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4670047 tn?1375734001 Please don't panic, as I'm not certain of the need for 48 weeks of treatment for 2b's w/cirrhosis. I tried to look it up but it's hard for me to wade through all the info. to find the answer right now. Hopefully some of the smarter members will get on to give you their opinion. I was just saying I would ask my doc if I were in your shoes. My biopsy showed stage 3 fibrosis 21 months prior to my starting treatment and I was questioning my NP about it.
Avatar m tn I'm starting medications for the hepatitis C I received in 1981 thru blood transfusions from open heart surgery. My doctor has prescribed Kibapak 600mg.
Avatar m tn I'm glad to hear that you treated and cured your hepatitis C. What is the recommended treatment for hepatitis C? The goal of HCV treatment is to cure the virus, which can be done with a combination of drugs.
Avatar m tn 2011 --------------------------- INDICATIONS AND USAGE----------------------------- VICTRELIS is a hepatitis C virus (HCV) NS3/4A protease inhibitor indicated for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C (CHC) genotype 1 infection, in combination with peginterferon alfa and ribavirin, in adult patients (≥18 years of age) with compensated liver disease, including cirrhosis, who are previously untreated or who have failed previous interferon and ribavirin therapy.
Avatar f tn Great thanks for youre input,i will ask when i go back to the hospital and see how far away Victrelis is in New Zealand.Goodluck to you also.tywhy.
Avatar n tn $6.33/capsule (AWP as of 9/03; $5.58/capsule WAC) = $12,761.
Avatar f tn not even like comparing apples and oranges, more like apples and walnuts. Hep c cannot cause your pap smear to be abnormal. Hepatitis c is a blood-borne infection, so normal sexual intercourse does not 'spread' hep c. However, as Bill mentioned above, it's important to use birth control while your fiance is on treatment to prevent pregnancy for the duration of his treatment and for 6 months post-treatment.
Avatar n tn I have no health insurance and no income to provide for treatment with Interferon and ribavirin. Is there any way to support me?
Avatar n tn I've been drinking lots of water to try to help. Ribavirin stays with us for 6 months. I guess it varies a lot from person to person. I'm just going with the flow and happy to be done and hoping for SVR !
Avatar n tn when do the effects of interferon, Riboviron, and victrelis for Hep C treatment leave your system?
Avatar m tn He took whole course of Pegasus and Ribavirin. After remainig negative for two years his Hepatitis C is again positive this year. What is the cause behind all this?
Avatar n tn You need to ask your doctor about an aggressive treatment with possibly double dosing of interferon for the first four weeks. The secret to beating hepatitis c is to knock it out quickly before it can fight back. See your doctor-good luck.
Avatar f tn In this specific case, Sweden has requested an opinion from the CHMP on the conditions under which early access through compassionate use could be given to daclatasvir, for the use in combination with sofosbuvir, with or without ribavirin, for a specific patient population.
Avatar n tn org/hepatitis-c/articles/Managing-Side-Effects-of-Hepatitis-C-Treatment/2259 We really hope that your Hep C hasn't come back, and you won't need this information!
135456 tn?1301441224 a randomized trial.Hepatology. 2007 Oct;46(4):971-81. PMID: 17894303 HgB decline seems a reasonable proxy for concentration, but I've never seen that documented. Testing for effective drug concentration is supposed to happen as part of the early phases of testing so I suppose at this stage the main impetus for such a test would be data showing that patients with similar dosages exhibit a wide range of concentrations. BTW the 14.
Avatar n tn My Pegasys nurse says : about 1 month for interferon and about 70 days for ribavirin. Ribavirin can sometimes be detected in the blood 6 months after completion of tx. I suppose everyone is different. At 6 weeks post, for me, I noticed more saliva. This showed me that the meds were dissipating.
Avatar n tn OK. I have another question concerning hepatitis c. I tested reactive to hepatitis c antibodies and have now the doctor is doing further testing. If it shows I do not have active hepatitis c then what? Is that it? Or do I have to go for yearly checkup or what? thanks.
Avatar f tn Mild cases can be treated by avoiding cold temperatures. Standard hepatitis C treatments usually work for patients who have hepatitis C and mild or moderate cryoglobulinemia. However, the condition can return when treatment stops. Severe cryoglobulinemia (involves vital organs or large areas of skin) is treated with corticosteroids and other medications that suppress the immune system. Treatment may also involve plasmapheresis.
Avatar n tn High-dose ribavirin in combination with standard dose peginterferon for treatment of patients with chronic hepatitis C", from Hepatology, 2005 http://tinyurl.com/2pzoml and "Evidence that plasma concentration rather than dose per kilogram body weight predicts ribavirin-induced anaemia." from J Viral Hepatology, 2004 http://tinyurl.com/32rv5c Interesting reading for poor saps like us. I'm currently taking 2 grams daily and my hemoglobin has yet to fall below 11.9.
Avatar f tn I have not heard from an authoritive source that it is possible to be antibody negative for hepatitis C and have been infected.Quite the opposite in fact.I have observed this man's activities since 2000 and could entertain you for hours with details of the inconsistincies,changes of story and astonishing opportunism he has exhibted.I did challenge him head to head by email long ago but he was capable only of ranting.
348159 tn?1233173307 Hep c is treatable. The treatment today is Interferon shots once a week and several Ribavirin pills every day. The length of treatment is either 24 or 48 weeks depending on the Genotype of Hep c that the patient has. There is a lot to do before treatment. The patient needs to go to a specialist either a Gastro or hepatoligist. They will do blood work to determine what type of Hep c and how much damage has been caused. And then they will either recommend for or against treatment.
Avatar m tn 139 The therapeutic mechanisms of ribavirin for hepatitis C are unclear. Microarray analyses have shown that ribavirin increases induction of interferon-stimulated genes. We evaluated viral kinetics, serum cytokine expression, and viral mutagenesis during early stages of peginterferon therapy with and without ribavirin.
Avatar m tn Regardless of the type of HCV, they all cause the same disease -- hepatitis C. In the United States, about 57% of people with hepatitis C have genotype 1a, which is the most common type. Genotype 1b is in about 17% of people. Genotypes 2 and 3 are the next most common. It is certainly possible to be tested to find out which genotype you have, and it's actually a good idea to find out because different types best respond to different treatment.
Avatar f tn My father was diagnosed with Hepatitis C infection in 2003. But we started treatment in 2006. He had to take interferon injection and ribavirin for 1 year. I think total 52-54 shots. His viral load showed "no detection of virus". After the treatment, we check LFT, AFP, USG abdomen every 6 month and he is fine up to now. All USG results show "Liver is normal, no hypodense area." We know that we have to check his viral load again. My question is .....
Avatar f tn com/hepatitis-c/hepatitis-c-topics/hcv-treatment/3583-easl-ribavirin-dose-reduction-and-epo-both-work-for-managing-anemia-in-patients- Reducing the dose of ribavirin and adding erythropoietin are both good options for managing anemia in hepatitis C patients treated with boceprevir (Victrelis) triple therapy, according to study findings presented at the 47th International Liver Congress (EASL 2012) this week in Barcelona.
Avatar m tn gov/pubmed/15660393?dopt=AbstractPlus “Improved treatment regimens for patients with chronic hepatitis C, genotype 1 and high viral load are needed. Increasing the dose of ribavirin has increased the response rate, but experience with doses of more than 1,200 mg/day is limited. The aim of this study was to investigate the safety and tolerance to treatment with a high and individualized dose of ribavirin in combination with peginterferon.
Avatar f tn We report the first case of fulminant adult respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) associated with pegylated interferon alpha-2a (pegIFNalpha-2a) and ribavirin use for hepatitis C, complicated by subsequent and ultimately fatal sepsis and multiorgan failure. Practicing gastroenterologists and intensivists alike need to be aware of the potential for serious pulmonary sequelae with the use of combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C viral (CHCV) infections.