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Avatar n tn m a 27 year old male (not overweight, healthy), ever since I could remember back in grade school I would get this sudden sharp pain every once in a while. The pain is in the left chest area (heart area). I've always thought of it as occasional heart burn and for the first time in a while I got it again today. Let me describe today's incident as it is pretty similar to all other incidents I can remember.
Avatar n tn I am a 16 year old female, and recently I've been having chest and neck pains. Let me explain; firstly, they seem to happen completely at random, I can't find any correlation between the episodes. When it happens, it's a sharp and stabbing pain that worsens when I take a deep breath. As soon as I exhale, it goes away, until I inhale again. This happens for a few breaths until it resolves itself, and I have no other symptoms along with this.
Avatar m tn That type of chest pain is not related to SVT. It is pleuritic chest pain and is likely from the outer layer of your lung. Ibuprofen will sometimes help this sort of pain if it is from active inflammation. I am not sure how to fix pain like that. It is probably best to talk to a pulmonologist.
Avatar m tn I cough up phelgm and sometimes feel nausiated out of no where. I have had a sharp pain in my upper left back randomly show up and it hurts no matter what, and the left side of my chest aches when I inhale and exhale. This pain has always occured through out my life very rarely but has become pretty common the last two days. I also have bubbling pains in my left side of my chest when I'm laying down, should I see a doctor ASAP?
Avatar m tn t feel any pain immediately but the next day I had a sharp stabbing pain in the left side of my chest which lasted for about 5 minutes. Later that night I had a dull pain in the center of my chest, which got progressively worse for the next few weeks. The pain increases when I take a full breath or exhale fully, and it increases when I exercise. Also when I run it feels like my lungs are unable to inhale fully.
Avatar f tn I'm getting sharp pain right under my left breast it seems to be more intense when I lay down and inhale a breath what could this be?
Avatar n tn Pericarditis often causes chest pain and sometimes other symptoms. Pericarditis may be acute or chronic. The sharp chest pain associated with acute pericarditis occurs when the pericardium rubs against the heart's outer layer. The system edema does not cause any pain. Mild cases of pericarditis may improve on their own. Treatment for more-severe cases may include medications and, rarely, surgery. Early diagnosis and treatment may help to reduce the risk of long-term complications.
Avatar m tn Pulmonary Function test shows normal exhale, abnormal inhale on all charts. Obstruction suspected Chest CT throat CT and bronchoscopy were ordered, no obstruction was found. Developed a visible pulse in epigastric region in July, two months after symptoms began. This is not normal, I can Now see my heart beat through skin 24/7. It Intensifies with exercise. At all times general discomfort, like it pressing against something or being pinched very lightly.
Avatar f tn Fast forward a month, I finally get clear chest xrays, but that sharp pain still remained on the right side, under my bottom rib (or two). I've had two CTs and several xrays, and here I am almost 5 months later with no progress. The pain occurs at the bottom of a full breath (or yawn). If I do anything to get out of breath, the pain gets much worse and remains worse even after exercising.
1433843 tn?1299692105 Anytime you have chest pain go to the ER, also ask yourself questions, is this a sharp pain, or like an elaphant setting on your chest or just a small elaphant setting up there. are you sweating along with this and are you sick at your stomach? If it is a breathing problem, they might want to add some steroids to your current treatment. I would go and see the MD, better safe than sorry!
Avatar f tn Every once in a while I get a sharp pain in my chest every time I inhale. It hurts a LOT, like I'm being stabbed with a screw driver. I have to breath short breaths, only breathing till it hurts, and each breath can get a little longer then the one before. Like I'm easing into a full breath, then it stops hurting. The onset seems totally random too. I remember when I was really young, when this started, my doctor said something about it being a cartilage build up in my chest.
Avatar f tn i feel the same painz it runz down thru my lower back an my tummy feelz as if i cant inhale with out feelin my upper chest pain i do drink an smoke every now an then wen i feel ineed but all i can seem to feel is my chest painz as i inhale i feel the pain from the top rite side or my chest down to rite side of my lower back an painz on the rite side of my belly will i be fine if i just wait a few more dayz 2day will be day four
779318 tn?1235800716 t have enough room to expand and I felt a horribly sharp pain in the upper middle left side on my ribs. This knocked me over in a lot of pain but after I had recovered I didn't think anything of it until recently.
Avatar m tn Occasionally I will get a very deep sharp feeling when I inhale and it sometimes affects my breathing. Very irritating; sometimes I can't breathe at all?
Avatar f tn Its a dull pain that lasts all day and sometimes randomly gets worse and becomes sharp. My chest sometimes feels very tight and its hard to breath. It hurts more when I inhale then exhale. I have a cough, its usually dry, short and unproductive. With this lung pain, my throat hurts too, but its not sore. It feels like something is stuck in it, like a pop-corn seed (I don't eat pop corn). This feeling worsens when I have a dry throat.
Avatar n tn I was breathing quite deeply and rapidly at times and whilst down there had a sharp pain in my chest every inhale I took. When I got out I felt faint and dizzy, my joint ache and the pain in my chest worsened. That was yesterday, today the pain is still there as well as the aches and though I no longer feel faint I think I have a fever and have stayed in bed all day. Any ideas in what is wrong? I looked up some possible causes but they all seem to involve very deep dives.
Avatar f tn Like out oou f nowhere your chest starts to tighten up and it feels like sharp hard pains when you try to inhale?
Avatar n tn I have also been burping alot. The pain is gone if i relax my chest but the deeper the breath the sharper the pain.
1682020 tn?1304994926 i get heart pulpitations ussually causeing panic attacks and accompanied by pain in left side of back under my shoulder blade and or front of chest around my sternum sometimes the pain feels like it is in my lungs as it hurts to breath exhaling it is a dull ache but sharp stabbing pain as i inhale i am 26 years old and generally in good shape i weigh 80 to 85 kg and im 6"4 i am a smoker but i also work out alot ne info would be appreciated
Avatar f tn Hello Medhelp community, I'm a 19 year old 6'4 African American male suffering from unknown symptoms. I'll be clear on everything I've come across to try my best to for people to understand me my describing my habits and recent events that have led up to today. I have been suffering from shortness of breathe for almost two months now with congestion of both nostrils being completely sealed off majority of my days for 3 months.
Avatar n tn I have minor pain near my chest ride under my right shoulder. I don't really know how to describe it, it is not chest burn, but it feels like a slight tug? I feel it every time I laugh, raise my voice, or inhale very deeply.
Avatar n tn You should have an angiogram (cath or ct scan) to rule out any occlusions that obstruct the blood flow to heart cells' usually chest pain (angina) related to the heart occurs with exertion and there is relief with rest. Chest pain can be due inflammation of the sac surrounding your heart (pericarditis), a short-lived condition often related to a viral infection. Coronary spasm, also known as Prinzmetal's angina, can cause varying degrees of chest discomfort.
Avatar n tn This morning its stilll here, It does not go away but its like a sharp pain more when i inhale than exhale?????? any ideas, should i go to doctors or let it ride out?
Avatar n tn Right side chest/lung hurting again, pain in upper arm, hurts to inhale. 5pm Pain upper right chest/arm, Eyes are twitching and began to feel like start of when I had my epilepsy triggers. 6:30pm: Felt hungry so ate a piece fish & some pea's. 7:30: laid down on couch. 8:30pm: Feeling pain now on the left side below rib in front & back and very fatigued. Feeling elecric tingling & some warming in body with sweats, nausia & very full feeling in mid upper stomach.
10201748 tn?1419748841 I'm just sitting on the couch and I just randomly started having shortness of breath, chest pains, it feels like my chest is really tight, and like Im not able to get enough air. I'm sort of freaking out. I'm just wondering if anyone has ever felt this and what should I do? By the way, I'm 19 weeks.