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Avatar n tn Iam on seroquel and Iam coming off of it and iam on 400mg and once i take it iam out like a light and i canlt hear anything for the night and iam having a trouble waking up in the morning and iam feeling not to good my doctor is lowering them doese by doese but there has been times i havent been taking them at all and then i take them and when i do i feel really bad after that and i need get off of them because they have made me gain wieght and iam getting more sleep then i should be have been o
Avatar m tn I was on seroquel for a while when I was in high school, and the only real problem I had was not being able to stay awake during class. It really kept me sedated, and I wasn't a huge fan of that because I'm an active person. Other than that, I didn't have any out of the ordinary side effects, or complications.
Avatar f tn Namaste, I hope your appointment with hyour psychiatrist went well and you were able to come to a resolution to this Seroquel issue. I can offer much advice since I was only on Seroquel for about 3 months and the only side effect I had was 40 pounds in weight gain. That's why I discontinued it. When I did stop taking it, I did it "cold turkey" without any side effects.
683148 tn?1248113606 Lack of sleep is affecting my mood, I am tired all the time, and can not get enough rest during the day. This affects all aspects of mood: esteem, happy-sad,motivation, etc...
Avatar f tn I just started these anti psychotics due to schizoid tendencies and mood disorder...I have no idea what that means but the pills are having some major side affects... I'm constantly limp esp in the as if I am drunk, not sure if this is because I am new to the meds or what...Been on my first 7 day dose but I'm dizzy and very tired all the time. I'm not really depressed any more since a couple of days...
Avatar m tn I've been on allot of medications for bi-polar, including lithium (which gravely affected my stomache), but now I'm on lexapro, seroquel, and temazapan. The seroquel with the temazapan helps me to sleep well, and I don't go thru the tremendous effects of anxiety (expecially when you feel like you are losing your breath with no known reason to do so), but I have gained allot of weight, and I don't eat that much. I have read that seroquel is not all that good.
Avatar f tn These meds can disrupt our sleep cycles because they affect the quality of sleep and the quality of our dream sleep. Seroquel is particularly sedating, so it's natural you might have a rebound effect. You can also try Calm's Forte, a homeopathic remedy. I wouldn't recommend the ambien, it's another strong drug, and eventually you'll just adjust to it, too, and it also disturbs natural sleep rhythms. Melatonin, on the other hand, resets your natural body clock, so give it a try.
Avatar f tn I have sleep apnea and depression and anxiety. I was put on Seroquel and Lexapro. These last two helped lessen the depression and anxiety but made my sleepiness and fatigue much worse. Also, I was putting on a lot of weight due to a strong craving for sweets every afternoon. My psychiatrist had told me if the fatigue got really bad I could cut the Lexapro in half, from 10mg to 5. I just started doing this 2 days ago.
919239 tn?1269398258 My doctor is an expert on treatment resistant depression and she prescribes a low dose anti psychotic along with an anti depressant usually a SNRI I have taken zyprexa with effexor, I came off everything eventually giving up the anti psychotic first and at another time (now my second episode) cymbalta with Seroquel, though i am weaning the Seroquel now and i am down to 12.5 mg Are you just taking the one drug? ?
Avatar f tn Symptoms of fatty acid deficiency include fatigue, dry skin and hair, cracked nails, arthritis, and dry mucous membranes. It is important to take all herbal supplements under the supervision of your primary care doctor because they are not benign substances and do have cautions and contraindications in many patients.
1326513 tn?1276521601 First off, i'm on Toporal XL, BC, Pristiq 100mg, and Seroquel 150mg. 1) I am having weird feelings in my arms and legs. Like muscle tremors that make me feel weak. Like i'm not strong enough to life something or even walk to my car without concentrating on not losing balance. Is this a side affect of something i'm taking? I'm eating fine, i'm sleeping fine.
Avatar f tn I am afraid risperidal is less tough than zyprexa say or seroquel on this matter. I am on seroquel 50 and work, of course it's sedating but i got accustomed to it. You are saying it has been a year and a half like this, i wonder how come only now that you are complaining. I admire your patience. Still, i feel there is something missing here. Your pdoc is the best one to realise your status, just by looking at your face.
Avatar f tn My doc put me on Seroquel and Envega as nothing else would work. I have been able to come down a couple of 100 mgs of Seroquel, so I am on 300 extended release of Seroquel at night along with 3 mgs of Envega as well at night. I get up at 5 and read and do Tai Chi exercises. But I am SO doped up till noon/1:00 pm that I have to take a nap around 8 a.m. I then don't have the strength to hardly get off the couch and I have NO drive to do anything till late afternoon when I start to feel better.
Avatar f tn I've been taking antidepressants for 30 yrs and was recently taken off those and put on bipolar meds after some serious symptoms developed. In the first month of taking depakote and seroquel I've gained 20 lbs. Doc prescribed Phentermine as an appetite suppressant but it is not helping. I'm so hungry all the time and have no self control. I'm also taking provigil as needed to combat the extreme fatigue from the meds. I feel like I'm such a mess, don't know what to do with myself.
695030 tn?1229818912 Even taking a shower and getting dressed is huge undertaking. I think that my fatigue is adding to my depression and anxiety, which just causes me to be even more tired. I'm also extremely moody, and I've noticed that I angry at the smallest thing. I'm literally tired of living like this. I hope that something changes soon, because I really don't know how much more of this I can take. It feels like I'm on the verge of completely collapsing.
Avatar n tn I wake up ny legs and feet hurt and are very stiff. My back, hip and head hurt. I took it at 9pm and it is 1pm. I still am in a fog. Don't even know how I have managed to take care of my 3 kids. My house is pure mess and I can't find the energy to clean it. Is it worth it? Am I suppose to stick it out and it will get better. Give me a 10mg oxycodone and I am superwoman! How come there isn't a psycho drug I can take that will make me feel like I do when I take percocet?
Avatar f tn Of course the shape bell statistics applies here where you can find pts in all varieties so that I know a person who takes 900 seroquel (max dose) and is functioning. Incidentally I take seroquel 125 and it makes me sometimes very lazy and tired so I reduce the dose to 100 then i get mixed states so i up it again to 125. I hate this drug yet it's the BEST i ever had since I was ill.
Avatar f tn The patient was tried on Seroquel and Doxepin for the side effects of drowsiness, but they did not work. Are there any doctors or sleep specialists out there that can help? Are there any medications, herbals or combinations that are more effective than what he tried?
Avatar f tn BiPolar was my first So I am on 900mg of lithium daily clonazepam o.5mgx3daily and seroquel .0. 25mg x125 at bedtime Sometimes in the winter we tweek and add a temp antidepressant. I don't like change in my meds as my moods are so easily shook up But since my therapist is pointing out to me the last few months how boderline plays a strong roll in my personality.We are looking at lamicyal On this site it gets good reviews from those using it I also do the omega 3 with fish oil.
Avatar n tn I've kind of always had a lower than average energy baseline, but being on medication and being depressed make it much worse. Fatigue and exhaustion are really big problems for me, because it makes it hard to do everyday things sometimes. Xila mentioned that exercise is really great for depression, and this is true. However, I find it virtually impossible most days to exercise because I just don't have enough energy to get out the door, let alone walk or run.
Avatar m tn Have you been to a RA doctor to be checked for Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, MS and whatever the doctor can think of. You really need to be seen by a Ruemotoligist for these things because they deal with autoimmune illness' and like illness'. Also have your eyes checked by an eye doctor just to rule out eye problems(they can also tell if you have diabetes and other problems by looking into your eyes) You may also want to see an ENT for your sinus and or an alergist.
Avatar f tn She is now on Trileptal as of Monday and has been on Topamax Seroquel and Fluoxetine for years. I am afraid for her, she looks like she is failing daily. Some days she is great happy and in a good mood eats but barely drinks then all falls apart in a day or two. She is having more bad days then good. She is having an EEG on Tues because the new neuro doctor says she has Lennox Gastaut Syndrome characteristics and he wants to start checking things out. ??????????????????????????
Avatar n tn He agreed and now she is on the lithium and seroquel (again as a temporary bridge). She also currently and historically takes 10mg of lexapro and 3mg daily of clonopin. My question is - Is Nuerontin FDA approved for bipolar disorder and is it an effective monotype therapy for the disorder? Would you reccomend other alternatives such as depacote or tegretol. She did quite well on depacote about 6 years back but it was discontinued because of hair loss. Also she is very fatigued all the time.
Avatar f tn com interactions checker. Fentanyl and depakote, topamax, and Seroquel are listed as increasing drowsiness, as does depakote + Seroquel. In addition, depakote + topamax can increase the drug levels of both meds, meaning that he's effectively getting a higher dose of both. Seroquel + topamax also has a slight risk of overheating, although that's a rare side effect and more common in children. I'm guessing the topamax is for migraines.
Avatar m tn Three days later, the headache began to be accompanied by blurred vision, fatigue, and a feeling of almost intoxication. I returned to my primary, who ordered an M.R.I. of my brain, which returned normal, thank God. My symptoms persisted and increased in number, however.
Avatar m tn I have severe fatigue cannot concentrate, I'm agitated and irritable all day long. Also my back is always stiff and aches. I was diagnosed when I stopped drinking with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. When I drank I was on clonapine. I would awake take 1.5 mgs and in the late afternoon start drinking. I would do this everyday. I also took seroquel 100 mgs to sleep. I would never take the Klonapine at night. And I would take the seroquel in the early morning while the alcohol wore off.
Avatar m tn I recently had some palpitation episodes (while going to sleep) that I had an extreme reaction to (anxiety, was also on 200mg seroquel for sleep at the time). I've been off the seroquel for 2 weeks, alcohol free for 30 days, continue to take gabapentin 1200mg daily. I've had sinus bradycardia for the past 30 days and was probably having it at the time these incidents occurred.
Avatar m tn It is caused by ruminations that persist regardless of study intensity during the day time or mental/physical fatigue. There has been no official diagnosis and my case has been treated symptomatically, a most unsatisfactory and erratic approach. Attempts at improving sleep hygiene have been futile. Would you have any idea why I'm unable to 'switch-off'?
Avatar f tn I read side effets of drugs like Depakote, Lamactil, Abilify and Seroquel and blanch and yet people who look at Lithium see it as scary... May be that I am biased because it works for me but its nothing to be scared of.
1318483 tn?1318350782 It seemed to have been too much as I ended up back in my chair and having severe fatigue. I went that next Friday but my regular therapist was concerned with how I was. He just stretched my legs, expressed to me that he thought I overdid it on Wednesday or was beginning to flare. He thought I should visit my doc and take a week off PT to see how things go. I did go to my doc. He wanted to get some blood and agreed with me when I told him I thought it was time for pain management.