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Avatar f tn when I bent over to do something for about a minute or so I got a sharp pain in the middle of my chest when i stand up straight and take a deep breath
Avatar m tn It usually lasts a few minutes and then goes away. I dont have any other symptoms other than sharp chest pain, pain in my jaw, and left arm. What could this be? Is it possible to have a heart attack at 25?
Avatar f tn There is no consistency to when it happens, although I've mainly noticed it when bending over to get something. The pain only lasts for a second or two, so I'm not overly anxious about it, but maybe others have felt the same?! Thanks!
Avatar n tn it is a very swift and sharp pain in the same spot over and over again. Then it stops for a couple of minutes then resumes. I am wondering if it is the nerve waking up or if it could be more serious. The area is very sensitive. Any advice? I dont see the surgeon again till June 21, 2011, which is almost a whole month.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome over a year ago and I have pain - sharp pain and my thigh bones feel like they are in a vice grip. The bad thing is, it happens throughout the day and it lasts longer than 5 minutes. Along with this pain is severe throbbing all the way down to my ankels in both legs. I do not know what to tell you other than I have had an MRI done on my lower back and legs and they found nothing.
Avatar f tn 2) whenever i sit with wrong posture(hunching over). 3) whenever i do any work with bend over row like bending on knee or bending chest or back and all pressure go on chest which gives chest pain specially at sternum area. I dont feel constant pain.This sudden pain at chest or sternum and back come and go.only ibuprofen gel massage help me in pain . Sleeping in straight position or sitting in straight position with cushion behind middle of back also give relief in pain.
Avatar n tn Hi, in the last month I've started to get chest pain, as if someone has just thrown a Javelin in my right breastbone, its happened now about four times and the first time I thought maybe I was going to be teleported to the next world.
Avatar n tn I have had chest pain now for over 6 years. The pain feels like what can only be described as a heart attack pain. I have had every kind of test available done. ECG,stress tests, X-rays, endoscopes, scans,24 hour page monitoring, MRI of my back and blood tests to numerous to mention. The pain is a constant ache under my left breast bone.It varies in severity and in location.Sometimes I think its my back others my heart and sometimes my stomach.
Avatar n tn After the ablation i've been getting sharp and hard chest pains and also mild chest pains and aches, fatigue, out of breath and dizzy. I am 27yrs old and I used to play football and go to the gym, with a fit and healthy lifestyle. I've been told it can happen to people by random, there's no explanation, the cardiologist can't determine the cause.
Avatar f tn They had recatheterized me a few days after the stent placement, because I ended up in the ER with pretty intense chest pain, and the stent looked perfect. However, the chest pain is not getting worse day by day, and in fact, over the past few days there is some minor improvement. Just really shouldn't have any chest pain after 2 months. It's very discouraging.
231744 tn?1189759427 and then this really sharp pain just hit my chest real hard and quick and it shot this warmth through my whole body with a hot and cold flash and it was crazy..... does that mean its pvc's?
Avatar n tn A few days ago I was rushed to the Emergency Room with severe chest pain, fever, and chills. I am 34 years old. However, for over 10 years now, I have been dealing with the chest and back pains you all have been talking about. None of the doctors seem to be able to fix the problem. I had my gallbladder removed 9 years ago...and still I have the pain. I am currently taking Ibuprofen for the pain due to the Costochondritis....
Avatar m tn For the last week now, I have had pain in my chest just below my breastbone. When I sleep on my stomach, I wake up with it hurting. It will go away a little bit throughout the day and sometimes go away completely. However, it usually gets worse when I'm bending over and what not. I do think a lot of this pertains to stomach issues that I have had. I suffer from chronic constipation and when I do go to the bathroom, my feces is usually of a very dark color.
Avatar f tn It wasn't enough to immobilize me, but it was pretty moderate pain that bothered me all night. It hurt worse when breathing deeply or bending over/moving around. I didn't have any shortness of breath or any other strange symptoms other than the pain. The next morning I still felt a little strange. I felt better as the day went on, and that night I felt like I had some heartburn (just dully achy pain in chest).
Avatar n tn at the beggining of this year i went back and she gave me more med but it wasnt helping. couple months ago i went because i was having a very sharp pain in my upper stomach and lower chest that would go all the way to my upper back. the pain was so bad! first i had like a pain atack for like 30 mins i couldnt move i had to stay bending over my bed at an angle and stedy and the pain whent away.
Avatar f tn It all started at the beginning of August when I was at my desk working (doing some painting work on a mold, as I'm an artist) and suddenly I got a sharp pain on the left side of my chest. It seemed to be more where the underarm area would be--that stretch of muscle that connects from the under the arm to the top part of the breast? Well anyway, it lasted a few seconds...then went away and I didn't think much of it.
Avatar f tn Recently the pain in my chest is almost constant, worse when breathing in or bending over. It's sore, mostly upper right side, sometimes throbbing, radiating to my back. Bending over will sometimes trigger palpitations especially after eating, but these will stop quickly when I straighten up. I've had an upper GI barrium test, chest x-ray, CT scan with dye, and blood tests which did not show anything.
Avatar m tn Characterised by pain in the chest which may spread to the neck, jaw, arms, or back.Sometimes there is no chest pain and only reffered pain to these areas. Diagnosis is by esophageal manometry and esophageogram. Treatment is by sublingual nitroglycerin and calcium channel blockers. As I have mentioned earlier,the main possibility in your case is cervical spondolysis.The rest of the possibilities have to be ruled out.Pls get yourself evaluated for cervical spondolysis if not done before.
Avatar f tn It last for about 1 min and hurts really bad. Then other times throughout the day I get bad pain always last about one min sharp left side of chest. Sometimes it happens when I am jus bending over. A little history 27 yr old female never smoked or drank, eat mostly healthy . Open heart surgery at 2yrs age but fine ever since. Heart murmor. Have had multiple ekgs ecgs two cardiac echos one last week and stress test all show I am " fine" but still get chest pain every morning.
Avatar n tn I have had burning skin sensations , Sharp arm pain , chest pain , shoulder pain , back pain and my burning sensations were all over even tongue and throat . I also had a fear of having clots? for some reason lol .. i mean how could i get them in the first place. I get burning sensations from my chest to my finger tips up my neck like a sharp and cold stinging sensation it comes and goes .
1554262 tn?1374243601 I am so sorry to hear about your attacks of sudden severe chest pain. The obvious first thought is cardiac. The pain doesn't have to be exactly over your heart or on the left side.....however drinking cold water should not relieve cardiac symptoms. If anything it should make it worse. But I am far from an expert. So I cannot say for certain that it is not cardiac. It's possible it is a gastrointestinal problem.
Avatar n tn This does not always work, though. I have taken some over the counter pain meds, but they do not seem to make a single bit of difference. It hurts so bad sometimes. Sometimes it feels like the area is tingling, like when your leg or arm falls asleep. Other times it feels like a bruise or a sore muscle, and I just feel the pain consistantly, no matter what I'm doing. This has been occuring for a week and a half now. I don't want it to continue. I guess I should call the doctor.
Avatar m tn feeling but that stopped recently. I also feel a sharp pain when I SLEEP OR LAY on my left side in my chest area. I dont know if its my heart or lungs or what. I, too, burp alot and everytime I wake up I have to burp about 4-5 times to expel all the gas. When I eat anything, I swallow more than once to clear my throat so I know im swallowing a lot of air. That still doesnt explain the chest pain and burping when I wake up though.
Avatar n tn On occasion when I yawn and stretch at the same time I get a real sharp chest pain. when the sharp pain hits it only lasts maybe 5-10 seconds but during that time I cant take a breath and im kind of frozen in place. It does not happen every time, just once in a while. I have always assumed it was just muscle spasms but I have asked around and have never heard of anyone having the same problem.
Avatar n tn The Pulmonologist, after reviewing Clear X-rays, a Clear CT Scan, two PFT's showing normal ranges and a FEV1 of 93 percent perdicted said I had reactive airways. My major complaint is chest pain, and as I said to my MD, painful breathing is lousy breathing. Painful breathing causes your breathing to frequently feel guarded. Basicaly, I have muscle tension and pain in the neck muscles, shoulders, muscles involved in breathing on the sides, back and front of rib cage.
Avatar n tn Here's my Problem, on the right side of my chest muscle (almost under where the arm pit is) a sharp pain shoots through the right side of my chest when I land from jumping, or from my stride when running. It is also sore to the touch. These are the only times it hurts. I went through my normal chest routine with out any pain. What can I do to heal this? I just got hired by the Sherrif's office and need to take the Physical Agility Test.
Avatar n tn I also have pain just below the rib cage on both sides of the ribs and I notice it is worse on the right side. Just recently, I noticed if I bend down, I get a sharp pain on the right side below my rib cage. I am really worried as the angiogram I had on Sept. 8/08, showed my heart was in good shape---no blockages and the by-passes are fine. I also had other tests on the heart such as echo cardiogram, stress test, prefusion study, etc. and they all showed I was fine.
Avatar n tn Hi I to have pretty much exactly the same problem as ChrisBristol, only the pain that causes the click comes from being slouched or bending the upper body forward. when straightening up I feel a constricting pain which is relived by spreading my arms wide and back, pushing chest forward untill I hear a crack which must be the cartilage/ sterum popping back into postion?
Avatar n tn I had similar pain for about two years now. My pain feels like a sharp bubble like pain that goes in the middle of my back, under my left breast, left shoulder, neck and sometimes my chest. I have been to doctor after doctor trying to find what is causing the pain. Does anyone else have this same pain????