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1349329 tn?1276988802 My Dr. has prescribed a low dose of Seroquel for me to help with sleep while I'm detoxing. I did an internet search for information and found a website that sells this Medication and you don't need a prescription. I'm going copy and past what it says about how to take it etc., Read everything it says, it is "Totally Crazy." Drug Name Seroquel (Quetiapine) Drug Uses Seroquel is masterpiece for treating schizophrenia or bipolar boisterousness.
766412 tn?1234896883 When I was taking seroquel, (quetiapine), I found it to be a really stabilising drug, I didn't have any real extremes of mood, and weirdly, never cried. My only problems were that I got very tired at times, and often got cramps in my legs, but after awhile taking it those things became less harsh. Good luck with it.
Avatar m tn I've weaned myself down to 200mg of seroquel a night and don't seem to feel any bad effects in mood - just enough for sleep which is a major complaint of mine - awful awful insomnia. I've tried all kinds of relaxation and herbal tea and aromatherapies for relaxation and sleep to no avail. The other night I was excited to try yet another herbal concoction and since I didn't have to work the next day I decided to skip the seroquel.
1134609 tn?1269275800 I take all my Seroquel at night 400 mg. It knocks me out at night, but I still have daytime drowsiness.
Avatar f tn So they lowered it but then i slept a 1/2 day so then they put it on 50 and I wouldn't sleep and when I slept I was mean as ever. So I no longer take seroquel. its not good for me.
Avatar n tn Take your Ribas as early as you possibly can and if you have a split number dose (like 5) take 3 in the am and 2 at night. I take mine at 7am and 7pm with FOOD (it is crucial you take with food!) so it's about both meal times. The Riba sure CAN keep you up all night long, in fact is is a VERY common problem unfortunately! My doctor prescribed Ambien CR - the long lasting sleeping aid. It helps me SO SO SO MUCH. I was falling apart from lack of sleep (hey we feel bad enough already!
198154 tn?1337790865 At the lower end, its a potent sleep med which works in a similar fashion as an antihistamine. The dosing range for seroquel is enormous, anywhere from 25mgs to 800mgs. For sleep 25-100mgs is all you'd need. Seroquel frankly saved my *** in early recovery, when I was desperate for sleep, and it also has a very pronounced anxiolytic effect as well, and as we know, sleep and anxiety tend to run in the same circles.
Avatar f tn The sleep pattern broken, finally dosing off for a few hours around 4am. I am highly succeptable to being in the 2-3 percentile on psychotrops that have adverse out of the normal reactions. Becuase it worked well to bring clarity to me at first, liked. Now with all these, can I attribute them to the drug or just getting off naturals? Oh also I am scared. I used to be years ago, wake up thinking something was in the room sort of thing. Anyone been here, done this?
Avatar n tn suppose to take 1 mg xanax 3 times a day but takes it 4 times a day sometimes more. robaxin not sure mg,3 to 4 times a day. along with seroquel to sleep and cymbalta. I have talked with him about all this soo much. He doesnt see the problem. He says what am I suppose to do. Im in pain, but im scared he has damaged the natural opiods in his brain and he is just going to continue to get worse. I have left him several times over this, but I do love him. I feel so torn .
Avatar f tn Thank you for responding, I just learned that a year ago well he was at a party he was introduced to them, and has done them since, he admitted he snorted them at the party but then just started to swallow them "normally" after the party cause he felt sick, he is/was perscribed percocett for pain but i think once the doctor hears this he will loose those i would imagine.
222369 tn?1274478235 I have Klonopin (been on for a long time for anxiety, Seroquel (also for anxiety), and Ambien CR that I've been on for over a year. I do not like any of those drugs so I'm not that worried about getting off of them (except for no sleep if I stop the Ambien). Point is, I'm feeling absolutely crappy. I've taken baths, tried to drink fluids, just had my first food (if you count soup broth and a few noodles in it as food), and have taken meds to go to sleep.
574118 tn?1305138884 morning 25mg seroquel, lunch 25 seroquel, supper 1mg stelazin, dinner 25mg seroquel+1mg risperidone before going to sleep). Today, when I posted (does mania come suddendly), for the 1st time, my stelazin didn't work it lasted only for 2 hrs and I started feeling the devil inside me like I want to kill someone, I also saw the devil in the mirror. I will be taking instead 50mg seroquel before going to bed, hoping to land again by tomorrow. However I discovered something new.
Avatar m tn She was hospitalized twice because of lack of sleep and delirium. (No cause was given for her strange behavior - she was out of control, crying and screaming etc.) I am 37 and the only one who cares for her at home. She seems calmer most days and can do some things for herself, but when she sees me upset or worried, it makes her sad. I worry about leaving her alone while I grocery shop or try to do things for myself. We don't go to church and rarely see friends or other family.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Seroquel for insomia. It is one of the side effects of the drug. I didn't like the other side effect which is having an enormous appetite. I stopped using Seroquel and didn't have any fall out. I think I was on and off them for around 3 weeks. My dose never went above 200mg.
1001049 tn?1250097950 I spoke to a fellow addict today, and she’s been taking seroquel for sleep for a while now. I know that it is given to people who suffer from anxiety and as a sleep aid. I’m sure we will be hearing more about seroquel as time goes on here. Like trazadone, an anti depressant that’s been around for years, it has side effects of increased drowsiness. If I wouldn’t have used sleep aids in the beginning of my w/d’s from opiates, I can honestly say, I wouldn’t have made it.
Avatar n tn I tried natural stuffs (herbal teas, relaxation, melatonin), I tried the OTC sleep aids and I've been prescribed seroquel (quetiapine), desyrel (trazodone) and recently imovane (zopiclone). NONE OF THE ABOVE WORK!!! (even after doubling or even tripling the doses) What's after imovane? I want a potent medication that will knock me out for the night and I'm sick of using antidepressents only for the drowsiness side effect. I am NOT drowsy.
Avatar f tn people use it as a mood stabilizer, others for depression a great majority for anxiety, some for good night sleep etc...
Avatar m tn also Diane you may find or already have found out that you will need a higher dose to induce sleep the longer that you continue to take Ambien and it will work less and less to put you to sleep the longer you take it. It was designed for short term dosing(2 weeks at most) and not for long term use. I got to the point hwere I had to increase my dose to 3 10m.g nightly just to get 3-4 hours of sleep and would wake up and take another 2 to get back to sleep.
1100156 tn?1323927121 It also gave me an excuse to drink a lot of Gatorade, my doctor's suggestion... As for the sleep problems, Seroquel, the drug the poster above suggested, can definitely be helpful, and it is now widely prescribed as a sleep aid. However, as an anti-psychotic it has some troubling side effects. There are other options to help with sleep, such as non-benzodiazepine hypnotics (Ambien, Sonata, etc.), but again, these all have their drawbacks as well.
Avatar f tn Thank you. I have talked to this doctor once about the Seroquel. He had written the script for 1 tablet 2x/day. I asked about that and he insisted that he wrote it for 1 a day at bedtime. I didn't argue, but I saw the script and it clearly said BID which means 2x/day. Could this be residual meds from being on a double dose for 3 days?
Avatar f tn Thank you. I bought the book "BiPolar for dummies" and still could not get a grasp on what BiPolar really means. That drs statement says more than the whole book said! That statement actually describes my daughter, hmmmmm.
Avatar f tn I have been told it was not a therupic level for anxiety? It's been working for me. I also take 100mg of seroquel as a mood stablizer @ bedtime ( also helps with sleep ) I have recently tappered off lithium (taking up to 1200 mgs a day dowm to 900 down to 600 down to300 down to150) Off completly for 6 weeks. Everthing I do is monitored by my podc.I'm not sure what direction we will chose next.I have new questions about Celexa and Trileptal.
883607 tn?1241851111 Yes it's important to carefully watch lithium serum levels. I delayed the last test because my crazy sleep patterns were upsetting my dosing times and I wanted an accurate test result. My kidney tests are now normal. I have spare doctor serum orders with me always (good idea for other lithium takers?) and will be having weekly tests, as a minimum, for a while now. The lithium is efficacy range is 0.5 to 1.2 mmol/L - toxity can commence at around 1.4. My target level will now be around 1.
Avatar n tn See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter. The minerals and vitamins you are taking are definitely a good start. The residual symptoms of insomnia and depression can last another few months.
Avatar f tn My med of choice is seroquel and Kolopin. Dosing has been tweeked a few times over the years....
Avatar f tn Today was my first day and I took a total of 18mg from 4pm to 10pm. Now its bed time and I hope I can sleep!! Gonna take my Seroquel and hopefully will sleep thru this crap. i am supposed to take 8mg 4x day for the 1st 30 days. I am hoping tomorrow will be better. If I cannot sleep, I may get up during the night and take another. I HATE that I have to put them under my My mouth fills with saliva and I try to keep it on top but its hard.
Avatar n tn Seriously, I sympathize with your inability to sleep; I know for myself, when I don't sleep, I'm grumpy as a bear. Your little ritual sounds comfortening...I may try it myself. I remember when my son was a baby, he and I both loved to rock. I'd sit in front of the TV for hours and rock with him. It was as comforting to me as it was for him.
881974 tn?1242204273 I can still wake in the middle of the night if one of my children gets up and not altered in anyway from it so I can tend to them and still go right back to a deep sleep. I would really love a Doctor's point of view on this situation PLEASE! Sorry for the length I just thought some background would be helpfull.