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326590 tn?1296066049 I'm 25 wks now and I was having a mild headache yesterday, so I took a tylenol PM last night before bed. I rested well and the headache is gone today, but I have felt the baby move very little today. I know what we take can pass through the placenta. Is it possible that I put her to sleep? Every now and then I feel a flutter, but no strong taps like usual and not often. Maybe like 3 times all day.
1117252 tn?1259723379 The seroquel seems to be working very well - I was starting w/d last night and w/in 30mins of taking seroquel I was able to sleep a whole 8hrs - but I'm worried it's b/c I still had sub in my system.
425312 tn?1279969779 He promised me he wouldn't. The tylenol pm seems to be helping a little bit. The seroquel and xanax seem to make my legs crawl more.
Avatar n tn He has been told no advil or asprin but may take 1 350 mg. tylenol every 4 hours. This isn't helping, and I am concerned about his quality of life. We mentioned this to Doctors, but they don't seem to get it! Any suggestions?
Avatar n tn Well I guess my story will shock you all I am currently taking 800mg a day of Topamax. 400mg in the am and 400mg in the pm. My migrianes were so life stopping that I could not get through the week without one. I would usally land myself in the hospital on the verge of a stroke on time it had gotten so bad that they admitted me for a swollen brain. Topamax has saved my life!!! At first though I did feel as if I was going insane they side effects were dreadful.
Avatar n tn for two years, and from the beginning, he hasn't lost ANY weight! And his doctor had him taking 1000mg AM, and PM. He is diabetic. I think you changing what you're eating, the amount you eat, and walking more often is the reasons why you loose weight! And also, it is VERY, VERY unhealthy to loose 19LBS in 1 week! If that's what is happening you should eat more Cal's! I've never meet a doctor who would be OK with ANYONE losing that much so fast!
Avatar m tn This is driving me insane and even if I can sleep quite well the pain and the migraine wake me up in the middle of the night and I have to take Tylenol PM to go back to sleep, waking up in the morning with the migraine and the muscle cramps again, they won't go away. Could it be a withdrawal effect of the Vicodin/Tramadol or it is from the Xanax? Please, I need some information, some help. I'm at the end of my wits with this!!! Any info will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I was on Ambien for over 6 years but it was not working well anymnore and I was having amnesia...not good. I take simply sleep now, tylenol pm without the tylenol or actually its the same exact as benadryl! I think menopause has ruined my chance of sleeping soundly again, that and my pain. I would DIE for a good nights sleep now that you mention it!!!! I am trying to remember how I came off the Ambien.
Avatar f tn What do I take first? I have Ativan( prescribed 20) , melotonian, immodium , Motrin and pm, and magnesium. Vitamin b and c. Am I good? Healthy stuff! , I wAnt to quit for my children and myself. They are my life. How I got this far is not good. Mentally I think I'll be okay. It's the physical I'm worried about. God bless. Will keep you all posted. I can't say enough Thank you!
541465 tn?1219431486 HI, I normally take 120 mgs of methadone daily ( been clean off opiates or over 6 months now), take 2mgs of Klonopins daily, and 50 to 100mgs of phenergan (promethazine or promethazine hyrochloride, ) , AND 0.2 mgs of Chlonodine a day,. . . . .AND, 200mgs oF seroquel ( but only used for sleep. Im prescribed all the meds so this pill i found which i knew was a Tramadol/Ultram 50 mgs. Is that safe? The only interaction that i am worried about is the methadone.
1476003 tn?1331231592 AGREE 100% with Vicki here. You can't keep searching for "something" to help. That is a bad habit that needs to be broken. I got some Alteril(natural stuff) today, and I'm anxious to see if it works. If it does, I'll let you know. Seroquel never helped me sleep much. It just made me feel weird and super strange the next day! Think about it ok? Don't keep dumping stuff in. You COULD make it worse.....
Avatar n tn My Doctor prescribed Paxil (10 mg) to me but forgot to mention that you can't take with Tylenol PM and I woke up one night unable to breathe due to the combination. I saw a neurologist who prescribed Lerazapam(I think that's how you spell it) and I was feeling fine.
457882 tn?1235380680 sleep can get some OTC meds like melatonin..even tylenol pm...have u tried any of that first? If you feel you need to go to the ER, u r the best judge of how u feel...u do not want to become dehydrated....are you able to keep fluids down?
3145974 tn?1343089798 25mg) with a Tylenol pm, many times. I'm not a doctor, but I thought it would help and was better than taking two Xanax. Recently, I've taken just the .25 of Xanax and it worked the same. The Tylenol pm wasn't doing anything in my opinion. I hope you get your thyroid regulated, that will cause you a lot of sleeplessness. It took me years to figure that out. My insomnia these days is not related to my thyroid. Keep us posted on your progress.
Avatar m tn The following drugs are all i take, No more and no less. Fentanyl 50mcg. Tylenol3, Tylenol, Norflex, Ambien,Seroquel, Cymbalta, Ibuprofen and Naproxen. PLEASE HELP!!!!
198154 tn?1337790865 diphenhydramine. Also the sedative drug in tylenol pm and most cough medications. Used long term, these medications will severely impair your ability to fall asleep naturally. IMO, much worse than many prescription meds. So avoid these if possible. And in particlar if you have come to rely on Nyquil or robitussin, you are playing with fire and could actually set off a psychotic episode with prolonged use. Melatonin-is a naturally occurring hormone, supplemention does help induce sleep.
1671244 tn?1304794585 I should also mention, because it may have part to do with the panic last night(don't know), I have taken Tylenol PM to help me get some good sleep the last 2-3 nights. This is not something I do regularly at all! I have had a hard time staying asleep, and wake up in pain. My back hurts so bad some nights I toss and turn all night long; never getting any "good" sleep. I thought I would try some PM and see if it helped.
Avatar n tn HELP what should I DO?? ps. i've tried over the counter aids. a warm glass of milk, hot bath, unisom, tylenol pm, valerian root, melatonin, L-Tryptophan. amitriptilayne, lunesta, seroquel,muscle relaxants, anti-anxiety meds, i was even put on an investigational drug made from GHB, can anyone help??
Avatar n tn A couple of nights ago I took a Tylenol PM for head and shoulder pain cause I couldn't find any reg Tylenol and I am trying to hold off as much as possible on the vicodin I have. Anyway, I took it at about 6pm and by pain was much more bearable and I couldn't hardly keep my eyes open. Try the Tylenol PM...I hope it works for you.
Avatar n tn I saw four different psychiatrists who all tried to put me on anti-depressants including; zoloft, seroquel, trazadone, and effexor none of which I took. I am determined to get completely off all pills and be back to my normal self again and completely pill free the best way possible.
1564517 tn?1314349923 But the doctors say that it isn't healthy. I tried over the counter Melatonin, and Tylenol pm. Didn't help. Benadryl works the best but i cant take that every night. I do take Seroquel. Started at 100mg a night two years ago and now is reduced to 15mg. the less mg the longer it takes to fall asleep but the reason i had it reduced because its effects were lasting till noon the next day. I'm just so sick and tired of always being sick and tired!!
Avatar n tn I have read that many folks use Rx sleep aids or OTC sleep aids (Tylenol PM, etc.). I am a FIRM beleiver that one should do whatever WORKS so I am NOT criticizing!! I am going to share something that has worked with MY sleep difficulties (going back YEARS before any addictions). This is, obviously, NOT medical advice, medication consultation, not even a suggestion--just sharing ... I have been seeing a psychopharmocologist for some years--he's brilliant.
Avatar n tn im now down to only taking 1/4 per night, and im having problems sleeping at night, the last 4 night i havent got maybe 2 hr of sleep.
Avatar f tn sleep aid but it does have some of the same warning for side effects as tylenol pm and such as that . I must say I have been on zyprexa and celexa for quite a long time now and they work great for me . Eat healthy like 6 small meals a day,Exercise at least 30 mins a day. NO Caffiene or sugar as both of htese aggravate any emntal disorders like ours.
Avatar f tn ambien in the beginning and still didn't sleep but about an hour, then wake up for 3 hours, then doze off for two hours, and that's about it. Last week I stopped taking the prescribed sleep meds and just take 4 tylenol pm's. I know that's a lot, but it puts me to sleep, but not for too long. In 33 days, I've had about 3 energetic days and 6 restful nights of sleep. 2 of the restful nights were, last night 9 hours!!!........and the night before 5 hours!
232264 tn?1191252080 30 pm and i have to take 2 10mg pills to fall asleep finally at 4am i'll wake up at 9:30am and lay there till 11 or so i just cant seem to sleep and when i do its not quality please help what the heck do i do ... i'm finally off all drugs and its been 50 days or so off opiates and 3 weeks off xanax and i still cant sleep and i know how important it is to sleep for recovery any suggestions?
1325193 tn?1450131036 Your just going to have to surrender yourself and let your body heal in it's own terms. Each day will get better and better. Try to get out and get some fresh air, crank the radio.... Find your " happy place " wherever that may be and embrace it! Your doing a WONDERFUL job... Just try to put those thoughts out of your head.
Avatar n tn My brain won't shut down and I have to take 4 mg. of seroquel to slow me down. Sleep is erratic, the dreams, VERY disturbing. This morning, my face and various joints ached terribly and I took [another drug!] Extra Strength Tylenol. As I type this, I noticed that my symptoms [including an alcohol-type of withdrawal] have pretty much subsided. But I'm sure that when I'm done, my brain will tell my body to go crazy again.
1001049 tn?1250097950 It is also been shown that buying OTC sleeping meds, like the many different anti-histamines like Unisom, Sominex, Tylenol PM, and so on, which usually uses diphenhydramine or diphenhydrinate can be found to be just as habit forming and actually bad for proper sleep structure for sufferers. And the same can go for prescription sleeping meds like hypnotic benzos (restoril, Prosom, Ativan, etc.