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4670047 tn?1375734001 I was just wondering how long some of you took the ribavirin after your last shot. I'm going to call the Dr. On Monday and ask. But I'm just a little anxious, my last shot is Mon. night. Thank you!
135456 tn?1301441224 a randomized trial.Hepatology. 2007 Oct;46(4):971-81. PMID: 17894303 HgB decline seems a reasonable proxy for concentration, but I've never seen that documented. Testing for effective drug concentration is supposed to happen as part of the early phases of testing so I suppose at this stage the main impetus for such a test would be data showing that patients with similar dosages exhibit a wide range of concentrations. BTW the 14.
Avatar m tn Hepatitis, Ribavirin, Interferon and Procrit are all associated with curing hepatitis.
Avatar m tn I want to tell you that i have hepatitis last 2 years.and i feel that my spleen is enlarged.so please tell me what is treatmen for this,i also take injections of alfaceron and pegysis but there is no effect on me.
348159 tn?1233173307 Hep c is treatable. The treatment today is Interferon shots once a week and several Ribavirin pills every day. The length of treatment is either 24 or 48 weeks depending on the Genotype of Hep c that the patient has. There is a lot to do before treatment. The patient needs to go to a specialist either a Gastro or hepatoligist. They will do blood work to determine what type of Hep c and how much damage has been caused. And then they will either recommend for or against treatment.
Avatar m tn Ribavirin in the Treatment of Chronic Hepatitis C Paul Martin; Donald M. Jensen Posted: 09/04/2008; "...Results: Ribavirin may be effective in treating CHC by affecting the virus or the host; for example by inducing viral mutations, blocking cellular enzymes, or affecting the host immune response. Although the pegylated interferons are the primary drugs used to treat CHC, a combination with ribavirin is more effective than pegylated interferon alone.
Avatar m tn High Ribavirin? I am thinking about trying tx in a clinical trial with high riba. (about two times normal). It seems like a lot of people here who did clear with SOC had more side effects than those who did not clear. I had few side effects but also did not clear. Maybe its the riba I thought jmjm530 cleared using lots of Riba? Anyone else do this or have thoughts?
Avatar f tn com/hepatitis-c/hepatitis-c-topics/hcv-treatment/3583-easl-ribavirin-dose-reduction-and-epo-both-work-for-managing-anemia-in-patients- Reducing the dose of ribavirin and adding erythropoietin are both good options for managing anemia in hepatitis C patients treated with boceprevir (Victrelis) triple therapy, according to study findings presented at the 47th International Liver Congress (EASL 2012) this week in Barcelona.
Avatar f tn It all depends... What genotype are you and on when did you become UND? Source: New Management Strategies for HCV Nonresponders and Relapsers By: Mitchell L. Shiffman, MD "it is now recognized that small reductions in the dose of peginterferon alfa and/or ribavirin, particularly after patients achieve undetectable HCV RNA, are less likely to impact SVR as long as dosing is not interrupted.[15,23]" 15. Reddy KR, Shiffman ML, Morgan TR, et al.
Avatar f tn My father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C infection in 2003. But we started treatment in 2006. He had to take interferon injection and ribavirin for 1 year. I think total 52-54 shots. His viral load showed "no detection of virus". After the treatment, we check LFT, AFP, USG abdomen every 6 month and he is fine up to now. All USG results show "Liver is normal, no hypodense area." We know that we have to check his viral load again. My question is .....
Avatar m tn If you are on Incivek, be aware that the rash from Incivek can be very severe and dangerous. You really need to get it under control now. Even the Ribavirin rash can be bad. (I had a Ribavirin rash). You are still early in treatment so you need to get this rash under control now or it may affect your treatment outcome. Were you Undetected at week 4 blood draw? If so, Congratulations!
Avatar m tn All types of Hep respond to Interferon and Ribavirin. Not all individuals respond to the meds. If your body didn't respond it doesn't mean their aren't other routes to try,repeating treatment included. There are dozens of people in this very active forum who failed treatment 'only' to try again and make it. Ask them. Hep C is generally symptomless for decades. Unless you've had it for 25-30 years it's unlikely it's the cause of your current flu-like problems.
Avatar m tn Regardless of the type of HCV, they all cause the same disease -- hepatitis C. In the United States, about 57% of people with hepatitis C have genotype 1a, which is the most common type. Genotype 1b is in about 17% of people. Genotypes 2 and 3 are the next most common. It is certainly possible to be tested to find out which genotype you have, and it's actually a good idea to find out because different types best respond to different treatment.
Avatar n tn Are you Cirrhotic? Which drug regimen are you on? (Interferon and Ribavirin or were you on triple med. treatment, Interferon, Riba, and a Protease Inhibitor.) You said you cleared the virus (became Undetectable) at 2.5 months. That is not early clearance. How long have you treated now, how many weeks have you been on treatment? Which blood counts are low? Hemoglobin? Absolute Neutrophils? Platelets? And how low is each one of them?
1562283 tn?1294968576 Have hep c---doc trying to convince me to take Pegintron/ribavirin (interferon) I know there is a lot of side effects.....My genotype is 1A....Liver in stage 1... feel no down sides to the virus....6 months ago ALT was 54 now 109--AST was 71 now 103.....ALB from 3.8 to 4.4---As you can see it appears that all the signs are going up. Would like to do some other type treatment instead----Does anyone have any suggestions?
3242225 tn?1348340121 Your mention of Cryo is really interesting. I read once that certain extrahepatic symptoms are supposed to clear up as treatment progresses. I good example is Cryo. I have been wondering if extrahepatic symptoms like Cryo resolve in the same manner with the newer treatments (such as the Nucleosides and nucleotide polymerase inhibitors). I don't see why they wouldn't but than I am in over my head with this topic.
Avatar n tn Thank you,but I still don't understend because I have hepatitis B and C positive only this RNA is negative,I still have a disease?What can I do?I'm from Croatia.
Avatar n tn Can the treatment of Hepatitis C with Interferon?Ribavirin combo cause impotence? And if it can, is there a treatment for that?
158241 tn?1237723123 com/35zu3n Fulltext pdf download Pharmacokinetics of ribavirin in patients with hepatitis C virus Janet R.
Avatar m tn Is there a Forum for people being treated with the new anit-virals plus ribavirin for post-liver transplant patients with recurrent HepC?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know of an actual case of pregnancy and the father is using Ribavirin during conception? Need to know the outcome.
1225178 tn?1318984204 com/about-porphyria/types-of-porphyria/PCT “PCT, Hepatitis C Virus and HIV Because PCT is frequently associated with Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) infection, it is worth noting the issues involved in treating a patient with both PCT and HCV infection. Infection with HCV is much more common than PCT, and most people with HCV do not have PCT. However, at least in some locations, as many as 80 percent of individuals with PCT are infected with HCV.
1747881 tn?1546179478ribavirin AUC-12 variability [ Time Frame: steady state (~weeks 9-10) ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ] Demonstrate that concentration-controlled ribavirin dosing can achieve a targeted level of plasma exposure with reduced variability in the steady-state area-under-the-concentration-time curve (AUC0-12) compared with standard weight-based ribavirin dosing Secondary Outcome Measures: •safety - absolute hemoglobin declines [ Time Frame: end of treatment ] [ Designated as safety issue:
8683847 tn?1410760916 //www.medhelp.org/health_pages/Hepatitis/Hepatitis-C-Acronyms-Abbreviations/show/3?
Avatar m tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Treatment-for-Hep-C--Grapefruit-Juice/show/542498 “It actually can increase some drug levels because of inhibiting a liver metabolic enyzme. However neither interferon or ribavirin is metabolized by that particular enzyme(p450) so it is OK to drink your grapefruit juice. Stay Healthy!
Avatar m tn Abstract The combination of pegylated interferon (PEG-IFN) and ribavirin is the standard treatment for chronic hepatitis C. Our recent clinical study suggests that ribavirin augments the induction of interferon-stimulated genes (ISGs) in patients treated for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. In order to further characterize the mechanisms of action of ribavirin, we examined the effect of ribavirin treatment on ISG induction in cell culture.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me of side affects they have delt with from Ribavirin such as hair loss ?
Avatar m tn No study has been done where changes in ribavirin dosage has occurred during a trial.) Here is an additional note from the study..."Host and viral factors associated with relapse included high baseline viral load (HCV RNA >800,000 IU/mL), male sex, and using low-dose rather than weight-based ribavirin." It appears that reduced ribavirin it has a large impact on treatment success for someone with your host factors... unfortunately.
Avatar m tn Hi Jose, Interesting link you posted. You're lucky to be diagnosed in the acute stage and to be a genotype two. Most people are diagnosed in the chronic stage for which the standard of care is interferon and ribavirin. I'm not familiar with this topic but I recollect that acutes are usually treated with monotherapy, that is, interferon, and ribavirin is not necessary. Here is another link similar to yours that supports this approach: http://jac.oxfordjournals.