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Avatar n tn the enamel protects the underlying dentin, which is VERY sensitive. by the gumline, the enamel is very thin, and does not extend under the gumline moe than a millimeter, if that. when you brush too hard, for a time, one of two things (or both) can happen--the tissue recedes, and/or the enamel gets worn away. either way, yo're left with a VERY sensitive area on the tooth. there are products/treatments for this, but you need to see a dentist.
Avatar n tn I just noticed that I have a cavity in last back molar that in near/on the gum line facing my cheek. I can see it. It is in a tooth that has had a filling in it for the past 15 years. It currently doesn't hurt and I wouldn't have noticed it if I hadn't gotten a piece of lettuce stuck between my teeth in the back. I have an appointment with my dentist but it isn't for two weeks unless they get a cancellation. My question is: how difficult is it to repair a cavity by the gumline?
Avatar m tn There is a good possibility that what chipped off is a piece of gumline plaque. It can feel and look exactly like a broken tooth. It's unlikely a tooth would chip at the gumline like that as they are smooth all the way down the root. You do need to get to a dentist and have it checked out either way.
Avatar f tn A while back I had some bleaching trays made which fit fairly well but the bleach..NiteWhite ACP bleaching kit bleach, would still manage to get diluted with saliva near the gumline, which was the exact place I wanted whitened. I managed to get rid of a lot of the more severe stains, but before I could finish the bleaching process, I needed some crown work and the teeth were too sensitive to continue bleaching until they were capped with permanent crowns.
Avatar n tn It did not meet the gumline on the front side of the tooth, leaving at least a millimeter or more of tooth exposed above the gumline. This has caused severe pain and sensitivity to hot and cold. When I went back to my dentist to have him check it out he said that nowadays they make the crown like that on purpose to prevent gum disease and that he could try and seal that area a little better to prevent the sensitivity, but did not think it would be a good idea to replace the crown.
Avatar n tn Personally, I try to make my margins above the gumline on the inside of a tooth, and above the gumline all the way around the tooth if it is in the back and wont be readily visible. Of course, I discuss all the risks and benefits with my patients before I begin work on a tooth. These are issues you should bring up with your dentist.
Avatar m tn So I'm getting new crowns on tooth #30 and #31. The dentist, cut down the gums to make room for the new crowns. The temporary crowns are not sitting against the gumline at the moment, so if I move my tongue around the bottom of the temp, I can feel the edge of the temp. My concern is obviously food getting caught undernear the temp and into the tooth. Is this normal for a temporary crown? Also, if I drink water, and swish on that side of the mouth, I get loot of sensitivty pain.
Avatar n tn My dentist did not perform the root canal... the endodontist did... The tooth feels very sore and itchy around the gumline...
Avatar n tn toothbrush abrasion happens to tooth structure, not gums, and the damage to such tooth structure will not "heal". the enamel is thin at the gumline, and there is no enamel below the gumline, so if the gums recede, softer tooth structure called dentin will be exposed and is easily worn away by the brush. you should be using only a soft bristle toothbrush-- nothing electric in my opinion. ask your hygienist to go over proper brushing technique with you.
Avatar n tn He tapped the crowned tooth and each tooth on either side of the crowned tooth. No pain for me there. He applied cool air around the area. No discomfort. He applied that cool gel to the crowned tooth and to the teeth in the front and back of the crowned tooth to check the nerves. I felt no pain. Of course the crowned tooth felt no sensation because of the root canal that was done on it. He poked around the ridges and gumline and no breaks or leaks were evident.
Avatar m tn I went for a cleaning appt , when they did x-rays the tooth deteriated in the gumline and bone .An oral surgeon extracted the tooth and did a bone graph due to bone loss. I was never givien antibiotics. After a wk I still had swelling in my face and the site was oozing pus. It was the weekend I had antibiotics of my husbands (enough for 3 days)I was sure this was an infection.I made an appt w/the oral surgeon . My jaw felt dislocated I couldnt chew and could barely open my mouth.
Avatar n tn It could be the bite or it could need a root canal. Sometimes after a crown is placed, the tooth can be sensitive due to the trauma of drilling the tooth. This could lead to the tooth requiring a root canal. You should have your dentist check the bite, the crown margins and also the vitality and sensitivity of the tooth. She should not have to live in pain so don't wait too long to go.
Avatar n tn This pain is generally on the cheek side of the tooth with a mild burning near the gumline. This tooth had a small piece broken off of it about 1 1/2 years ago.(the opposite side of the tooth) The tooth has a silver filling. The dentist fixed the broken area with more silver filling. It has bothered me off and on since but is generally bothering me more now.
Avatar m tn When tapping my abscessed tooth there was incredible pain but now when i tap this tooth the pain hardly changes. The gum tissue above my abscessed tooth was also very sensitive, dark pink, and began to develop a boil. There is no sign of that this time. Salt water relieved pain completely when i had my abscessed tooth but now salt water has no effect whatsoever. I went to the doctor and he believed it to be sinusitus and prescribed antibiotics and saline nose rinse.
Avatar m tn Few days later, i felt that part is very sensitive to pain. Later I found out the gum at that area grow upwards almost covering 1 of my bottom tooth. May I know what causes this? Is there anything I can do to make the gum become normal size again?
Avatar n tn sounds like exposed dentin (sensitive tooth structure below the normal level of the gumline and below the level of the enamel) has been worn down due to abrasion, probably from receding gums/ which may in turn be due to either gum disease or improper brushing technique with perhaps the wrong toothbrush. if this is the case, there are a few different types of treatments available. your "friend" needs to see a dentist. it probably won't go away by itself.
Avatar n tn Its kinda of strange because the discomfort around that tooth shifts from area to area. This morning the outside of the tooth ached a little. Then it shifted to around the gum line again. Right now the upper inside of the tooth hurts a little. I'm going to see my acupuncurist to see if she can help. Her care has worked in the past for other bodily aches and pains.
874521 tn?1424116797 Simply, you get what you pay for. Pulling a tiny tooth is not really that simple. The top three causes of tooth loss in cats is a carie or cavity also known as FORL (Feline Oral Resorptive Lesion). There becomes a PAINFUL (though pets don't show much pain - more as I go along) cavity in the mouth and the gum line gets red and irritated and the gum line gets infected. (More on gum issues and how it affects the rest of the body and why bloodwork is VERY beneficial.
Avatar n tn t eat much at all, and I can drink even less. It feels like every tooth in my mouth has a cavity. How can I fix this quickly?
Avatar n tn If teeth are vulnerable to decay in general, what does that mean for a tooth which now has a gap at the top near the gumline. If I run my tongue above the gumline where the procedure was done, it feels different than the other side. It caves in on the gumline as well & behind there I can feel the other two roots. PLEASE HELP? I'm 48 yrs.
Avatar n tn it sounds like there is a possibility that you have a fracture in the tooth below the gumline. if the tooth was properly taken out of occlusion, and the root canal done well, and if you and your dentists are sure the tooth that was treated is the culprit, then unless there is stubborn infection, or a fracture, the tooth should be feeling better. i certaily would not at this point invest any more $ or time on this tooth until it stops bothering you. ask your dentist about these possibilities.
Avatar m tn Also, you may want to discuss the actual procedure of the composite. Sometimes working near the gumline, the area is wet with saliva and is hard to keep dry. Because of that, doing the composite in the mouth can be difficult and can leak later on due to the wetness.
Avatar m tn Bacteria in there form and push the gumline away from the tooth surface. More bacteria gets in and eventually it starts to work on the bone holding the tooth itself. Been there, and did exactly that. I thought an infection I had, just like yours, had gone away. Then I hit a pane glass door and the tooth really started to hurt. I eventually wound up loosing the four front teeth because the infection had been silently working on the bone structure.
Avatar n tn is it possible to remove a broken tooth which is below the gumline also now my gums starting to grow over it?
1619762 tn?1298867963 im 25 years old and i have a bump on my gumline in my mouth right in front of my tounge .. it has popd bfor but has not gone away ... its makin my tooth lose in front on lower gumline .. im very scared to loose it .. whats should i do .. i have no insurance to cover goin to get it checkd !!!
Avatar f tn Hi, I currently have braces on and i will have them removed in about 9 months or so the reason iam posting this is because the gum line on my upper front tooth has receeded badly leaving the root exposed causing a great deal of discomfort. My orthodontist told me to wait until he removes my braces then he will recommend me to get a gum graft but it is really bugging me and I am afraid that it will keep receeding and I will lose the tooth or something.
Avatar f tn I have a cavity on the root of my front tooth and I was told nothing can be done until I have tooth pain and then it has to be pulled. I do not want to loose my front tooth. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/637912'>cavities between teeth and possibly under gumline?</a>.