrassing internal sounds (e.g., gurgling, squeaking) and gas. In remission, I'm sometimes a little irregular and have the embarrassing internal sounds but otherwise normal. My abdomen is still distended on the lower right side for some reason, but really only when I push my stomach out as far as I can.
Avatar f tn Saw Dr 1 month ago-diagnosed as diverticuli. No tests run. No vomiting or nausea. No constipation or increase in diarrhea. Normal stools tend to be loose for years. Pain isnt worse or better after a BM. No blood in stools. No problems with urination. Had colonoscopy 3 years ago-normal. Had uterine ultrasound 2 1/2 years ago-normal. In menopause--Last period 2 1/2 years go. No bleeding or discharge. Im concerned its ovarian cancer?
Avatar f tn Request-Im not to threaten you with all of these scary medical terms but abdominal pain in all of these cases must be associated with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting,diarrhea,long lasting pain,blood in stools and lot more.So observe every change with as the doc would certainly ask about all of these issues other than abdominal pain.
Avatar n tn 6 is is complaining of abdominal pain around his belly button. He is very lethargic and he will not eat. He is not voiding as much. What could be wrong with him. There is no diarrhea or vomiting.
Avatar n tn His stools are brown or sometimes brownish yellow and watery and he probable goes 6 times a day. He seems to mainly have abdominal pain in the morning when he is vomiting. If I push on his belly lightly he says it hurts mildly on the light side near the ribs, but not really anywhere else. There is not any shcool problems because we homeschool and he does well. We are actually on summer break.