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Avatar n tn I had ductal and lobular cancer in my right breast so mastectomy was my only option. When told that there was a high possibility that the lobular cancer could appear in the left breast, I chose to have a bilateral mastectomy (August 03). The pathology report from my surgery showed that the lobular cancer was already in the left breast so I made the right decision. I chose to have reconstruction at the time of the mastectomies and have been very pleased with the results.
Avatar n tn Hi, You had posted query regarding the breast reconstruction and use of implants for this. The options available for breast reconstruction are too many which I suppose your surgeon as discussed with you. This comment is just confined to the use of implants. Breast implants can provide a technically simple means of achieving breast symmetry and pose minimal risk in properly selected patients. The implants available today are of different sizes and shapes. Hence a lot of variety to choose .
Avatar n tn i'm 34 years old.big breast.will have prophylactic right breast mastectomy and left breast mastectomy for DCIS and s/p lumpectomy that wasn't able to clear margins.pls...please... hope you can respond to this.thank you very much.
Avatar f tn Thinking of having other breast removed and reconstruction (bilateral). Im 42 years of age was diagnosed with breast cancer stage 3 no lymph node involvement and other DCI insitu on same breast had the mastectomy 6 months of chemo (FEC100) and 25 shots of radiation over by the end of November 2007. Still nervous and concerned about reoccurence!! Like most of us.
Avatar n tn Thank You for your advice. I'll pass this information to my sister. Since she is in trauma, I'm doing every thing for her. In fact I too still did not digest the fact. But some one has to do this for her. I took that role.
561921 tn?1216609221 In April 08, I finally had the silicone jel emplants, when I had this surgery, my right breast opened up over the nipple area. It was in the process of healing, and scabbed over. My plastic surgeon sent me back to work, knowing I had a very strenuous job, repetitive motion, lifting, etc. She did not put me on any restrictions. The second day of work, the area opened up, you could actually see the emplant. She knew all along this was not healing. She had to remove the emplant in May.
1586136 tn?1300518414 Anyone have a story about their breast reconstruction with the Diep procedure?
Avatar f tn Two years ago, I had breast cancer and had my right breast removed and reconstructive surgery. I received no chemo or radiation. One year ago a discovered another lump on the side of my breast under my arm. I have had it looked at and they said, it was nothing. They did an ulta-sound but could not find it. Since then I have had pain in that area, the area where the lump is is tender to touch, and most recently the pain has increase and wrapped around to my back under my shoulder blade.
Avatar f tn Talk with the women at the oncologists office, get some opinions. Then make a decision. What reconstruction is right for one person is often not right for another. It all depends on what you have to work with (literally). Good luck to you!
Avatar n tn Is there any programs that pay for breast reconstruction . I had to have my removed in 1998 due to cancer. I don't have any insurance. So you can help me find some one does it free .I have been told there are doctors that do some times. thank you .
Avatar n tn I had an implant put in my right breast about 5 years ago to correct a birth defect. About four years ago they went in to "reposition" it, because it sat very high on my chest and did not look natural, a few months after I ended up in the hospital with a staf infection and had the implant removed. Since then the breast has caused me great pain in a localized spot. I went back about a year ago and they preformed a mammogram, ultrasounds, even an MRI and found nothing on the results.
Avatar n tn Is there breast cancer surgery to minimize reconstruction, ie: remove internal breast tissue while leaving skin and nipple so that only breast implant is required. And can the reconstructive surgery be done simultaneously with the reconstruction. What are the risks. Thanks alot! Below are the results of breast cancer testing: Breasts are heterogeneoulsy dense. Within the right breast at the upper outer posteriorly is a 1.7 cm area of nonmass-like enhancement.
Avatar n tn I had breast reconstruction surgery about a week ago, they put implants in: and I am not happy with the results. Previously (about 4 years ago) I had radiation on the right breast. Now the skin is tight, thick and will not stretch. What can I do for the skin to make it stretch more? Is there any other options that I have to make my breast the size I want them again with this new found skin problem?
Avatar n tn 47PM I have undergone reconstruction on my left breast and reduction of the right breast. The expanders was removed and the implant placed in two months ago. The left breast is still way too high and too small. When I have on just a T-shirt or anything form fitting I look almost as bad as I did before the implant.
Avatar m tn I had a mastectomy on my right breast with expander, in May, then 4 rounds of t/c chemotherapy which I finished 3 weeks ago. I went to my plastic surgeon yesterday for my first fill since finishing chemo. My right breast with the expander is too high, swollen and hard, but not infected. He gave me a belt to wear around my chest just under my arms to force the expander down, which I am to wear for two weeks.
Avatar n tn January of 2005 I had adh in the left breast, July 2006 I had adh in the right breast and was put on Tamoxifen. This year I had DCIS in the right. I have been going to the local Breast Cancer support group with my mother for close to 2 years and the survivors have helped me to make the decision so I am going in with plenty of first hand knowledge. I know that they can keep taking out tissue a little at a time but each time there is a problem why not get rid of the problem.
Avatar f tn Breast Reconstruction replace with "I had dx of DCIS Stage 0 Grade 3..." sorry for the error.
Avatar n tn In stead of having nipple grafting done after the implants are put in, can you just have nipples tattooed on, and will it look ok?? I will be 50 years old this Oct, and I have Diabetes. So my biggest concern is not having more surgery than is necessary due to possible healing problems. If there is anyone who has choosen this route please let me know what the out come was.
Avatar n tn the last radiation was at the end of november 2006. i have a dilema now - breast reconstruction. my left breast is DDD, and the prostesis on my right side weights 2.5 lbs to match. its really hard to put it on and go to work with it every day. i am considering the reconstruction but very scared. the surgery is 7 hrs long under general anestesia, my stomach will be openned from side to side for the tissues and fat to be used for the new breast.
Avatar n tn I have cancer in my right breast. The two tumors are small 6mm and 8 mm but due to the fact that there are two I was told I need a mastectomy of that breast. I had previously had reduction surgery about 10 years ago. I desperately want reconstruction surgery at the time of my mastectomy but don't know which way to go. My abdominal area is not good for the Tram procedure since I had a previous abdominal surgery and two c-sections.
Avatar n tn The cancer was in the Left breast, I had the right one taken as well. My pain is gone, but I am still numb, probably always will be. Tam.
Avatar n tn What if you need radiation, won't that effect the new breast that is built? Do most people these days do the reconstruction right away as I am being led to believe or wait? I don't think I would do well to wake up to no breast, but I don't want to go through all of that pain and effort just to have the work radiated. No one seems to know if I will need radiation or not. I have DCIS and will be having a left mastectomy with consideration of a profolatic mastectomy on my right side as well.
Avatar n tn Hello, It looks like an allergic reaction or contact dermatitis after breast reconstruction. You need to keep the area clean with topical antiseptics and antibiotics like Neosporin. Also take oral antihistaminics like Benadryl (may cause drowsiness) or Claritin after consulting your surgeon. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar n tn I am also having a preventative mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction. I have had one mastectomy already due to breast cancer. I am nervous about it as well and am curious as to what to expect this time around.