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Avatar f tn The muscle was attached to the first couple of ribs giving me the feeling of chest pain. They got the muscle to let loose and it was instant relieve! Since then when I start to get the pain in my chest I take a muscle relaxer prescribed by my doctor and the pain is gone pretty quick. I know you said your pain lasts only a few minutes and I remember that I could feel when the muscle would pull and it would be a sharp stabbing pain.
Avatar m tn "Pulled Chest Muscle Symptoms What To Expect *Tweaks generally won't last very long. Sharp and/or dull pain, mostly when using the muscle, ache (even at rest), are the main symptoms. Recovery time is days, maybe a week or more. *Strains are about the same, but hurt a little worse, and a little longer. If the tendon stretched more than a little, this can create a chronic pain dynamic. Recovery time is a few weeks to a few months.
Avatar n tn ve been to pain management specialists and have had nerve conduction studies. Doctors, so far, do not seem to know what could be causing my pain. Its a sharp chest pain that sometimes lasts for days and sometimes generates downward, If I press on the site it hurts. It feels like its not my actual heart, but above layers, possibly under muscle..? This has been going on since September 2007.
Avatar n tn The chest pain is located closer to the middle of my chest by on the left side and right where my ribs end. The most painful thing to do is lie down/sleep and when I sit up I still have the chest pains but there are not as sharp. These pains last about 20 seconds to a minuet and are happening every couple of minuets. Could you please give me some idea of what it might be thats causing me so much pain and what I can do to make it go away?
Avatar n tn ve had this before in other parts of the body when my muscles ache and such. I then went to adjust my pillow and suddenly had a sharp chest pain. It sent me into a near panic attack. What I'm wondering is, could this have been simply a panic attack all along? Or could it be something with the muscle? I've been sleeping a lot as my sleep schedule is messed up and sometimes when I oversleep I end up with muscle aches. I haven't had a chest pain before though.
Avatar m tn when I tend to wake up in the morning and I reach for my alarm clock with my right arm I get a sharp small pain in my chest. Throughout the day I get small pains and I cant really describe how it feels. Anyone have any suggestions, its freaking me out and at the time I dont have insurance to see the doctor. I have ruled out heart burn but im reading more into this whole anxiety related issue.
1009011 tn?1250693339 However I started getting this severe pain in my chest ( right side under my breast) about 5 days ago. I thought maybe that I pulled a muscle or something and that the pain would go away, but its not going away and my breathing seems to be more difficult and shorter. I cant lay on my right side at night as it shoots a sharp pain throughout my body. I just want to know what is going on. I was hoping someone could give me some advice or something and save me an expensive trip to the doctors!
Avatar m tn s my understanding that heart pain is almost usually a deep, dull aching pain, and an intense gripping pain in a heart attack. Any sharp, stinging, or sticking pains are probably in the ribs, muscles, or nerves. I tell you that reluctantly because there are always exceptions. If there are no other symptoms, it's probably harmless. If it's almost time for a checkup anyway, you may want to mention it to your doctor just to ease your mine (and mine!).
Avatar f tn I got up this morning and have been having sharp chest pain, mostly on the right side and primarily when I breathe out. If I just sit here and do nothing I'm ok, but as soon as I get up and try to walk around I double over with this sharp pain in my chest. It doesn't feel like I'm having a heart attack or anything, and I am not having difficulty breathing. It's just a sharp stabbing pain behind my right breast toward the center of my chest. The dr.
Avatar n tn In bed, I turned to lay on my left side and felt a sharp pinching pain in the chest of my chest. Quickly rolled back to my back and it disappeared but in the morning the area still hurt and it took a couple of days to calm down - was it a muscle pull of some sort? It's happened before and it scares me.
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pain, sometimes dull, sometimes sharp in my right side (to the left of my right breast). Sometimes I feel it in my shoulder and back. I have had an EKG in the past and nothing....I also am the bill of health except for some high cholesterol like a year ago. I have changed my diet and excercised since. I am 5'-4" and 142 pounds. I look about 130 though so a lot of my weight is muscle.
Avatar n tn I've been having constant pain in my chest in th middle and right side. It is not sharp but an aching pain. Wondering what could cause this? I've had inflamed pecks in the past and this is not the same pain. I am a 30 year old woman of mixed race.
Avatar n tn Fibromyalgia is an important condition of chronic fatigue which causes severe muscle pain, with muscle spasms in chest. Costochondritis, can have a sharp chest wall pain worsened by movement, direct pressure on that area. Costochondritis can be a part of certain diseases like fibromyalgia, psoriatic arthritis,ankylosing spondylitis etc.
Avatar m tn I just bent over and got a very sharp pain in my right lung. Now it hurts when I breath and I can't sit up straight.
Avatar f tn It manifests itself as a very intense, sharp pain, typically at the left side of the chest, which is worse when taking breaths. Patients often think that they are having a heart attack which causes them to panic. This pain typically lasts from 30 seconds to a few minutes. Though some episodes last just a few breaths, in rare cases they can persist for up to 30 minutes. In most cases the pain is resolved quickly and completely. The cause of PCS is unknown.
Avatar m tn Hi, for past 2 or 3 weeks (don't remember exactly why or when it started) I have been having a soreness of my chest wall area. It's not a sharp pain, and it happens most when I stretch or "scrunch" my muscles in certain ways. Also with deep breaths, but only rarely. Until the last week I was able to make the pain almost go away by stretching my arms over my heading, and producing a kind of "click" sound in my chest (like something snapping into place).
Avatar f tn For the past 9 months, I have been experiencing a discomforting pain on my right chest area. The pain is not in the whole chest area. It is centralized "between", my breast and shoulder blade. When I turn or bend on the right side, I experience a sharp stabbing pain. I find that my pain level would be a 10, if I am experiencing gas discomfort (from not eating on time, or ingesting a gas producing food) , but, my pain level would generally be on a pain scale of 4-6 (daily).
Avatar n tn She would never be able to keep up with her friends and hanging out at the mall would be a nightmare for her. Sharp chest pains are usually caused by muscle problems. Fatigue is very common among teens because they lack the amount of sleep they should be getting. Even if you send them to bed, they don't go to sleep, most of them are up goofing around. The variation in the heart beat that you hear is called a Sinus Arrhythmia and is normal. It is caused by breathing.
Avatar m tn Obviously, I am not a doctor, but I have raised a child who had true heart related chest pain due to a lack of bloodflow to the heart muscle. Chest pain is usually dull in nature and brought on with some exercise although if the heart muscle receives little blood flow than the child can have chest pain even at rest. Based on what you have written, I don't think a heart problem is the issue, but I would certainly take her to her pediatrician and have him check her out.
789873 tn?1236732293 I seem to get them in my left chest area, a stabbing feeling and the deeper I breathe the greater the pain is. It has now moved all around my left chest and into the side of my torso and left back and sometimes in my left arm as well... I'm petrified of these pains and they make me extremely stressed. I'm always fearing that they're related to some sort of heart attack thing and I'm going to die...
Avatar f tn Pleuritis and Pulmonary embolism are other possibilities causing shortness of breath with chest pain. A CT scan of the chest can rule out both. Another possibility that can explain the pain is pericarditis. It causes chest pain aggravated by laughing yawning and deep breathing and also causes radiation of pain to arms. Again an EKG, heat echo and chest X-ray is required. Do consult a doctor and get this examined. Take care!
Avatar n tn Pleuritis and Pulmonary embolism are other possibilities of chest pain. A CT scan of the chest can rule out both. Another possibility that can explain the pain is pericarditis. It causes chest pain aggravated by laughing yawning and deep breathing and also causes radiation of pain to arms. Again an EKG, heat echo and chest X-ray is required. If all these are ruled out, then it can be due to acidity. Take Omeprazole empty stomach in morning and an antacid gel at bedtime.