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Avatar m tn Seroquel is a strong antipsychotic agent. While it does cause drowsiness, using it for sleep alone could bring along unwanted side effects or even new medical conditions. Using a medicine specifically prescribed as a sleep aid would be a better option than exploiting a side effect of seroquel. Also, patients who currently take seroquel often feel drowsy throughout the entire day.
Avatar m tn I was prescribed Seroquil for a sleep-aid for a while, but it made me sleep forever and still be tired and apathetic the next day. I took Ambien for a couple years, but took myself off of it because I can get impulsive and overdose. Ambien is kind of addictive. I've always been interested in Lunesta since it's non-narcotic but my insurance wouldn't cover it. Have you tried over-the-counter sleep aids?
Avatar m tn Also all the other sleep medications are completely awful, also has anyone ever tried not having sleep for a few weeks, how can that be better ? I took it for sleep it was briliant I think 12.5 mg. However if you have depression a good anti depressant will improve your sleep and is probably a better option, ask a doctor. I settled for this in the end. The first six weeks on the seroquel as sleep aid, i was in a fantastic mood, it has this effect, but after that I went down a bit.
Avatar f tn my doctor gave me seroquel for sleep also, it does tend to make me groggy the next day,so she said for me to try to lower the dose to 25 mgs, it is a common side effect of seroquel and i guess if it effects you this way then it will always effect you this way, my doc told me this side effect doesnt go away with time. but if it helps you sleep while going through withdrawals than take advantage of the times where you CAN sleep...
232264 tn?1191252080 The weight is stubborn and extremely difficult to take off. For sleep I use 0.25 mg of Halcion (Triazolam) for sleep plus 8 mg of Melatonin. That works just fine to get me to sleep. Sometimes I skip the Triazolam and only use the Melatonin and that is fine by itself.
1168718 tn?1464987135 It was my psychiatrist that gave me the nortriptyline and it didn't work, ( made my mouth and toungue numb), then went a few days with nothing BUT the gabapentin, then he called and put me on the Seraquel. I'm on a 12.5mg. dose, and it does seem to help me sleep. That is what it is for, just a sleep aid. Sorry for going on so much, I guess this is also a response to JJ..... *S* Hi JJ .....
Avatar m tn The last few months would have been very difficult as I lost my mum-in-law whom I was very close to and my sister went away as an aid worker overseas for 6 months. Not very helpful sorry but I don't have any side effects.
605458 tn?1539232408 I don't think that would work. I need the Seroquel at bedtime to put me to sleep. I don't sleep if I just take a small dose, and if I don't sleep I get manic, and when if I get manic I can get delusional. I primarily take it for its antipsychotic properties, and the fact that it puts me to sleep at night is a bonus. Sometimes, when I am even just a little manic, my dose of immediate release 450mg isn't enough to put me to sleep. Then I have to use Xanax.
1255936 tn?1296627061 I hear 25mg is really not high enough to be effective for GAD or anything else other than a sleeping aid (why anyone would take a anti-psych for a sleep aid is beyond me). I hear that 200-300 mg is the dose for treating GAD, BP, and depression. I will be seeing my doc tomorrow to discuss increasing the dosage. Any input from anyone on the "front lines" would be awesome! Cheers!
Avatar f tn Doctors o Mehelp here have suggested Seroquel for sleeping for addicts. We are dependent on Seroquel to sleep. No big deal. You can take it long term with no bad effect. We could quit, and the only side effect would be that we couldn't sleep. Many people are not able to sleep with aid. Seroquel is the last thing i had to take on my journey of insomnia. Maybe it'll work for you too. You NEED sleep. Life is too hard without getting the REM that you need. We take one per night.
1246883 tn?1285551573 I have never heard of that for a sleep aide. Its normally written for bipolar, its a psych med. Seroquel will make you gain weight and it will cause your self esteem to go down rapidly. You should try Ambian or Lunesta. they are the best out right now. As far as the weight ask for Effexor its for depression but has helped me lose weight.
Avatar n tn I take seroquel specifically and only for sleep. However, I haven't been able to find another sleep aid that works better than seroquel. This is my dilemma.
Avatar n tn I take meclizine for the nausea, valium for the brain shocks, and now Seroquel for insomnia. Valium I can quit cold turkey(long half-life). Its seroquel that has me concerned because it antagonizes many parts of the brain that Remeron does creating a sedative effect possibly making it addictive. Am I robbing Peter To pay Paul???? Has anyone had experiences with Remeron(mirtazapine) or Seroquel (quetiapine). Particularly withdrawal Experiences.
1134609 tn?1269275800 But two years after taking it i got tooken off by law and i had the worst troubles sleeping. Seriousely i couldnt sleep for 1 week and a half and after that it took me almost a year to get on the right sleeping habit. I dont recommend thinking of seroquil as your sleeping aid. Bad bad thing.
663901 tn?1232653271 Have you thought about switching a drug so you can drop the level of seroquel, I am on trazadone for sleep. It took me 4-5 days not to be terribly sleepy, but I sleep like a rock normally. When I hit a depression all gloves are off when it comes to sleep, so I add ativan. Ativan will help with the legs at night, and I like it, I only use it when needed.
Avatar m tn When I tried to discontinue, she skipped one dose, had strange thoughts, upset stomach and couldn't sleep. She also takes Dilitiazem and Lasix for BP. Is there something safer she can take to keep her calm and sleep?
Avatar f tn Thanks to everyone for your responses...I ended up taking the seroquel 300 and it didn't aid in withdrawal at all, and yes it did make me feel like a zombie, I still feel like one this morning...I was just hoping it would knock me out to the point of avoiding some withdrawal. It felt like my head was asleep but I could feel the violent jerking, chills, shakes, etc all night...I couldn't get out of bed until almost noon and I'm ready to go back to bed! Anyway, thanks again.
Avatar f tn Hi. I've been on Seroquel and then Seroquel XR for about two years now. I was initially prescribed it for bipolar mania, and the resultant insomnia. I have had panic attacks before prior to taking Seroquel, however never constantly, and never for no reason at all. I would have a panic attack after a traumatic event, or when I smoked pot as a teenager, but otherwise I never had them.
Avatar m tn Seroquel is sedating, so it will be good for you if you have plane anxiety. You can just sleep through your flight. Dont drink alcohol if they serve it. And if you feel anxious or anything, just tell the flight attendents ahead of time to keep an eye on you. They have certified first aid knowledge.
358304 tn?1409713092 If indeed you end up having an issue, like the dose may be a bit high, then address that with your doc. Fingers crossed that you get some relief with the Seroquel. It's commonly used as a sleep aid, I've had thousands of patients on it, and my experience with it is that it's tolerated well and is effective for the vast majority of people. Hang in there...and don't let your mind take over! LOL I know easier said than done, but like I've said before, that's your biggest downfall.
Avatar f tn I'm going to try to see a different doctor, do you have any suggestions for a different sleep aid then seroquel or zopiclone? Or should I just get off sleep aids and practice your routine.
Avatar n tn i just looked at sleep deprivation effects and theyre very similar to depression, i havent slept well in 7 months (not 1 night) but am starting to sleep ok with seroquel, and im starting to feel better (less anxious and depressed) i wonder if some of us could benifit just from a strong sleep aid for a few weeks? instead of all these ssris? anyone sleep really well every night and stil depressed/anxious?
Avatar n tn I was having a hard time sleeping and although they didn't give me anything just for a sleep aid they did prescribe Remeron Solotabs (an antidepressant that has a sleep aid in it)Every once in awhile though I find it necessary to take a half of a Unisom (OTC sleep aid) I hope you find something that works soon. It is bad enough to deal with all this and no sleep too. Good Luck to you and God bless you and your family.
Avatar f tn For instance, you could be lacking in iodine (I was), or you could have high cortisol. For a natural sleep aid try ashwagandha (Indian genseng). It is an herb that serves to relax you and help you sleep. Also, if the problem be high cortisol, it will help normalize it.
Avatar f tn These things take time, but your body might start getting used to the OTC sleep aids you've been resorting to for such a long time now.
Avatar f tn It's the only drug i've ever taken without the need for an additional sleep aid... speak to your pdoc about it and let me know what happens... not being able to sleep is a really horrible thing.... i know all about it...
198154 tn?1337790865 At the lower end, its a potent sleep med which works in a similar fashion as an antihistamine. The dosing range for seroquel is enormous, anywhere from 25mgs to 800mgs. For sleep 25-100mgs is all you'd need. Seroquel frankly saved my *** in early recovery, when I was desperate for sleep, and it also has a very pronounced anxiolytic effect as well, and as we know, sleep and anxiety tend to run in the same circles.