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Abdominal pain upper center

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Avatar n tn I am a 33 year old female that has been having abdominal pain since September. Had my gallbladder out in September. I was feeling fine until three weeks after they took it out. The pain came back. It is in the middle, left and right side of my abdomen and radiates to my back. They did a ultrasound of my abdomen and saw nothing. Dr. said when he took my gallbladder out, he looked around in there and say nothing. Does anybody have the same symptoms? I want my gallbladder back!!
Avatar n tn In 2003 I was diagnosed with GERD and having been taking Protonix for it ever since. I also had my gallbladder removed the same year for stones. In the past month I started to experience a pressure/bloating type pain in my upper abdominal area, just below the rib cage that came & went. It kind of felt like a band being squeezed. Then with no warning, I woke up one weekend to a stabbing pain in the upper left side, just under the rib cage. I have been suffering with it ever since.
Avatar f tn m not completely sure why but it starts with nausea and turns into full blown stomach pain and abdominal pain and a few times I had lower back pain to go with it. I've crossed out the thought of being pregnant because I've been on the pill and lately this stomach pain has been killing my sex life. And unfortunately I'm flat broke being a full time student that I cannot afford to see a doctor and I have a hard time getting $10-$20 to visit a local walk-in clinic. Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Hi, Abdominal pain could be due to a number of different conditions.Not all abdominal pain lead to stomach cancer. An upper GI endoscopy and ultrasound scan of abdomen may be helpful for initial evaluation of your abdominal pain. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar m tn I agree with the second opinions, especially at major academic medical centers. There are a variety of reasons for persistent abdominal pain, including celiac disease, upper digestive disorders, liver/gallbladder disease, inflammatory bowel disease or malabsorption, among others. Imaging the abdomen, including a CT scan and/or MRI, as well as both upper and lower endoscopies should be done. Blood and stool tests excluding celiac disease and malabsorption can also be considered.
535882 tn?1396576685 been having pain in abdomen, upper center right side right below the rib cage, it's been going on for 3 days . had blood workup/ and an abdominal ultrasound,(yesterday and today, waiting on results) no vomiting, no blood in stool/urine, no temperature, some diarrhea and i sometimes have reflux? just pain tender to the touch in that specific area? . what could this be? / any ideas? should i be worried.? could you pull a muscle in that area/ would an ultrasound show this.
Avatar f tn Anyone have any clue what would cause pain in the upper center portion of the back, and sometimes upper abdominal pain around the sternum area, after consuming just one alcoholic beverage? Starts as some achiness and turns to the feeling of a bad cramp 10-15 minutes into the drink and the pain usually lasts for about 20 minutes. Still not feeling well after the drink I had Friday night. Had one drink before dinner and my back didn't start hurting badly until I had finished my meal.
Avatar f tn Last night right around midnight I got a concentrated pain in my center upper abdomen. It was dull and almost felt like a cramp. I slept on it thinking it would go away in the morning but a day later and no matter what I eat or how little I eat there is still general discomfort in my upper abdomen.
Avatar f tn They are in the upper abdomen in the anterior and posterior sections. The pain is like a sharp but dull pain. It is extremely painful. It wakes me up in the middle of the night. I have to sit on a heating pad to even help the pain be relieved for a few minutes. I have been drinking a lot of water now, i am going to take a pregnancy test soon, but i need to know if there is anything else that could possibly be wrong if it comes back negative. Please help!
4798447 tn?1359319344 A Gastroenterologist has tests for this bacteria, I would have this blood test done, even to rule this out as a cause, because yhe expansion of the air/Gas will cause upper abdominal pain along with esophagus pain.
1374503 tn?1278719661 If they have ruled out anything going on with your GI tract it could be adhesions or abdominal wall pain. I have both. Abdominal wall pain can happen after surgeries and unfortunately is just a chronic condition. Mine seems to come with my fibromyalgia flares so I think it is because it is a muscle. Adhesions often form after surgeries.
Avatar n tn For the past 15 years I have had a problem with pain in my upper abdominal area. The pain only occurs about once a month give or take and is intense, sustained and makes the area between the top of my ribs very sore to the touch. I have been through 3 doctors and 20+ tests, yet no one can figure anything out. The pain seems to come more frequently when I eat heavy meals and/or heavier foods. Also, when I have the pain I can not eat anything until it is gone.
Avatar f tn ve been experiencing upper abdominal pain. The pain is right above my belly button and down the right side. The best was to describe the pain is as if someone is squeezing my insides. I've had my gallbladder looked at and my appendix both came back fine. Was tested for IBS but the symptoms get worse. I' just had an endoscopy done and that as well came back with nothing.
Avatar f tn I have had upper abdominal pain for approximatley 10 years. The pain came and went over the years and then in 2003 it was deteremined that I had gallstones and I had my gallbladder removed. The pain continued so in 2006 I went back to the doctoro and had a colonoscopy - it came out fine. I also had a cat scan of the abdomin and an ultrasound. All showed to be normal with the exception of a "blood clot" in my liver.
Avatar f tn Let me start off by saying that I just had a baby about 4 months ago, a few days after giving birth I woke up at 3am with an weird stomach pain, I tossed and turned until I finally couldn't take it anymore. The pain was radiating from dull to severe, I thought it was chest pains and that I was having a heart attack, a few hours at the ER and the result was acid reflux. I went home feeling better and happy it was over with, then two nights later I woke up at the same time 3am.
Avatar n tn I have a 14 year old son with sudden onset of upper abdominal pain. This has lasted constantly at a high pain level for nearly 6 months, taking him out of school and all activities. His pain is worse after eating and drinking, he never experiences hunger pangs, he is tender to the touch on his upper abdomen, jostling, driving on bumpy roads, exercise, makes the pain worse. He describes it at times as acid burning, knife stabbing, tightening and about to explode.
Avatar n tn For the past three days I have been having upper abdominal pain. The pain usually starts at night and tends to wake me from sleep. It's a burning, almost empty stomach feeling pain, just under my ribs. It began the morning after I drank alcoholic beverages. The pain lasts for about an hour. The pain also onsets just after eating. Even though I know that I am full, I don't feel full. I feel as if I should eat more in hopes to mask the pain. I also experience nausea with the pain.