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Avatar n tn Hi, I am still suffering with sensitivity and a trapped nerve, i want to have the nerve removed by root canal but problem is not on xray, how do i get what i want.... The tooth ll5 was sensittievve due to an accident with crown above, now ll4 is same is feels like it pricks in and then the ear pops, i want to have root canal as so sensitive to thermal and cold, i know it's a trapped nerve as i get a sucking sound, toxins from root damage.... How do i get root canal if not on xray?
Avatar n tn Hi, I had an accident on my ll5 with the porcellain crown above and it must have trapped a nerve because when i had it removed the same pain went to ll4, i am seeing a specialist as it feels like something is pushing on my ear, the tooth is very sensitive to very hot and very cold so I was hoping to get it root treated to remove the nerve in tooth......the symptoms are horrible sucking sound in mouth, toxins and a blocked ear usually after 2 x colds......
Avatar n tn If you can imagine the fizz of a can of coke and drinking this every day and imagine the same feeling on your teeth as you feel the protective layer going then you get pain superficially at the bottom of each tooth where the enamel ends that can go right into the root - the nerve endings around that region are very sensitive and if you have strong teeth it makes it hurt a lot - it is not abnomal nerves as some might say - I have been told as you get older your nerve endings are supposed to shr
Avatar m tn He performed a sensitivity test by using ice. (Previously, about 4 months ago that molar tooth was sensitive to cold and specialist recommended a root canal. Did not go through with it because it only hurt when I had cold cold drinks in my mouth) I had no reaction to the ice from the dentist and so he then took out a device that would transmit an electric current through the tooth. I felt nothing. He recommended also a root canal. He gave me antibiotics and pain relief medicine.
Avatar f tn This holds fluids (like acidic sodas) in the pocket and around the dentin of the tooth. The dentin is where the tubules leading to the nerve are. Pain sensation is transmitted through these tubules. Toothpaste may or may not reach where you need it. When you have the planing and scaling done it will help, but you'll have to keep pockets that may remain and any exposed dentin VERY clean. Otherwise the same feeling will continue.
Avatar n tn Pulpitis is a fancy term for inflammation of the nerve in the tooth. different cements, blowing air on the tooth, pressing a permanent crown on a tooth, dilling on a tooth, even picking off temporary cement all inflame the nerve (pulp). Inflammation can be reversible or irreversible. In your case, My plan would be to wait a few more weeks.
Avatar f tn The second to the last molar on the right side of my mouth had an old filling and the tooth became sensitive when I would bite down. Just before I went to the dentist it became sensitive to hot and cold. He did a temporary filling putting in something to see if we could calm the nerve down but while he was drilling using a slow deep sounding and vibrating drill. I felt like I was going to have a seizure although I do not have epilepsy.
Avatar f tn then went to another dentist he performed another root canal on tooth #15 then soon after is when i started becoming too dizzy to walk and very sensitive to sunlight. been out on disability . went to another dentist says it is possible that the tmj bone is sitting on a nerve that controls equilibrium. Nobody knows how to treat me ive been suffering since 2011 please help! im so tired of being in pain i have a constant headache all the time and cant walk always dizzy.
Avatar n tn It sounds to me like the nerve in the tooth with the crown is non- vital, which means the nerve is dead and that the tooth needs root canal therapy. I would get to see him asap.
Avatar n tn The tooth is very sensitive to cold and a little sensitive to heat. (I have sensitive teeth anyway.) How long can a tooth be sensitive like this? 2. When I eat cold or hot things, it seems like the sensitivity radiates to my jaw. But I can't tell if this is because my jaw is so sore or because of the tooh. But I also have pain in my jaw at random times that is true TMJ pain. I also have a sinus infection, which makes my jaw hurt too! 3.
Avatar n tn Since then i have realised the tooth has trapped a nerve or my eustacian tube or something connecting eye and tooth, initially the back of tooth went sensitive to heat i think it's a root problem as requires antibiotics it is at the back of the tooth, i get a sucking sound from tooth and toxins in my mouth also my left ear goes deaf due to something trapped, i can hear an feel problem when i bite on the tooth and it knocks my balance and makes me ill.
Avatar n tn It basically just needed time to get over all the work that had been done on it, but there was definitely no nerve left inside the tooth. It may just be a waiting game with your tooth, like it was with mine. There's still a lot of nerves around the base of the tooth in the ligament which can often be the source of pain after treatment. The more work a tooth has done on it, the longer the healing process takes each time unfortunately.
Avatar n tn i had a crown preparation for my upper (2112) 4days ago and one tooth in particular was sensitive during the prep and now feels very sensitive all the time and is TTP!! is is not that bad that i need painkillers as yet but it is like a dull ache all the time. i am getting worried that the nerve may be dying??? can you suggest anything please or is this normal??
Avatar m tn This is caused due to tooth sensitivity. Tooth sensitivity is tooth discomfort in one or more teeth that is triggered by hot, cold, sweet or sour foods and drinks, or even by breathing cold air. The pain can be sharp, sudden, and deep into the nerve endings of your teeth. There are some common ways these nerve endings can be exposed are through everyday use, traumatic injuries resulting in chips and fractures, untreated gum disease, brushing too hard or using a hard bristled tooth brush.
Avatar n tn Yes I dont doubt that tmj comes into it but the ll4 is sensitive to hot & cold also on the ll4 tooth it hurts to bite on the back of tooth and I feel I have trapped a nerve there also as cannot unblock my ear on the left? Do you think root treatment will hinder or help me?
Avatar n tn He said there would be no more sensitivity to hot and cold and I would be able to bite on that side of my mouth in 2 days. WRONG. I am still sensitive to hot/cold. I can not use that side of my mouth. It HURTS to bite on it. What gives? Should I call the office and tell them?
530183 tn?1213083679 as such and that the ligament above the tooth has sensitive nerve endings that can still be transmitting pain. Can a dentist on here just reassure me that my tooth will feel normal again in time because at the moment with the amount of pain I'm having I feel like I'll never ever be able to have anything touch this tooth without screaming in pain again. Also there is no occlusal adjustment necessary in case anybody raises that as an issue.
Avatar f tn The throbbing pain stopped, but the tooth is still sensitive to pressure after 6 weeks, and I called to see if they thought that a root canal was needed. All the symptoms of still needing a root canal are there, such as percussion pain etc, and my tooth has a smell about it. So I have decided to have the root canal which I am having tomorrow. The issue is the tooth is sensitive when i push on the inside of the cusps, and I worry about a crack.
Avatar n tn I think it would be a good idea to have your dentist check the tooth. It may have an infection that had nothing to do with the RS&P. If everything looks OK, try using toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Many times a deep cleaning like you get with and RS&P will expose some of the dentin. There are tiny tubules in the dentin that lead to the nerve. The toothpaste will help fill in the tubules and stop the pain sensation from reaching the nerve.
Avatar n tn there is always the possiblity (if this is in fact the root canal tooth) that they didnt remove all of the nerve.
Avatar n tn All the diagnostic tests were normal, xray, percussion, bite with carbon paper, air, gel to check if nerve pain. Negative for nerve pain although sometimes I feel a little ping or shock on the tooth when I try to chew on that side. Afterwards it'll feel like the tooth is burning or inflamed and it'll ache around the gumline. Sometimes it'll feel itchy. Other times it'll ache on the side of it. I don't know if it needs retreating or if the crown is ill-fitting. Help!
Avatar n tn Image of tooth decay Tooth decay like this pictured is a common cause of dental sensitivity 6) Cracked tooth/ filling – If a tooth or filling breaks, the nerve may be unprotected and sudden sensitivity may result. Tooth pain on biting may indicate a crack. 7) Dental erosion – this condition is caused by an acidic diet. The enamel is thinned making the teeth over-reactive to cold and heat.
Avatar n tn I had a very deep filling that my dentist replaced 8 months ago with an inlay. A few months later, I mentioned to my dentist that occasionally when I bit down on something hard, I got a sharp pain in my tooth. He told me that the tooth was just sensitive and that it'll eventually go away. It hasn't gone away and now it has become sensitive to cold drinks and air. Am I going to need a root canal? Or can this be fixed in another way?
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago had bad dental pain. Dentist said had cavity &infection. Did filling. On penicillin and 1week later pain back. Went again to dentist today. Said had fracture to filling &fixed. Numbing pain, burning in mouth and ache like muscle tightening in side of face all way to ear. Lasts 10 minutes and then goes away for a while. Hot & cold sensitive. Help, nerve pain???
Avatar n tn Hi, I had my tooth extracted in october 2008 and another teeth filled up for cavity.. After that I started to have sensitive tooth and that sensitiveness spreads to the body. When I feel that tooth sensitivity my whole body also feels sensitive and it takes a few minutes for my body to get adjusted to that sensitivity.. sometimes when i think about the feeling i feel sensivite. Now it is becoming a everyday problem. But no pain in the teeth.. will this sensitiveness go away..
Avatar n tn There were no symptoms prior to the crown. The tooth is not sensitive to heat/cold or biting on something. Could the injection of anesthegia hit a nerve to cause this? If so, what is prognosis, treatment, and length of recovery.
Avatar f tn t unusual to have a tooth, particularly molars with filings, getting very sensitive during tx. I have one tooth, that has acted up twice in 8 months, but settled back down. Rather than getting a root canal, also great danger of infection and some of nerve damage, and a crown...I've opted to hold off since it has only bothered me for a few days twice, and I'm halfway through tx. In theory after tx it should go back to being's the Riba that makes nerves hyper sensitive.