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Avatar f tn Avoid all tooth pastes that contain silica or hydrated silica (strong abrasive, wears down dentin along the gum line which is the major cause for pain in sensitive teeth). You also have to work from the inside out, making sure to eat at least 50 % of your diet as organically grown RAW vegetables, favoring all leafy dark greens. Ubiquinol (the natural form of CoQ10) is also very important for gums as well as heart health.
Avatar n tn For the past couple of weeks this tooth is very sensitive to heat. I have noticed a deep pocket at the gum line that I may have missed with flossing and am now trying to correct with being more careful and using a dental brush to get in there to make sure it's really cleaned out. Could this be the cause for the senitivity in this tooth that has already had a root canal? It is definitly this tooth. This is the only symptom......
Avatar n tn I have a discoloration on my upper gum line around my two front teeth. The pink color is now purple. No pain or discomfort. I know this is a symptom of Hiv but that is not possible. No risk since september 05 and tested neg last month. The area around my teeth is pink and the purple color starts around 1/4 inch above the gum lime. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Did the dentist say the gum looked healthy or not? Flossing in between the teeth to the gum line will help. Rinse your mouth with salty water after washing your teeth. Or use an antibacterial mouth wash. For bruxism (grinding of teeth), you can get a gum shield to protect your teeth from being worn away from grinding when you sleep. The dentist usually makes it for you to fit over your bottom teeth.
Avatar f tn I have a tooth - my upper right lateral incisor - that has had multiple problems over the years. When it came in as a child, it had a small nick out of it near the gum line that later became a cavity and I had filled. Over the years (I'm 38), I had it filled a few times as the filling would wear out. The last time, there wasn't enough to have it filled, so my dentist put a crown on it - twice (the first one wasn't high enough into the gum so the lines were visible and wearing).
Avatar f tn Once, there was cement in the gum line. Second, the nerves need to die around the tooth. I mentioned that I thought the bridge was too short around the tooth and he said it wasn't. Now, I'm still in pain and don't trust his judgment. I can't imagine why I'm still having pain from a bridge that was placed over 6 months ago. This tooth has never hurt in the past and now I'm worried that I may lose it too if somethings not done.
Avatar n tn ) The tooth had some discoloration particularly along the gum line, there were two slight fractures (causes from clenching), sensitivity to hot/cold and pain when biting/chewing. The root canal began before Christmas and was finished the first week of January. The temporary filling which caused gum irritation was removed two weeks later and the crown had been in place since January 20. Two weeks later I went in to have the crown adjusted.
Avatar n tn t hurt if you press on the inner side of the gum line around the tooth. But there is a constant dull pain along the right side and pronounced pain when you press on the outter side of the gum line along the tooth. It has been 2 years, I have finally paid off the bills from this and I need to address it. Just the thought of going back makes me so anxious. Should I get a 2nd opinion? Should I continue on with the Dr who did the work and try to get her to fix the problem?
1348686 tn?1310654243 you could have a gum diesease you said in previous post you have had dental work done just pop back and ask them to check,do your gums bleed when you brush them
Avatar n tn Is your tooth sensitive to hot food or drinks? How long have you had the crown? On the x-ray your dentist should be able to see the margin of the crown. On your x-ray the crown part will look white and then you will see the root of your tooth that is just normal looking. If there is a dark area between where the crown meets the root on the x-ray it could indicate an open margin or that there is decay.
Avatar n tn It is possible that the bite is causing the sensitivity and the bite should be corrected but I am more inclined to think that you have an inflammation of the pulp(pulpitis) and that can be reversible or irreversible the later meaning that you would need root canal threapy.The bottom line is if the tooth remains sensitive and you are taking medication every day some type of definitive treatment is necessary.
Avatar n tn I just noticed that I have a cavity in last back molar that in near/on the gum line facing my cheek. I can see it. It is in a tooth that has had a filling in it for the past 15 years. It currently doesn't hurt and I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't gotten a piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth in the back. I have an appointment with my dentist but it isn't for two weeks unless they get a cancellation. My question is: how difficult is it to repair a cavity by the gumline?
Avatar n tn I have a four year old root canal on a molar with crown. tooth #19 Went to dentist for toothache and heat sensitivity with lingering pain as well as cold sensitive. No pressure pain and crown not loose. X-ray shows root canal done properly and opposing teeth are fine. Given two weeks of antobiotics which I've finished and no relief. There is a bit of recession at gum line of this tooth. What do I do now? I have been taking ibuprophen 2-3 times daily for last month.
Avatar n tn He tapped the crowned tooth and each tooth on either side of the crowned tooth. No pain for me there. He applied cool air around the area. No discomfort. He applied that cool gel to the crowned tooth and to the teeth in the front and back of the crowned tooth to check the nerves. I felt no pain. Of course the crowned tooth felt no sensation because of the root canal that was done on it. He poked around the ridges and gumline and no breaks or leaks were evident.
Avatar m tn This afternoon, i was eating some cereal, and one quarter of my rear molar on the left side of my mouth just broke off at the gum line....fortunately i did not swallow it. I don't really feel any pain and the rest of the tooth and most of the filling inside is still intact... It doesn't feel like any of the rest of the tooth is going to come out and is still solidly in the gum...I have to call my dentist tomorrow to make an appointment but what are the usual options for this?
Avatar m tn The infection forms at the root, and then eats away at the gum tissue, eventually creating a channel that leads to the gum surface. Once the channel reaches the gum surface, it appears to be a pimple or raised, white growth. Gumboils often (though not always) hurt, and sometimes the tooth feels raised or displaced.
Avatar m tn That being said, I did experience alot of tooth and gum discomfort during tx mainly due to the dehydrating effect of the meds. If I wasn't srupulous about my cleaning regime I would get gum infections and swolled gums. I managed it with regular cleaning from the dentist, sensodyne and bioten, and really making sure I cleaned my teeth well after meals. The lack of salivia makes it difficult to ensure sugars etc are washed away so it's essential to keep that mouth hydrated.
Avatar n tn I can chew on it, but I get a little pressure feeling and itch around the gum line afterwards... Sometimes if feels like a burning sensation... Especially after I floss right between the crown and other molar... I also would get a shooting pulsating feeling under the crown... So one day last week I chewed on some Fritos and the shooting sensation (itch) on the crown and other back tooth went away... Chewing on something hard like chips took the itch away... Weird, I know...
Avatar m tn It is still a bit touchy when I press on it and more painful when I press on my gum above that tooth. This newly root-canaled tooth is next to this area on my upper palate which is causing me concern. Could the root canal be causing this to the hard palate? I am an ex-smoker and always worried about repercussions. My dentist and hygenist examined my mouth in January and again late in February and said everything looked very normal. Can you give me any advice? Thank you greatly!
Avatar n tn One of my teeth (first to my right of my two front teeth- the ones mentioned above) was cracked horizontally below and above the gum line. It was sensitive so received a root canal. A month later, I found a boil of pus on my gums above that tooth. It does not hurt, is very small, and comes and goes. My dentist thinks I need to remove that tooth and have a dental implant because there is going to an infection to my jawbones.
Avatar m tn So after she poked around the gum which shot pain through me, the gums are now more sensitive than they were before, particularly cold water and ice cream and brushing teeth and listerine. My question is, is this normal? Should I still go the root canal specialist to get his opinion?
Avatar f tn I just got sinusitis two days after the crown was placed. The pressure from my sensitive gum seems to radiate through my entire head. It feels like the implant is to big. To the point were I'm thinking of having the implant removed and just getting a bridge, since I'll need crowns on the other two root canaled teeth anyway. I just can't stand getting anymore sinus infections and the implant feels so foreign. Also my periodontist said I may need another bone and gum graft$$.
Avatar n tn Initially, I did get an infection which was treated by antibiotics, and then was fine. However, recently (e.g., August), the tooth seems a bit achy (on and off) and the gum line looks white-ish underneath the crown. The gum is not sore, however, and does not seem imflamed. Is this white gum normal with a root canal? Also, can you advise as to why the tooth might have started now (after 8 months) to ache on and off a bit?
Avatar n tn I fail out of my chair a few weeks ago when I passed out. After I woke up my molar in the very back of my tooth was fractured. I went to the dentist and he said I need a crown. However they don't do onlays and aren't very specialized dentists. So now Im going to a dentsit that does onlay to see if I can get that because I don't want a crown. Only thing I have to wait until January 4 due to no insurance left for this year.
Avatar n tn Still have pain and soreness behind teeth 24 and 25 at gum line and about have way down.. When to oral surgeny on Jan 21 about pain and sorness.. He think it's a infection and told me that there was nothing more they could do that my body we need to heal it self with penicillin.. so I'm keep taking the Penicillin 500 mg 4 time a day and for pain lorcet plus 7.5 as needed. The problem is that tooth 25 has become Sensitivity to touch.
Avatar m tn How brainwashed is the public when it comes to teeth cleanings? I've had my teeth cleaned 2-3x a year since I was a child. I've slowly begun to realize that it is mostly the teeth cleanings that have scraped off areas of enamel on my teeth. Having my teeth polished after each teeth cleaning also removed enamel (as the dental hygienist society now admits).
Avatar m tn it makes it harder to obtain proper hygiene on that tooth (since it is harder to remove the bacteria that accumulate at the gum line on the tooth surface. the crown should represent the form (shape and size) of previous lost tissues, even though in some situation we make it smaller to reduce the load on a tooth in special situations, but never larger !!! I think it is advised to replace that crown with proper one, but the final judgment is after proper clinical examination..