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Avatar m tn Yeah, I'm pretty paranoid about the riba absorption issue myself. So much so, that in spite of the fact that high fat meals don't agree with me, I always make sure to take the riba with a decent amount of fat because I read that a high fat meal increases riba's bioavailability by up to 70 per cent. As far as the antacids, at this point I have no choice. Current plan is to try and keep a 2-3 hour buffer between taking riba and any sort of antacid. Hep C treatment plus reflux equals PITA.
135456 tn?1301441224 Anyway, I suspect it takes the body time to immunologically react to the effects of ribavirin (similar to IFN), if in fact this theoretical mode of efficacy is correct. George you DO know that the riba has to be ingested with fat right? There's a huge difference in riba absorption depending on whether or not the riba is digested in the presence of fat.
Avatar f tn I knew that was not true, because some antibiotics have to be taken 4 times a day, because of very short half-life. While I'm familiar with most common antibiotics and their mode of action, I am completely new to antivirals. I thought the same applied to them. Now I know better.
Avatar m tn From Clinical Use Back to Molecular Mechanisms Posted 12/08/2008 "Ribavirin is an old broad-spectrum antiviral that is highly effective when used in combination with interferon-╬▒ and also as part of triple therapies containing new inhibitors of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) non-structural (NS)3/4 protease or HCV NS5B polymerase for the treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C.
Avatar m tn Also what will be the effects of the reversal or abrupt stoppage of the Ribavirin. This has been discussed many times before with a lot of pro's and con's as to it's validity, of this unspoken controversial option. I think it is worth revisiting the subject again as more people are aware of the personal options to them in how to deal with the aftermath of treatment.
Avatar f tn Anemia The primary toxicity of Ribavirin is hemolytic anemia, which was observed in approximately 13% of all Ribavirin/peginterferon alfa-2a- treated subjects in clinical trials. Anemia associated with Ribavirin occurs within 1 to 2 weeks of initiation of therapy. Because the initial drop in hemoglobin may be significant, it is advised that hemoglobin or hematocrit be obtained pretreatment and at week 2 and week 4 of therapy or more frequently if clinically indicated.
173930 tn?1196341998 on the other hand, there are information deficits and fears concerning the mode of infection. The recent analysis clearly shows that HCV-infected subjects consider the public information about the HCV infection as catastrophically bad. The recent data in addition show that elimination of HCV decisively ameliorates quality of life, whereas mental and physical health get increasingly worse with progressive liver disease and unsuccessful antiviral therapies.
Avatar f tn ------------------------------------ No, in general, you are not off base, however there are a number of things to factor in such as your genotype, prior tx history if any, the amount of liver damage you have, your race, weight, height, age, doses of riba and peg, pre-tx hemoglobin and hemoglobin response during tx, etc. You might want to include some of all of this in your profile.
233616 tn?1312790796 The depression that occurs during viral infections is mediated via the production of interferon. This action of interferon requires the synthesis of an intermediate protein(s) yet to be identified. Using an oligonucleotide probe for a unique sequence in cytochrome P-450LA omega we have now shown that the mRNA for this isozyme is depressed following the administration of interferon inducers. The magnitude in the loss of mRNA corresponds to the magnitude of the loss in the levels of this isozyme.
1084115 tn?1385232189 //www.aic.cuhk.edu.hk/web8/ribavirin.htm Here is an easier to understand article on the mode of action of Ribavirin: For the treatment effect of ribavirin, mainly three assumptions on treatment mechanisms have been analysed. Firstly, ribavirin may mainly block viral production. The total effect can be estimated by a viral kinetic parameter describing the treatment efficacy.
Avatar n tn She is so exhausted that she can't fight no more against medical community in order to admit the origin of her symptoms and to push them to try to find a beginnning of solution. Is there any progress in the comprehension of the cause of these symptoms ? Are there some new treatments that appeared recently to counteract exhaustion and pains ? Do people group themselves in associations to better fight against this disaster ?
Avatar f tn It isn't because I got pulled off treatment early, that's not what I'm focused on. It's doing the switchover back to life. It's just the futility of life and effort, for some reason. I can't even imagine me being in this kind of place mentally, a person who has fought hard her whole life with a "never say die" attitude. And yet here I am. The doctor wants me on AD's and I'm just having a hard time with that.
568322 tn?1370169040 As far as the treatment schedule is concerned, we found that the type of PEG-IFN and the dose of ribavirin (both at baseline and on-treatment) were not associated with elevated ALT. Despite similarities in the study framework, our results cannot be compared with those recently obtained in a study carried out in a smaller cohort of chronic hepatitis C patients in the United Kingdom. In fact, in this study patients were almost exclusively treated with PEG-IFNa2b (i.e.
Avatar m tn Accumulating data are available today that aim to explain the distinct molecular mechanisms of the ribavirin mode of action. Generally, none of the proposed mechanism seems to account solely for the clinical benefit of ribavirin.
Avatar f tn This compound is used for treatment of a variety of liver diseases without a precise knowledge of its mode of action. Because of its potential antioxidative action pre-treatment with SIL may improve the response to interferon. Furthermore, SIL inhibits viral replication in the Replicon® system (Gastro 2007;132:1925). As part of this investigation we discovered that SIL is a potent antiviral agent active against the hepatitis C virus in vivo.
144210 tn?1273092382 I am NOT advocating this to anyone except for myself because it is a best course of action for me given my past 49 weeks, (week 45 in mono Ribavirin) of treatment and the tracking of my blood work (excel spreadsheet) through out treatment and the side effects of the medications through the different up dose stages at the beginning and through out treatment and the inter related and the cumulative side effects of each and the effects placed on my body during the duration of that time.
Avatar n tn Thus, 24 weeks of treatment and an 800 mg dose of ribavirin appears to be sufficient for persons with genotypes 2 and 3, while patients with genotype 1 need 48 weeks of treatment and standard doses of ribavirin.</em> and these recommendations have been confimed in various studies (eg here's one on <a href="http://www.hivandhepatitis.com/2003icr/38easl/docs/032103b.
Avatar dr m tn (1) regarding nitazoxanide's possible mode of anti-viral action as promoting misfolding of a viral potein . Which protein? Is additional information available regarding this ? (2) "increase cancer risk anywhere near ribavirin". I've always been bothered by the fact that ribavirin, a presumed viral mutagen and a known teratogen, specifies in its drug spec sheet that mutagenic studies have never been completed. Does your comment indicate there might be good reason for this omission?
1116669 tn?1269146866 Despite the reported negative impact of long-term intravenous application on QOL, a good compliance of GL therapy was confirmed by low drop-out rates. Based on the mode of action of GL, adverse events, laboratory parameters and vital signs were compatible with symptoms of pseudoaldosteronism. While the incidence of AEs was slightly higher than that observed in the past clinical studies[10,11] treatment with GL was found generally well tolerated and this study confirmed the safety profile of GL.
Avatar n tn One retrospective analysis of genotype 2 or 3 patients who did not achieve an RVR found a trend toward higher SVR rates among those who received 48 weeks of weight-based ribavirin compared with those in other treatment categories (24 weeks of weight-based ribavirin, 24 weeks of fixed-dose ribavirin, or 48 weeks of fixed-dose ribavirin)[23].
264233 tn?1216345915 As previously noted (see the article by Patel and McHutchison in this supplement), such dose reduction can have adverse implications for SVR, since studies show that higher doses of ribavirin are associated with higher SVR rates. Rates of SVR are higher in patients who receive more than 80% of their full interferon and ribavirin doses for more than 80% of the intended duration of therapy.11 One report found that SVR rates were higher in patients who received greater than 10.
419309 tn?1326506891 Effect of Interferon alpha-2b plus ribavirin therapy on incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients with chronic hepatitis. Hepatology Research 2009;39:432-438. 4 Ishikawa T: Secondary prevention of recurrence by interferon therapy after ablation therapy for hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic hepatitis c patietns. World J Gastroenterol 2008;14(40):6140-6144.
Avatar n tn Plus, you don't need to enroll in a trial to take higher levels of ribavirin (provided you have insurance to pay for it). If you shop around, you can probably find a doctor who would be willing to prescribe a higher than standard dose of ribavirin. And that way you'd know you're getting what you want, and can also take rescue drugs. Plus, if your viral load results are blinded, that's a real drag. Treating outside of a study you could see all of your VL results realtime, which means a lot.
220090 tn?1379170787 RVR means undetected by week 4, so what do you think is not included in the week 4 data. By the way, I don't totally disagree with you; there is too much hype in all these releases.
Avatar n tn but, the little study that jim dug up shows a 90% SVR for 1a high viral load! (google lindahl ribavirin) now youve got my attention, but at a cost of 12 riba a day. ive only sold my doc on uping my dose slightly so far, it is the beginning of my ramp up. im going to shoot for 12 riba a day. each week i will add another and do blood work. i am at 6 a day now, i felt it the first day and now i dont feel it at all, i should be there in 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn Is the glass half full or half empty! More Frequent Dosing of Pegasys/Ribavirin Improves SVR Rate in Prior Non-responder Genotype 1 HCV Patients with Severe Fibrosis Once weekly injection of pegylated interferon alfa in combination with ribavirin is the current standard therapy for chronic hepatitis C. However, this regimen frequently fails to clear infection in individuals with genotype 1 HCV.
220090 tn?1379170787 The first phase of treatment lasts 1 to 2 days. This phase kills most of the virus circulating in your bloodstream. The action of Interferon in your bloodstream is simple. It mainly slows down the replication of the virus. In order for any life form to survive, it must live long enough to reproduce. By slowing down the rate of replication, the virus dies on its own without producing offspring. Phase 2 lasts from day 2 through day 14.
Avatar m tn e don't take the antacid within a couple of hours of the ribavirin. Prilosec seems like a reasonable course of action, but may be unique to discuss with your doctor going to the prescription strength or a doubling the OTC recommended dose. You can also combine it within the OTC H2 blocker like zantac or Pepcid AC which is often taken before bedtime. Also, don't see any reason why you can't also taken antacid, as long as you space it away from the ribavirin dose.
Avatar n tn switch to peg intron. peg intron has a different mode of action. u might also want to try increased dosages of peg intron...higher than normal dosage that is. but of course discuss thsi with your doctor first.
92903 tn?1309908311 I'm to begin PegIntron with Reba next month. Any comments on chances of SVR, reversal of liver damage, and choice of Pegintron over Pagasys are most, most welcome.