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Avatar f tn Have them examine your bite to make sure you are not hitting too hard on that crown. Rarely, a tooth can fracture after the bridge is cemented or the nerve in the tooth becomes inflammed. There are a variety of diagnostic tests your dentist can to do find out what the problem is. Information contained within this reply is intended solely for general educational purposes and is not intended nor implied to be a medical diagnosis or treatment recommendation.
Avatar n tn So my dentist suggested crowning the tooth as the next step. It would appear that the nerve is still fine, it's not too sensitive to hot/cold (not more than other teeth), it's just biting down that causes pain. He doesn't seem to think that root canal treatment was neccessary, but now that the tooth is prepped and a temp crown is on it, it's still painful when biting and I don't want to end up with a permanent crown that will need to be taken off for a root canal treatment.
Avatar f tn This holds fluids (like acidic sodas) in the pocket and around the dentin of the tooth. The dentin is where the tubules leading to the nerve are. Pain sensation is transmitted through these tubules. Toothpaste may or may not reach where you need it. When you have the planing and scaling done it will help, but you'll have to keep pockets that may remain and any exposed dentin VERY clean. Otherwise the same feeling will continue.
Avatar f tn Simple Solutions for Tooth Pain Relief If your teeth ache because they are sensitive, tooth pain relief can be as easy as choosing the right oral health products.
Avatar n tn My new dentist took one look and said it had to be extracted(it is the farthest back upper molar) Is there anything I can do to save a vertically cracked tooth? It wasn't sensitive when the filling was out so he thinks the nerve is dead. Also, if I have it extracted, will it adversely effect my other teeth?
Avatar n tn I think it would be a good idea to have your dentist check the tooth. It may have an infection that had nothing to do with the RS&P. If everything looks OK, try using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Many times a deep cleaning like you get with and RS&P will expose some of the dentin. There are tiny tubules in the dentin that lead to the nerve. The toothpaste will help fill in the tubules and stop the pain sensation from reaching the nerve.
1218873 tn?1300094816 I have alot of neurological pain on the right side of my face and head yes it is the right wisdom tooth! I am not super sensitive to touch, but I am very concern about having this tooth pulled out and what may happen after. Can anyone offer advice?
Avatar n tn If I had an infect tooth, wouldn't it hurt all the time? I only feel sensation in the tooth when i eat hot food. ?????????
121828 tn?1333468091 When you say you're tooth's sore, do you mean it's sensitive to touch? When you tap on it, do you feel sharp pain? Your tooth will not fall out even if there is nerve damage. It'll just turn dark (IF! there is damage) within 48 hours. Most likely the soreness will go away on it's own without any permanent damage. If it doesn't, go see a dentist.
Avatar n tn If you can imagine the fizz of a can of coke and drinking this every day and imagine the same feeling on your teeth as you feel the protective layer going then you get pain superficially at the bottom of each tooth where the enamel ends that can go right into the root - the nerve endings around that region are very sensitive and if you have strong teeth it makes it hurt a lot - it is not abnomal nerves as some might say - I have been told as you get older your nerve endings are supposed to shr
Avatar n tn hi there, ive done a root canal treatment five month ago, and today im feeling the same pain as before i did the tooth is very sensitive and i'm feeling it very heavy, can't even touch it.. i did it in Mauritius but i'm currently living in the uk.. what would u recomend me to do? can u please give me the name of some painkiller..
Avatar n tn Hi, I had an accident on my ll5 with the porcellain crown above and it must have trapped a nerve because when i had it removed the same pain went to ll4, i am seeing a specialist as it feels like something is pushing on my ear, the tooth is very sensitive to very hot and very cold so I was hoping to get it root treated to remove the nerve in tooth......the symptoms are horrible sucking sound in mouth, toxins and a blocked ear usually after 2 x colds......
Avatar n tn sounds like when u bit into candy you damaged the nerve and now its dying....that would cause pain and a greyish look to the tooth.... you probably need a root canal and a crown....
440535 tn?1312371665 Is it possible that tooth pain is a symptom? I've been seeing a few different dentists for over 2 years now, trying to get help for two of my very painful teeth. But they keep telling me they can't find anything. Its very frustrating, so I'm just taking a stab in the dark here trying to find an answer!
Avatar n tn The tooth ll5 was sensittievve due to an accident with crown above, now ll4 is same is feels like it pricks in and then the ear pops, i want to have root canal as so sensitive to thermal and cold, i know it's a trapped nerve as i get a sucking sound, toxins from root damage.... How do i get root canal if not on xray?
Avatar f tn then went to another dentist he performed another root canal on tooth #15 then soon after is when i started becoming too dizzy to walk and very sensitive to sunlight. been out on disability . went to another dentist says it is possible that the tmj bone is sitting on a nerve that controls equilibrium. Nobody knows how to treat me ive been suffering since 2011 please help! im so tired of being in pain i have a constant headache all the time and cant walk always dizzy.
Avatar f tn I had my second root canal on a lower molar about 10 years ago and that went OK. The third one was on my front tooth due to some growth on the nerve (the tooth was not decayed). This was 5 or so years ago. Two weeks after that root canal I started to experience pain in that tooth. Went in and out of the dentist's who could see nothing wrong. In the end went to endodontist and did a re-treatment which calmed the sensitivity down to a bearable level.
Avatar n tn My tongue feels as though I've burned it but I havent. Its very sensitive to citrus, spicy foods and its hard to even taste the food. Its even difficult to brush because of the toothpaste, it feels like my tongue and mouth are burning. Also, at the same time the sensations started, I got small red bumps all over my mouth. Very small but visible very close up. Its almost like my lips are chapped.
Avatar f tn I have definite NERVE PAIN surrounding the back side of this tooth. Could it be that the temp is ill fitted in some way? Should I seek another periodontist for a second opinion or some other type of dental professional. This whole process so far has taken over a year (there were a couple months setup during that time due to a family death). What should I do from here? I will appreciate any help.
Avatar m tn I had a crown done on a live tooth, and it is sensitive every time I drink something hot or cold. Is it possible she drilled down too much and it is too close to the nerve? Why is a tooth drilled down to nothing to place a crown on?
Avatar n tn there is always the possiblity (if this is in fact the root canal tooth) that they didnt remove all of the nerve.
Avatar f tn She said that it looked like it had been exposed before but had repaired itself. I was advised that the tooth would be sensitive for a couple of weeks or so. Well here I am 7 weeks later and have a dull pain that radiates to the jaw hinge area almost all the time. On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the pain as 4 or 5 at the moment. I take 200mg ibuprofen and the pain goes immediately within 20 minutes.
Avatar f tn If its sensitive or normal to cold, you're okay. If you don't feel anything, the nerve is dead. If it gets more sensitive and lingers, it could mean the nerve is permanently damaged and needs a root canal too.
Avatar n tn Yes I dont doubt that tmj comes into it but the ll4 is sensitive to hot & cold also on the ll4 tooth it hurts to bite on the back of tooth and I feel I have trapped a nerve there also as cannot unblock my ear on the left? Do you think root treatment will hinder or help me?
Avatar f tn I think there must be a connection with digestion and the vagus nerve but what is the cause, the stomach acid irritating the nerve or the nerve making the stomach produce more acid and the symptoms. Hmm interesting , I hope this has helped and maybe we can start to understand our bodies and hopefully get some answers somewhere. Im glad I found these postings it sure has helped knowing that Im not imagining this.