Scratchy throat and dry cough

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10052319 tn?1408978714 Dry scratchy throat,and dry nose. I called my doctor today and she said any kind of cough drops and throat sprays are safe. I could also use benadryl and musinex. That theyre safe to take. So im gonna try some cough drops and musinex and hope it works good luck to you!
Avatar m tn Had some beers and cigarrettes that night, so at the end my throat felt like burning all through, wendesday, dry cough basically, bought some meds for the throat and cough, it is almos all gone, excpet that maybe around 5 times I cough with little production. What does this ressemble?
Avatar f tn After 3-4 days I started feeling like dry and scratchy throat, It was not painful but I was feeling like dry and scratchy as mucus or phelgum come in to throat and irritate so I needed to clean the throat with force cough (sorry I don't guess a proper word here for this, hope you can understand). I remained like this for some days, some times seemed well but some times seemed dry and scratchy.
Avatar n tn Do you have fever also(this is common with pneumonia) with a dry unproductive cough. Inner ear due to a sinus issue can make you dizzy and your throat sore, see your MD is probably your best bet.
Avatar f tn Scratchy throat and the itching inside the junction of nose and throat with no phlegm production And at the end of two months developed dry cough and now little bit of mucus developing, doc diagnosed with rhinitis.. But I have Hever had it this long, and recently I have been really stressed out for over three months. Can stress alleviate throat problems?? Why is my scratchy throat not going away?? How long does it take to cure?
Avatar m tn It could be allergies I too have a dry cough for many weeks, scratchy throat, sore itchy eyes.Fatigue, all tests are normal ..I think its environmental as I do know each day in CA they are aerial spraying , you can ask for a heavy metal test to see if it could be something like that ..
Avatar f tn Possibly allergies from the environment I also have a scratchy throat and a dry cough itchy sore eyes .
Avatar f tn Then it became severe and had a dry cough and headache for sometime. And consulted doc who diagnosed allergic rhinitis. And then I was on counter medications. Nasal sprays like fluticone. And rotocap inhalers to control the asthmatic symptoms. To an extend I could control my scratchy throat. But then I stopped medicines gradually and been a year now and still my throat feels slightly strained when talking. It's not going away. And now I developed a pink region middle of the tongue.
5946774 tn?1389187935 I woke up Saturday morning with a lot of congestion, a scratchy throat, and a bit of a cough. Ive called my doctors office but have yet to receive a call back. My throat is now super dry and sore and the congestion is a lot worse. My husband is having the same problem but of course he can take whatever medecine he wants. Is there anything you ladies could recommend for me whether it be medicine of some homemade stuff, I'd truly appreciate it.
Avatar f tn I do have a few other silent reflux symptoms like clearing throat, dry cough and recently light sore or scratchy throat, but from what I've read the "lump" from silent reflux doesn't go away after swallowing. It does seem to get a little better after taking omeprazole 20, but it is still happening. I read a lot of people with a lump but mine isn't a lump. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Mild cough, sore dry nose with some bleeding, post nasal drip, and scratchy throat and chest. Before I was diagnosed I was tested for a lump in throat feeling whenever I drank something. I got a barrium swallow and it was normal so i assumed it was an anxiety issue, Then after I got the pneumonia i saw something on the internet about aspiration pneumonia and it scared me because I still feel lump in throat and nausea at times. Could I have aspirated something into my lungs?
Avatar f tn First off, a little about me. I'm 20, Asian, Non-smoker, drinker, don't do any drugs, and am not overweight. I had a cold before I traveled to my home country, Vietnam, in 2003 I think. I was prescribed antibiotics and etc. The cold got better but then I began to develop this dry cough. I was there for 2 months or so, when I got back I went to the doctors. They said that nothing was wrong and that I could still have a little infection. He prescribed more antibiotics.
10841231 tn?1427427244 I was wondering what's safe to take for colds? I've been running a low grade temp today. And tylenol isn't quite doing the trick. My throat is dry, sore, scratchy, and I have a dry cough. And my head is achy. I don't want to go to the doctor just yet. But I need some relief.
353348 tn?1209695437 I think almost everyone here experiences some sort of Lung problems while on TX. A dry hacking cough --- without pain... Some folks get lots of mucous... and others dry out - and sometimes those develop into BACTERIAL infections. Highly unlikely TXers get VIRAL infections... But it does happen. Some of those problems become serious medical issues. Please do get it checked.
Avatar m tn If present, would ARS symptoms come all at once or one by one, for example, one day have a sore/burning/itchy or scratchy throat, a day later develop nasal congestion or runny nose, and maybe at the third day develope a dry or productive cough, lasting only the cough. Woudl this be a typical onset of ARS symptoms or not? Or would they all come at once, like, hit you at the same time?
Avatar f tn then about 6 or 7 weeks later i had a mild head cold just a stuffy nose and a little dry cough and mild scratchy throat.
Avatar f tn m constantly feeling like I have to clear my throat, and it currently feels like I have mucus stuck in my throat even though when I clear my throat to try and cough it up, nothing happens. I've been taking Prilosec but I feel like it hasn't been helping. I've been assuming these symptoms have been from GERD, but tonight the symptoms are worse than normal. And they didn't get worse until much later in the evening, 3-4 hours after I had eaten.
Avatar f tn Me too ...have had a dry cough for about 5 months, scratchy throat, eyes sore and itchy, tinnitus...head aches.. aches and pains at times.I put it down to allergies from the aerial spraying they are doing all round the states and other countries, put it into you search engine ..
Avatar m tn fatigue, white tongue, burning tongue, random pulsating sensation in muscles, burning feeling throughout body, cold hands, mild headache, dry mouth, irritated throat (no pain when swallowing) just a scratchy, hoarse feeling, dry cough, patches of dry skin, wheezing and shortness of breath, and a couple of hives on my legs (maybe 4). could any of these symptoms be HIV related? does my 84 day negative mean im in the clear? could i just be stressed?
1815939 tn?1377991799 I have asthma too but my inhalers never touched that dry scratchy cough I got with the meds. That is why I knew it was the meds and not asthma. And now that it is mostly gone, I really know it was the Incivek, or at least I think so. I agree, these meds affect everyone differently and also to different degrees. Plus, sometimes the side effects come and go. But just when you think they are gone, back they come in full force, LOL, especially the flaming diarrhea.
Avatar m tn , seasonal environmental allergies. I believe sore throat and cough are symptoms of uncontrolled GERD, which I have also. Good luck.
Avatar f tn 1) the next day i got some dry scratchy thorat and some dry cough which persisted for a few dasy. the cough is gone but i still have some scratch throat.i also have severe gerd and i have had severe symptoms of dry throat for a long time. 2) 10 days after the exposure i have some itchy skin in my legs and also in the abdomen area. i use cortizone cream and they are gone. 3) i saw some flaky scaly skin yesterday night in the back . i cleaned them up and i see them once again.
Avatar m tn Exposure to allergens causes a runny nose with a resultant post nasal drip where secretions from the nose go backward into the throat and irritate causing cough. Cough is a protective mechanism by the body as it helps to prevent infections. You will need to consult your primary care physician for proper clinical assessment. In the meantime for relief from your symptoms you could do warm salt gargles and take OTC antihistamines. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn yup lot of coughs around and its not just children I have had one and a scratchy throat for months now , we think its allergies from environment, my dh has the same and so do the people living in my neighborhood .