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Avatar n tn Hi tj my name is ike. I was taking Xanax for over 14 years. The 6 months before I went into detox I was choking them down with a solid case a beer daily. I took as many as 8 mg per day. I think you should tell your doc ASAP/yesterday. The amount of Xanax you're taking may seem like a little but it may still cause wd's. Being pregnant ramps the necessity up quite a bit. Now is the time to come forward so the professionals can help you ease off your med.
Avatar m tn I had my first experience with a panic attack and subsequent deep depression on April 1, 2009. I went to the doctor and he started me on meds. I've been on Sertraline for five weeks and have had no significant improvement in depression or anxiety. My doctor tried Lexapro first for six weeks and I seem to get worse. He just increased my dose from 100mg to150mg of sertraline four days ago (June 30). I feel really strange.
Avatar m tn sorry I can't offer much help but just keep retelling yourself that you've made two weeks without it and though its awful you keep fighting on and making it to a knew day.
Avatar m tn I started taking sertraline and I felt fine but they switched me to 25mg sertraline and 50mg of Zoloft I'm getting really bad headaches now and I cannot stand because of it what do I do
Avatar f tn I recently lost my job so my anxiety kicked in full gear and caused me a couple bouts of depression. I tried Sertraline this past weekend and couldn't make it past 3 days at .25mg. This was my first time taking any SSRI or med. I just could not handle the heightened anxiety. Maybe the fact that I'm in school and I have a presentation on Saturday was causing it, but I also had insomnia and I didn't think .25mg of Xanax would take enough of the edge off or help me through the presentation.
5467587 tn?1370012147 It completely came out of the Blue. I was prescirbed 50 mgs of Sertaline and have done well on tthat does for 5.5 years. And then about 4 weeks ago BAM hit me again like a ton of bricks. My stress level has changed in the past couple of months so I blame it one that. My Doctor upped my does to 75 mgs for a week and then I have been on 100mgs for 2.5 weeks now. Since then I do have more motivation and energy but I still feel edgey....
672514 tn?1265658741 25mg TID) and like last time, I believe I will work on my issues, tappering off xanax and then zoloft like last time. I still believe this time is not as severe as last time, but is severe in its own right. MY QUESTION FINALLY (SMILE) has anyone ever experienced a calming effect, like WOW I feel normal only after one dose? PLEASE NOTE: I do understand zoloft takes 4-6 weeks to reach theraputic levels, but I swear, all three times I have started zoloft, the next day. I have felt just great?
Avatar f tn I don't know how much background there is to the selection of Sertraline, and the idea of "trying out" Xanax makes me nervous and I don't even TAKE any meds at all. Seems to me like the time has come for a consult with a psychiatrist who is more qualified to assess your condition and approprioate medication that the family doc.
Avatar f tn Hi, I was dealing with both anxiety and depression for a while. A doctor prescribed me sertraline 50mg and trazodone 50mg. This is my 2nd week, first few days I was ok. The depression got better, but suddenly I suffered a panic attack at work. I had a few panic attacks before, I used to take xanax 25mg which stopped working. Then I began to feel nausea, especially in the morning. Also getting shortness of breath for a few days and it's so uncomfortable.
Avatar f tn Zoloft seems to be an odd medication for blood pressure, but is used for anxiety. I'm guessing the doctor gave it to you because the anxiety is causing the high blood pressure. I would consider talking to him about taking Ativan (Lorazepam) or Xanax (Alprazolam) instead, though.
15386971 tn?1440426700 and it seems that this anxiolytic is the most addictive I really do not know what to do.. Do you have experience with xanax or other lighter and less addictive or dangerous medication ? any advices ? Thanks a lot!
Avatar n tn I am taking xanax and Klonipin for anxiety and panic attacks as well. Just broke up with fiancé and quit drinking two weeks ago and have had horrible anxiety. The only thing is that I have become horribly depressed, I was thinking it was caused by the Lithium they put me on three weeks ago. But stopped that and nothing tried another anti depressant didn’t do much. Im beginning to think that the depression has more to do with the xanax and Klonipin then the breaking up with girlfriend.
Avatar f tn Jessica42009, I have those same feelings, especially the vibrating. I've had tests and they all say I'm fine. My friend gave me some Xanax to try and I take half a pill when I get those feelings. Sometimes it feel like it works and sometimes I'm not sure. We are both still alive I hope. It must be in our heads. I'm going to schedule some time with a shrink who can prescribe me this.
Avatar f tn I have been on the Zoloft for 26 days and 21 of them I have taken a 1/2 of a .5mg of Xanax. I don't feel the need to take more than that but I am sooooooo scared of becoming addicted. Even at this little amount will I have problems when I stop taking it? Will I react if I don't take one tomorrow? My doctor tells me it's perfectly safe at such a low dose but I have heard so many horror stories. Any advice?
Avatar f tn i h avent had a attack in 5 years suddenly i was haveing stress at work and had 1 and was put on zoloft and xanax and have felt like crap since. had to take 2 weeks off work even because this made me so physically sick .
Avatar m tn 3 months (when I had the job) it got much worse. Then, about a month ago I was prescribed Sertraline (aka. Zoloft) and Xanax. Didn't start taking it (was afraid?). But here I am, feeling better again, able to do things again, just not feeling 100% when I am out, but overall fine. Since Nov 2014 I haven't been drinking, smoking or drinking caffeine, just started eating warm foods more and been taking magnesium supplements (tried couple of them) since then till now.
Avatar m tn My doctor put me on Xanax and Sertraline last year but they both made me sick to my stomach. A friend of mine actually recommended panicyl to me since its a natural remedy and not as strong as the drug products are. I don't know anything about your situation so I dont know if it will help you or not too but I wanted to add my input since I haved used it. Take care and I hope you find what works for you landshark.
Avatar n tn Zoloft works well for my depression and Xanax helped me for my Panic attacks. Now, I am on lower dose of Zoloft and my symptoms are much better.
94902 tn?1330483267 Just wondering if anyone is pregnant and taking either Zoloft (sertraline) or Toprol XL (metaporpolol). I currently take both - one for anxiety and the other because I have PVCs and tachycardia (which causes the anxiety). I am now estimated 6 weeks pregnant, and am having to make the decision about wether or not to come off my meds. I am in the process of weighing my pros and cons, but wonder if any other moms have been on any meds while pregnant. I would appreciate any input.
Avatar n tn I take zoloft and klonopin for my anxiety. 1. What is can you tell me about zoloft and long qt. Are there safer drugs out there I should take that do not increase the qt interval like paxil or celexa. I worry that since there is a slight tick in my electrical system I'm at greater risk for zoloft effecting me. 2. I also take klonopin, are there any know cardiovascular effects known with this that could cause problems. Is the combo of zoloft and klonopin perfectly safe. 3.
Avatar f tn Schuylersmom: did you stay on Lamictal or try to wean off again?
Avatar f tn it could be anxiety or it could be your meds. do you know the side effects of sertraline? how long have you been on your meds? they all come with side effects, some go away and some don't. but if your shaky only when you worry about something then that could very well be anxiety. take care.
Avatar n tn I have just been put on zoloft and atarax and taken of ativan. I'm eagerly waiting to start therapy next Tuesday and start the process of putting this all behind me. Good luck to you as well JM517 and let me know how you do on the zoloft.
2010625 tn?1329375656 Hi, you could ask about Largactil it helps you sleep and it's an anti psychotic i take it along with Seroquel xr 600mg at night and also Sertraline in morning 50mg , my only problem lately is the sertraline makes me hypo manic and i can't sleep that's why i'm taking the largactil 400mg at night . good luck with it hope you are well again soon .
Avatar f tn I've been on 3 different Sertraline generics (Aurobindo, Teva and Greenstone) as well as the name brand, and Greenstone does seem to be the same as the name brand.
Avatar n tn You should discuss it with your dr. I did take lexapro fro a while but have since stopped and I only take xanax occasionally for anxiety attacks. Don't hesitate to talk with your dr and get something to ease you through your depression.
Avatar m tn And afterwards, my OCD was developed more and more. And nowadays. my OCD and insomnia are quite inter-related each others. Everytime, I am going to bed, I has some thoughts my hand is so dry and have to use some gels to make it wet. Or I need to check the door lock although I know that is already locked. So if I start doing that, my body becomes fresh and I cannot sleep. If I don't do at all, my mind keep reminding me that I must do it and I cannot sleep as well.
611964 tn?1223771320 Hi, I did try Cymbalta, once, and suffered a severe allergic reaction, and really thought I would die, and so did they!! I took lexapro, and that made me really have strange thoughts, so zoloft, seems to work the best so far. I am just tired to the whole thing!!
Avatar m tn Now it's too the point to where its like I'm having a really good day and I'm full of energy and happiness and then I get tired and all of a sudden I become really depressed and anti-social to the point that it hurts and I have a heavy feeling on myself. I was told it takes 3 to 4 weeks to start seeing results, which I believe, but to be honest I'm getting impatient now because I'm tired of having these really depressing feelings and thoughts go through my head all the time.
Avatar n tn After having my second child the symptoms came back and I was put on sertraline 100mg a day. After a couple of months I felt really good and took it until a year ago. However, 6 months ago the anxiety and attacks returned with full force, the doc started me on 50mg a day and increased to 100mg a day. I have been taking them for 5 months now, but the anxiety still returns as if I was not taking any medication at all! I also take propanolol which I don't think is helping.