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4670047 tn?1375734001 Please don't panic, as I'm not certain of the need for 48 weeks of treatment for 2b's w/cirrhosis. I tried to look it up but it's hard for me to wade through all the info. to find the answer right now. Hopefully some of the smarter members will get on to give you their opinion. I was just saying I would ask my doc if I were in your shoes. My biopsy showed stage 3 fibrosis 21 months prior to my starting treatment and I was questioning my NP about it.
135456 tn?1301441224 If not, you might start sooner and titer up more gradually to make sure that you can handle the dose. Keep in mind that it can take 1-3 weeks for a change in ribavirin dose to be reflected in your hemoglobin. Also, and again based on your previous treatment experience, consider Procrit (epo) coincidental with the riba pre-dosing for same reasons. Remember, high doses only work if they don't drive you off the medicine, or possibly treatment altogether.
Avatar m tn I had not seen any report of acanthocytes in my previous blood work, so I was concerned. I guess it the result of being on tx for 7+ weeks. Waiting for big box 3 of the drugs this Wed. It'll be supremely good to get through this awful feeling. N-e-how, I really appreciate your response. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hepatitis, Ribavirin, Interferon and Procrit are all associated with curing hepatitis.
Avatar m tn I want to tell you that i have hepatitis last 2 years.and i feel that my spleen is enlarged.so please tell me what is treatmen for this,i also take injections of alfaceron and pegysis but there is no effect on me.
348159 tn?1233173307 Hep c is treatable. The treatment today is Interferon shots once a week and several Ribavirin pills every day. The length of treatment is either 24 or 48 weeks depending on the Genotype of Hep c that the patient has. There is a lot to do before treatment. The patient needs to go to a specialist either a Gastro or hepatoligist. They will do blood work to determine what type of Hep c and how much damage has been caused. And then they will either recommend for or against treatment.
Avatar m tn 139 The therapeutic mechanisms of ribavirin for hepatitis C are unclear. Microarray analyses have shown that ribavirin increases induction of interferon-stimulated genes. We evaluated viral kinetics, serum cytokine expression, and viral mutagenesis during early stages of peginterferon therapy with and without ribavirin.
Avatar m tn gov/pubmed/15660393?dopt=AbstractPlus “Improved treatment regimens for patients with chronic hepatitis C, genotype 1 and high viral load are needed. Increasing the dose of ribavirin has increased the response rate, but experience with doses of more than 1,200 mg/day is limited. The aim of this study was to investigate the safety and tolerance to treatment with a high and individualized dose of ribavirin in combination with peginterferon.
Avatar f tn com/hepatitis-c/hepatitis-c-topics/hcv-treatment/3583-easl-ribavirin-dose-reduction-and-epo-both-work-for-managing-anemia-in-patients- Reducing the dose of ribavirin and adding erythropoietin are both good options for managing anemia in hepatitis C patients treated with boceprevir (Victrelis) triple therapy, according to study findings presented at the 47th International Liver Congress (EASL 2012) this week in Barcelona.
Avatar f tn But we started treatment in 2006. He had to take interferon injection and ribavirin for 1 year. I think total 52-54 shots. His viral load showed "no detection of virus". After the treatment, we check LFT, AFP, USG abdomen every 6 month and he is fine up to now. All USG results show "Liver is normal, no hypodense area." We know that we have to check his viral load again. My question is ..... 1)Should we do CT scan or MRI to look for potential CA liver and cirrhosis?
Avatar m tn Hydroxyzine 50 mg every 6 hours (oral antihistamine) Fluocinonide ointment for my body rash Hydrocortisone Valerate cream for my face Clobetesol solution for my scalp The prescription creams and ointments did help, but the rash and itching were not under control until I had a high enough dose of Hydroxyzine oral. You may have to be assertive to get what you need but do have your doctor white some prescriptions for you.
Avatar f tn We report the first case of fulminant adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) associated with pegylated interferon alpha-2a (pegIFNalpha-2a) and ribavirin use for hepatitis C, complicated by subsequent and ultimately fatal sepsis and multiorgan failure. Practicing gastroenterologists and intensivists alike need to be aware of the potential for serious pulmonary sequelae with the use of combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C viral (CHCV) infections.
Avatar m tn Hep C is generally symptomless for decades. Unless you've had it for 25-30 years it's unlikely it's the cause of your current flu-like problems. When I was diagnosed with Hep C in 2008 I thought it was no big deal because I felt really well. That, in part, cost me a year's delay in treatment. Your profile seems to indicate you are not actively pursuing further treatment.
Avatar m tn Regardless of the type of HCV, they all cause the same disease -- hepatitis C. In the United States, about 57% of people with hepatitis C have genotype 1a, which is the most common type. Genotype 1b is in about 17% of people. Genotypes 2 and 3 are the next most common. It is certainly possible to be tested to find out which genotype you have, and it's actually a good idea to find out because different types best respond to different treatment.
Avatar n tn im doing the triple therapy and the hep c has been gone for 3 months and the viral load went from 350,000 to negative in 2.5 month from starting the treatment..
3242225 tn?1348340121 I know that Interferon Alpha or PEG Interferon plus ribavirin is one of the treatments for HCV-related Cryo (&/or Rituximab); so I suppose I was wondering if the interferon-free meds would have the same result when it comes to Cryo. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/15751068 I am not sure this image will appear: http://www.medhelp.org/user_photos/show/288857?personal_page_id=1282072 ___________________ To be honest I think your question is an interesting one.
1562283 tn?1294968576 My wife who was a nurse at a hospital for 35 yrs passed in 2008--liver transplant patient---had hep c.......not sure how long Ive had it, just find out last year.
Avatar n tn if your Rna PCR(polymerase chain reaction) test is negative now, it means that you have cleared the virus on your own or with the current treatement of interferon + ribavirin. You will always test positive for the antibodies as a sign that you were once exposed to HCV. I don't know much about hep b, though. How sensitive was the RNA test? how low was the detection range? was it a qualitative( positive or negative) or a quantitative(counts the number of RNA particles in the blood.
Avatar n tn Can the treatment of Hepatitis C with Interferon?Ribavirin combo cause impotence? And if it can, is there a treatment for that?
Avatar m tn Is there a Forum for people being treated with the new anit-virals plus ribavirin for post-liver transplant patients with recurrent HepC?
1225178 tn?1318984204 There are several different viruses that cause hepatitis. A blood test for HCV infection has not been available for very long. HCV is most readily transmitted from one person to another by blood products. Although most people who are infected with HCV have a history of exposure to blood or needles contaminated with blood, in some cases it is not known how the infection was acquired. HCV (unlike the Hepatitis B Virus and HIV) is seldom transmitted by sexual contact.
8683847 tn?1410760916 I have been on Ribavirin and Solvaldi for 18 days now first treatment. Went to my pcp and she changed my blood pressure meds and gave me new anxiety meds. It has helped with the heart issues some. Still having trouble going to sleep. Did blood work said my heart is good. Can somebody help me figure out what all of the abbreviations on this site mean such as SVR and others?
Avatar m tn No study has been done where changes in ribavirin dosage has occurred during a trial.) Here is an additional note from the study..."Host and viral factors associated with relapse included high baseline viral load (HCV RNA >800,000 IU/mL), male sex, and using low-dose rather than weight-based ribavirin." It appears that reduced ribavirin it has a large impact on treatment success for someone with your host factors... unfortunately.
1747881 tn?1546179478ribavirin AUC-12 variability [ Time Frame: steady state (~weeks 9-10) ] [ Designated as safety issue: No ] Demonstrate that concentration-controlled ribavirin dosing can achieve a targeted level of plasma exposure with reduced variability in the steady-state area-under-the-concentration-time curve (AUC0-12) compared with standard weight-based ribavirin dosing Secondary Outcome Measures: •safety - absolute hemoglobin declines [ Time Frame: end of treatment ] [ Designated as safety issue:
Avatar m tn //www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/Treatment-for-Hep-C--Grapefruit-Juice/show/542498 “It actually can increase some drug levels because of inhibiting a liver metabolic enyzme. However neither interferon or ribavirin is metabolized by that particular enzyme(p450) so it is OK to drink your grapefruit juice. Stay Healthy!
Avatar m tn I got a story for you. I had tx in 2003 for hepatitis which found me undtectable. I had a little nausea and emesis, alot of hair loss, mild depression, insomnia and all those other things that happens. I survived tx.Prior to tx my hair was med thick with slight waves. When my hair grew back after tx it came back THICK and CURLEY. I had to learn a new way to fix it. I got Hep C again in 3/2007. My side affects were not bad at all until about week 24. It became a nightmare.
Avatar m tn Although I visited ophthalmologist for this question I was not persuaded that Pegasus would not interfere my Uveitis negatively. On the other hand, hepatologist told me that I may take corticosteroids if my Uveitis gets worse. I saw the post by Willy50 in this thread http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Hepatitis-C/HCV-Clinical-trial/show/1414377 . So please does anybody knows something about this? I mean corticosteroids plus Pegasus ?
Avatar m tn Most people are diagnosed in the chronic stage for which the standard of care is interferon and ribavirin. I'm not familiar with this topic but I recollect that acutes are usually treated with monotherapy, that is, interferon, and ribavirin is not necessary. Here is another link similar to yours that supports this approach: http://jac.oxfordjournals.
Avatar f tn Ribavirin is an antiviral drug. It is used in combination with interferon for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C. Although the exact mechanism of its action is unknown, it is thought to interfere with the production and/or action of viral DNA and RNA which are critical to the survival and multiplication of the virus. GENERIC: no PRESCRIPTION: yes PREPARATIONS: Capsule: 200 mg. STORAGE: Ribavirin should be refrigerated at 2-8 C (36-46 F).